10 things that are better than paying for postage

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What would you do if you won the lottery?

It’s a common ‘what if’ question, isn’t it? Well, we’ve got another one for you – this time, it’s a bit more realistic: what would you spend £1.99 on?

“Bit random” we hear you say. But it’s not as weird as you might think! Postage for our Go Ape gift vouchers used to be just a penny shy of two pounds. So, that got us thinking: now that postage is completely free, what could you buy with that £1.99?! Here’s what we came up with, all of which are so much better than paying for postage…

1. Multivitamins

Winter is well and truly here, which means Christmas festivities, crisp morning walks and cosying up by a roaring fire. Unfortunately, it also means sniffles, coughs and sore throats. Keep your immune system topped up with a daily dose of A-Z vitamins.

2. Anti-bac hand gel

On the topic of colds, stash a little bottle of anti-bac on your desk or in your bag and smother your hands in it at intervals throughout the day – killing those nasty germs in the process.

3. A new pen

If you write regularly, why not wave bye-bye to those temperamental biros and ever-blunt pencils and treat yourself to a good quality pen? And while you’re at it, jot down your New Year’s resolutions – that’s right it’s nearly that time of year again!

4. A new mug

We all love a good cuppa, especially during the chilly months! Your local supermarket is a great place to pick up inexpensive but super-stylish mugs – perfect for wrapping your hands around.

5. A smoothie

Five-a-day in one drink? Yes please! Next time you’re in town, swing by a smoothie shop and order the healthiest bevvy on the menu.

6. Gel hand warmers

These are a dream come true for outdoorsy types like us! Crack them to activate, place in your pockets and have toasty fingers all day long.

7. Warm socks

Don’t make your feet jealous – they want to be toasty, too! Get yourself some thick, fleecy socks to wear under your boots. You might never want to take them off (but, for your nose’s sake, we would advise you do!).

8. A flask

Hot drink hours after you made it? Enter: the flask! If you’re not going to be near a kettle for a while and you love your tea, coffee or hot chocolate, this is the vessel for you!

9. Herbal tea

We all know the health benefits of herbal tea – especially green tea. For £1.99 you can get some quality bags – maybe even those fancy mesh ones?!

10. Sketch book

If you’re the arty type, there’s nothing better than getting outside and sketching the beautiful scenery. Let those creative juices flow!

So, what would you spend £1.99 on? Answers on a postcard, please! Actually, scrap that – save on the postage and tweet us @GoApeTribe.

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