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Cheering at the Tour of Britain


Our Go Ape gorillas get around. Whether it’s heading to the dizzy heights at the top of the Eiffel Tower, climbing Snowdon or ‘monkeying around’ in Covent Garden, our pri-mates like to have a good time.

When our Wendover tribe found out that Sir Bradley Wiggens and Mark Cavendish would be making their way through a local town, what else would they do but don a gorilla suit!

Heading through the beautiful Chilterns close to Go Ape Wendover Woods, they escaped the forest for an afternoon where they caught a glimpse of some of our most famous cyclists…

A Wheelie Good Day Out

A Wheelie Good Day out

Having already been transported by bike, trike and unicycle the tribe at Peebles were left scratching their heads in an attempt to dream up an original way to carry the banana south. After all, this is Glentress – home of national mountain biking. Fortunately Gardener Gorilla came to the rescue with his trusty wheelbarrow, and so it was that the fruit made its way to the top of the World Enduro Course. For already damaged goods what followed was a terrifying ordeal with ‘mashed banana’ written all over it. But, thanks to the bike handling skills of the team, it survived only to undergo the rather deflating experience of 84 miles on tarmac. Looking wistfully on at the piper’s impressive air bag the banana crossed the border.

Thanks Scotland, you did the Banana Relay proud.

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Crathes’ Boogie Boarding Banana


The Big Banana arrived safely at Go Ape Crathes Castle after its trans-Scotland cycle by Aberfoyle. On a typically stunning scorcher of a Scottish day (yes, really), its journey continued on a mountain theme, embarking on a 55 mile cycle to Scotland’s easternmost Munro – Mount Keen. After some seriously steep hills and some mountainous terrain, the bike was abandoned, and the summit continued on foot. We had encounters with the native wildlife in the form of some baffled mountain hares, and met the first people of the entire day at the very top! After some photos, it was time for the trek/cycle back home for a well earned rest (and pint in the sunshine!).

The next day, the Banana travelled to the Balmedie sand dunes, for some high adrenaline boogie boarding! (Again, notice the blue skies). Crathes are hoping to enter the team for the bobsleigh event at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and training is going well.

On the final day the banana embarked on the remainder of its journey, to complete the epic climb and traverse over the Forth Road Bridge. With the gorilla team’s fingers crossed for a calm crossing, they began their ascent. As they and the banana got higher, the giddying drop became ever more apparent, but the view across the Firth of Forth from the top were awesome! After the epic climb the banana was handed across for its next leg with the Go Ape Peebles Tribe.




The top five most challenging Go Ape obstacles

Zip Adrenaline

It’s incredibly subjective and one of the most popular questions we always get asked by our wider tribe. Everyone will have their personal favourite or nemesis for that matter! We asked Dan, in the marketing tribe, to spill the beans on what the top five most challenging Go Ape obstacles are!

5. The Spiders Web

Hauling yourself along a cargo net is a good test of co-ordination and strength, like a crab climbing across a pirate ship of old. It’s rated a ‘difficult’ crossing in the Go Ape world – scrambling across it sideways 30ft up in the trees is why it’s in at number five. You’ll discover muscles you never knew existed!

4. The Chantemerle

Don’t let this one fool you – it’s an extreme crossing for a reason. Keep your weight over the centre of the log if you don’t want to swing from side to side. Imagine you’re a circus tightrope walker – stand tall with your shoulders back and use your arms to balance!

3. The Twister

Not to be mistaken with the classic game that gets you to put your right foot on blue or your left hand on green. The Twister was introduced back in 2011 and is the ultimate test of balance and nerves. If you can brave this obstacle with no hands, you’ll be the king or queen of the jungle. Be warned though – it’s feasted on thousands of primates named Dorothy, Tinman and Scarecrow!

2. The Tarzan Swing

When asked which of our obstacles you find the most daunting, there’s only ever one answer – the Tarzan Swing. Leaping from a platform into thin air requires nerves of steel and an iron stomach (pulling a face goes down well too). And then there’s the cargo net on the other side. Hauling yourself up it is a good test of coordination and strength. The result is always the same, though. You’ll want to do it again, and again, and again…

1. The Stirrups

Getting your arms and legs to co-ordinate and catch the swinging hoops without getting tangled up in knots is one thing. Trying to look like a pro is another. You’ll undoubtedly perform more twists and turns than a professional gymnast plus the splits are incredibly common when attempting to tackle The Stirrups. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘horseplay’. Cue groans!

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