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Love is in the air! Tree Top Wedding at Go Ape


Why not break the mould and do something totally unique on your wedding day? That’s exactly what a couple from Southampton did. They exchanged vows and rings at Go Ape Aberfoyle and will now share a life of adventure together…

It’s our first tree-top wedding

A couple from Southampton, Martyn Milner and Colette Gregory took their romance to new heights as they headed to the tree tops of Go Ape Aberfoyle to exchange their vows – and become man and wife 40 feet off the ground!

It’s the first wedding to be held at one of our 28 leafy hangouts. The bride even wore a custom made dress, especially tailored to accommodate the Go Ape harness ensuring that the couple could safely tie the knot at height.

Martyn and the registrar made their way around our Go Ape adventure and waited at the Tibetan Bridge – where the ceremony took place. Their 30 guests congregated below ready to watch – all set against the stunning backdrop of Queen Elizabeth Forest Park in Loch Lomond.

BrideWedWith this ring I tree wed

The bride and her father walked across a wooden ‘aisle’ onto the bridge where the couple exchanged vows and rings at height before posing for photos as the celebrations quite literally got into full swing. The couple’s 19 month old daughter and bridesmaid, Alice, watched from the ground.
Guests joined the wedding party on the course to share in the adventure, tackling crossings and speeding down some of the longest zipwires in the UK (426 metre long zip wires to be precise!)for an hour before heading back down to ground level for a champagne toast and the presentation of their customised Go Ape wedding certificates.

‘High Do’

Martyn Milner, the groom, commented “We’ve been to a lot of weddings, and have always said that when it came to our own big day we wanted to do something totally different. Colette and I love the outdoors and both have a great sense of adventure, so when we thought about Go Ape, we instantly knew it would be the perfect place, and especially Go Ape Aberfoyle in Scotland with its amazing dramatic backdrop. We weren’t sure if we’d able to make it happen so we’re so glad we could as it’s been the most amazing day. ”

2WedColette Gregory, the bride, continued “We feel incredibly lucky that we’ve been able to realise our dream. We’re so pleased we decided to break the mould and do something totally unique so huge thanks to the Go Ape team who have gone out of their way to make sure we had an exhilarating day. We will never forget it and I’m pretty sure our family and friends won’t either!”

Tristam Mayhew, ‘Chief Gorilla’ at Go Ape said: “We’re delighted to host our first tree-top wedding and to help Martyn and Colette have a day to remember. We wish them all the best as a married couple and hope they’ll share many more exciting adventures together.”


Want to know about more? Read some Q&A’s posed to the happy couple.

#ShareAdventure this Summer

This summer, we’re encouraging everyone to #ShareAdventure. Our new ‘adventure generator’ will provide you with inspiration for your next adventure:

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Air, Land and Sea Adventures


When it comes to outdoor activities, you can’t do better than Scotland.

The country may be small, but its rugged coastline, sweeping beaches, enchanting forests and towering mountains offer endless adventures, from aerial assault courses and archery to yachting, zorbing and much more. Be it on land, at sea or in the air, adventure awaits around every corner!

Check out some of our favourite activities below, or find inspiration for your next big adventure at


Hot air ballooning

Soak up the sights of Scotland’s gorgeous landscapes and striking castles on an unforgettable hot air balloon trip; you’ll find launch sites in the Scottish Borders, Perthshire, Fife and various other regions, each offering amazing experiences with spectacular views. Check out the Strathaven Balloon Festival from 28 – 30 August, where you’ll see the unique sight of dozens of colourful orbs soaring into the air.


Feeling brave? Add a healthy dose of adrenaline to those breathtaking vistas on a skydiving trip! There are several companies offering fun and safe parachute jumps in Perthshire and other parts of central Scotland. If the thought of a solo jump leaves you feeling dizzy, opt for a tandem: you’ll be firmly attached to an experienced professional, who’ll navigate you back to earth without a bump.

Bungee jumping

Another one for the adrenaline-thirsty, bungee jumping is truly a unique experience – though after your first jump, you might well find yourself hooked! Try an urban bungee jump in Glasgow, or head to Perthshire to take in views of verdant glens and forests before you take a thrilling (but very safe) leap towards the ground. 


Mountain biking

High-Altitude BikingScotland’s rugged landscapes are a natural playground for mountain bikers, and not just the daredevil Danny MacAskill types! The majority of centres offer tracks and trails for a wide range of abilities, meaning even total beginners can have a go. Start off with the excellent tracks in Glentress Forest or other trails before graduating to more taxing mountain routes.


Also known as sphereing or globe-riding, zorbing lets you whizz down tracks or through hills strapped into an air cushioned plastic orb. It’s not unlike being in a giant inflatable hamster ball, but at much faster speeds than your beloved pet ever managed. If tumbling down a hill at top speed doesn’t take your fancy, try water zorbing over a loch – it’s the only water sport where you won’t get wet!

Land yachting

Speed across the sands in a land yacht, a three-wheeled vehicle rather like a recumbent tricycle powered by a sail. Despite its name, no sailing experience is required. All that’s needed is an appetite for fun and a bit of a competitive edge – it is a racing sport, after all! You’ll find providers offering sessions on beaches in Fife, Angus, East Lothian and several other spots.



Not just the domain of sun-kissed Australians and Californians, surfing is fast gaining popularity with Scots and their visitors. Lewis, Harris and the coast around Caithness are hotspots for the watersport due to the strong swells coming in from the Atlantic, while further south you can ride the waves by Dunbar in East Lothian, off the Isle of Tiree and several other locations.

EnterMWStand-up paddleboarding

Something of a celeb trend – Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts are amongst its famous fans – stand-up paddleboarding (or SUP) originated in Hawaii and is now the world’s fastest-growing sport. It’s a great activity for relaxed types and thrillseekers alike: explore the glittering coastline and charming islands at a leisurely pace, or feed your need for speed as you navigate rapid rivers or ocean swells.


A mashup of water skiing, snowboarding and surfboarding, wakeboarding takes you on a fast-paced trip across the waves, towed by a boat or attached to a cable system. Much like SUP, you’ll find providers offering sessions all over the country, be it on loch, canals, along the coast or at specially-built watersports parks. Find one near you and start practising your S-bends and nosegrabs!


Ready to start exploring? Head to to find more great activities to keep you moving this summer.


#ShareAdventure this Summer

This summer, Go Ape are encouraging everyone to #ShareAdventure. The ‘adventure generator’ will provide you with inspiration for your next adventure:

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