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Make more of your weekends…

Go Ape Zip Line

Autumn SegwayIt’s not exactly breaking news, but we’re going to say it anyway: weekends are awesome.

Yes, those 48 magical hours at the end of the working week where we can kick back, switch off and do whatever we darn well please.

Now that winter’s well and truly here, it’s all too easy to hibernate with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and back-to-back episodes of the latest American sitcom. While we agree that a bit of downtime is important, if you’re guilty of slobbing around ALL weekend, you’re probably finding that come Monday morning you don’t feel all that refreshed; you certainly wouldn’t describe your weekend as “incredible”, and when workmates ask what you’ve been up to, you have to rack your brains to think of exactly what it was that you accomplished. So, with this in mind, here are some top tips to really make the most of that all-important two-day break.

Plan ahead

Although a bit of spontaneity is good from time to time, it’s always wise to have a rough idea during the week of what you’d like to do at the weekend – if you don’t have any plans, you could very well end up doing nothing! Things get booked up pretty quickly on Saturdays and Sundays (and so do your friends!) so a bit of forward-thinking is sometimes necessary.

See your mates

Talking of friends, spending time with them at the weekend is a guaranteed way of boosting your happiness. The main reason we don’t see our mates as much as we’d like is because we forget to organise anything – so bite the bullet and set up a group on WhatsApp or Facebook to organise a Saturday bike ride or a Sunday stroll.

Switch off the TV

Watching the TV for hours on end might seem like a good way to relax, but several studies have found, in fact, that heavy TV viewers report lower life satisfaction, as well as higher material aspirations and anxiety. It may seem like an easy, convenient option on a rainy Sunday afternoon, but if you wrap up in your waterproofs and get out in the great outdoors, we promise you’ll be glad you did!

Find a hobby

Many of us have a work routine from Monday to Friday, so the weekend is a time to shake off this monotony and treat your brain to something different. Whether it’s a game of tennis or a piano lesson, a hobby can be a great outlet for stress.

Go Ape

Finally, what better way to spend a weekend than zipping through the trees and leaping off Tarzan swings amongst some of the most breathtaking scenery in the UK? We now have 28 Go Ape locations dotted over the country, so simply choose where you’d like to have your adventure, book to secure your session and gather your tribe. You’ll be returning to the office on Monday morning saying your weekend was EPIC – trust us!

Nikki Curwen on Staying Mentally Prepared

Nikki Curwen

Former Go Ape employee, and current Offshore Racer, Nikki Curwen has been working towards competing in the Mini Transat for the past three years.

Now in the second leg of the race, Nikki tells us what it takes to stay mentally prepared…

“When solo, particularly in a race like the Mini Transat where you’re at sea by yourself for days at a time. The race is more about mental preparation and mental strength. There is no-one else there to keep you motivated, no-one there to judge you so it can be quite easy to become lazy and demotivated. The boat is very technical, with a lot of preparation, and on going work required to keep her running 100%.

Nikki Curwen Offshore RacingIt’s raining, freezing cold, the boat seems to be going well…what’s going to convince you to get on deck and take the helm, to push and get that extra 0.5kt of boat speed?

Sailing for days, looking at the same horizon, heading in the same direction. The sun goes up and down, days go by with nothing very different happening, as the boat rolls down the waves, taking me with her.

For some this might sound like torture, but for me, there’s something quite nice about it. The feeling of being completely alone and doing something I love. Sailing has always been my freedom, where I have complete control and I can just be myself.

If ever I feel down or de motivated I just have to remind myself where I am, what I’m doing, then maybe blast my music out full volume and have a sing along. It doesn’t take much….!

I’ve got a collection of notes, drawings and photos on board from friends and family, which is always a good motivation booster. While I’m solo on the boat, I couldn’t have made it to the start without all the help from my ever-growing team around me. When I first started campaigning for the Transat it was my own personal goal and dream. That’s now changed I really feel like I’m out here for everyone following me as well. The support is truly overwhelming and definitely keeps me motivated.”

In the coming weeks we’ll be posting more insight direct from Nikki about the first leg of the Mini Transat, including the build up and start day.

Win a copy of the Unusual & Unique Overnight Directory


Thank you to everyone who entered the competition!

The competition is now closed and we’re pleased to announce Catriona Hutchinson and Sandra Blickett as the winners – your copies of the Unusual and Unique Overnight Directory will be on its way to you shortly.

GO UNUSUAL TREE PODThe Unusual & Unique Overnight Directory provides details of over 300 amazing, unique and unusual properties where you can Sleep with A Story around the world. From treehouses to caves, planes, trains, churches, igloos and prisons – even underwater, entries link to price, availability and review information online. This award winning guide is for armchair travellers as well as a “must visit” checklist for the adventurous. From pennies to priceless, guests will never be bored in bed, creating lasting memories… and stories to share.

Don’t want to miss out? You can get your own copy now via Amazon, perfect for inspiring the adventurer in your life.

Wintry Weekends at Tree Top Junior

Wintry Weekends at Go Ape

Winter is coming!

Although some of Go Ape will be going into hibernation mode during the winter – fear not: our Tree Top Junior courses will remain open, meaning your mini Tarzans can enjoy zipping through the trees every weekend throughout the coming months (NB. Dalby and Grizedale Forest are the only sites that’ll be closing their doors until spring).

Just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you have to batten down the hatches and stay indoors every weekend throughout the chillier months; quite the contrary – kids LOVE being unleashed in the great outdoors.

What better way to discover the forest than with a Tree Top Junior course at Go Ape?

They’ll enjoy a fun-filled hour of canopy exploring and trail blazing; negotiating crossings, overcoming obstacles and finishing on a high – both literally and metaphorically – with the zip wire of all zip wires.

Kids love living life adventurously and, at only £18 per child, they can do so without you breaking the bank! We’ve aimed our Tree Top Junior adventure at little monkeys aged between six and 12, but as long as they’re over one metre tall, they’re good to go!

One thing we would highly encourage, though, is that they’re dressed sensibly. Here are some of our top tips for winter attire at Go Ape:

Tree Top Junior Winter• Thin gloves are recommended, particularly when there’s a chill in the air. Gloves will not only keep their hands nice and toasty, but will also give them a layer of protection against the friction of the ropes

• Bring a mac, even if the heavens don’t look like they’re about to open on the morning of your adventure. You never know!

• Make sure your little ones are wearing appropriate footwear – grippy soles are a must, and sandals and slip-off shoes are a big no-no (although you’d be a little mad to be wearing summer shoes in the winter!).

• Long hair must be tied back.

• Leave the ‘Sunday Best’ outfit in the wardrobe – this isn’t the time for a fashion show! Make sure they’re wearing something you don’t mind getting grubby. It can get a little muddy in the rain, but this simply adds to the fun!

• Layer them up. Think thermal vests, t-shirts, cardies, fleeces, waterproofs – you can always peel the layers off when they warm up, but you can’t add layers if you haven’t got them with you!

Finally, make sure you book up your course in advance!

We tend to get pretty busy, especially during the school holidays. You can book online here. We look forward to seeing you and your little monkeys very soon!

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