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Driving home in the dark. Beat the blues!


Even getting out of bed this time of year is hard! We only see daylight from behind a computer screen at our desk, and it’s so cold that we’d rather hibernate for the next few months… So how can you make sure every single wintery day is as happy as you can make it?

We’ve gathered ways to make this winter easier:

Get some fresh air (and a few rays of sunshine)

Vitamin D adds a little bit of happiness to your mood. Why? It’s all to do with chemicals and clever scientific neurotransmitters. Just remember to escape the office even if it’s only for a few minutes – your body and mind will appreciate it.

Eat chocolate

Tree Top Junior WinterDid we just say that? Yes. Apparently it can alleviate those feelings of anxiety. That said, you probably don’t need more than a bar a day!

Exercise – go on, get a sweat on!

There’s heaps of research that says exercise is all about releasing those endorphins that makes you feel better. Even though you naturally have less energy in the colder months, that lunch time bike ride will see you have a little bit more ‘get up and go’ throughout the afternoon. Forget that nap you were after. In a nutshell, working up a sweat makes you feel better both mentally and physically whatever the season!

Turn up the music

Get those tunes pumping and you’ll feel more upbeat. Trust us, scientific research says so.

Go Ape and head to the forest!

Finally, give yourself something to look forward to. It might be a mini break, it might be a spa day or it could be Go Ape! So, what are you waiting for? Book your Go Ape experience, wrap up and join us for a guaranteed fun-filled few hours – come rain or shine!

Goodbye summer, hello winter!


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