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How to survive the winter


You never hear the expression ‘how to overcome the summer sun’, do you? Funny that.

Yet, when it comes to the chillier months of the year, ‘winter blues’ syndrome is something that really does affect a lot of people – perhaps even you or your tribe?

For some, it can make them feel a tad fed up and housebound; for others it can be more serious – leading to feelings of irritability, lethargy and even depression – otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a condition that affects around two million people in the UK alone.

But even when winter is in full force, there are things you can do – some of which are scientifically-backed – that can improve your mood. Intrigued? Read on to find out ways of banishing those winter blues once and for all; who knows, it may well become a season you embrace rather than dread!

Get active

Getting active keeps you fit and healthy – that’s a given. But did you know it can also ease stress, big time? And we’re not just talking about during exercise – the effects last for hours after, giving you more energy throughout the day. Bring on those feel-good chemicals!

Embrace the outdoors

No, standing by a window looking outside doesn’t count! We mean actually get out there. Because it’s colder, lots of people spend more and more time indoors – but it’s this lack of sunlight that can cause feelings of depression, as exposure to the sun releases neurotransmitters to the brain that affect our mood. So wrap up warm and get outdoors!

Fill yourself with healthy grub

Summer is synonymous with salads. Think winter and you think of mince pies with clotted cream, cheeseboards and stodge. But it doesn’t have to be this way! You can still eat warming and nourishing meals, but be healthy at the same time. How about a lentil stew or roasting off some root vegetables to serve with some grilled fish? Everything in moderation, of course – and we are by no means telling you to banish the Quality Street over Christmas – but a healthy diet is sure to boost your energy and your mood.

Stay warm

According to the NHS website, being cold can make you feel even more depressed, and evidence also suggests that keeping warm can reduce the winter blues by half! But this doesn’t mean staying inside glued to the radiator for the next few months. Invest in the right thermal gear, padded coat, warm boots, insulated gloves and beany hat and hey presto! You’re toasty!

Once you’re wrapped up warm, you’re ready to tackle the treetops with your tribe here at Go Ape! If your mood is as dark and gloomy as it looks outdoors, fear not – a few hours monkeying around with us will get you out of that seasonal slump in no time!

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