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An Adventurous City Break in London

View from Go Ape Battersea Park

You might not expect to hear this from us, but we do love a city break; a few nights away with friends or the one you love, visiting the sights, sampling the culture and eating great food – what’s not to like?

But come to think of it, wouldn’t it be better if there was some action-packed fun involved, too? After all, there’s only so many museums and cafés you can see before you start itching for something a little more… exciting!

If you’re planning a trip to the capital and feel like you’ve fought your way along Oxford Street quite enough for one person’s lifetime, why not try something a bit more adventurous on your next visit? Take a look at our pick of the most adventurous things to do in London – and yes, we have included ourselves on the list!

Take to the water

See the city from a different angle by taking a tour along the river. Just make sure you don’t get stuck on any old sightseeing boat – try the London Duck Tours for an exhilarating drive from the road straight into the water! Feeling the need for speed? Take an adrenaline-fuelled high-speed cruise down the River Thames – these run all year round and in all weather conditions, so if you’re feeling really extreme you can even do it in the rain!

Find some green space

From the wide open spaces of Richmond Park to the luscious botanicals of Kew Gardens, there is so much green space to enjoy in London – and many of the city’s parks host regular outdoor activities where you can learn something new. So if you’ve had enough of standing in queues or travelling on the tube, why not try your hand at a spot of fishing, power kiting or even horse riding? Bet you didn’t think you could do all that in the big smoke! One of our top picks would be roller-blading in the beautiful Battersea Park – the smooth, flat, and car-free paths provide the perfect surface for your wheels!

Walk the Line

Quite literally! Scheduled for completion in March this year, The Line is the capital’s first art walk, featuring a selection of carefully curated sculptures for the public to view, from the likes of Damien Hirst and Gary Hume. The Line is mostly free of charge, apart from two paid sections that include a short DLR journey and a cable car over the River Thames. You can even cycle the entire route, so why not hire some Boris Bikes and really get those leg muscles working?

Go Ape Battersea ParkGet up high!

High up in the tree tops of Battersea Park is our brand new Go Ape adventure course – which, as you can probably tell, we are all very excited about! The first of its kind in any UK city, our shiny new course features obstacles and crossings at truly challenging heights, making it a thrilling addition to your city break! If you’re visiting with the kids, our Battersea Park location also features our Tree Top Junior course, specially designed for mini Tarzans aged 6-12.

So, next time you’re heading to the capital for the weekend, make sure you pop by and say hello – see you in the trees!

Make 2016 Your Year of Experiences

Students Offers

As far as the Go Ape tribe is concerned, there’s no such thing as the infamous January Blues.

When the New Year arrives, instead of feeling glum, we say “BRING IT ON!” Think of it as a time to start afresh, make a list of goals for the year ahead and feel as proud as punch as you begin ticking them off.

According to CNN, around half of all adults make New Year’s resolutions; yet by June, only around 40% will be on course. A lot of this, researchers believe, is down to the fact that we’re setting unrealistic expectations. Perhaps these resolutions become a chore? And we all know that a chore can be a downright bore.

This year, then, why not create goals that are achievable, fulfilling, and will allow you to have a whale of a time in the process? In other words, how about making 2016 your year of experiences? We promise that a year full of adventure will mean one thing: it’ll be better than the last.

We firmly believe that a fulfilling life is one in which we commit to new experiences, not things. So, now’s the time to choose these experiences! Here are a few ideas that may just inspire you…

Travel somewhere new

About to start looking at holiday destinations? If you normally go to the same place, or go for the same type of package deal, why not go somewhere completely different? Whether it’s a country further afield like Cambodia or Zimbabwe, or a destination closer to home such as Iceland or the Channel Islands, the world is your oyster – and it’s calling out to be explored.

Visit new places in the UK

Don’t fancy getting on the plane? Well luckily for us, the UK is home to some of the most spectacular cities, fabulous forests, beautiful beaches and cracking countryside in the world – and it’s all waiting for you on your doorstep! Where will your next UK adventure take place?

Take up a new hobby

Make 2016 the year you try your hand at a new hobby or two. Whether it’s karate, music Go Ape Tree Top Adventurelessons, surfing or ballroom dancing, these new experiences will make this year one to remember – and you’re bound to make some new like-minded chums along the way.

Go Ape

Looking for a thrilling, exhilarating and downright epic few hours? Then head to one of our Go Ape destinations! If it’s an experience you’re after, hanging out with your tribe in the trees is an awesome way to achieve this goal; you’ll feel the wind in your hair as you zoom down our zip wires, and we want to hear your loudest Tarzan holler as you make the final leap. Now that’s an experience you won’t be forgetting in a hurry! Start 2016 as you mean to go on and book your Go Ape adventure today – see you soon!

What’s your goal this year?


Goals. We set them almost every day. There’s the classic ‘To Do’ list, our weekly promises to start a diet on Monday (to reach an unachievable weight goal!), those times you tell yourself to waste less time on Facebook (try less than half hour a day!) – and then there’s New Year’s resolutions.Snow2

What makes New Resolutions different?

The start of a New Year is like creating a fresh chapter in your book of life. It’s the time when you can have a real spring clean on you. So get your thinking caps on and take a long hard look in the mirror – what would make you happier? what would make your life more fulfilling?

So what is your goal this year?

Firstly, make them realistic! Going to the gym everyday is not only boring us at the very thought, but it’s also totally unrealistic.
Think specific. If you want to lose weight, tell yourself how much. That way you’ll now when it’s time to celebrate!
One at a time! Don’t think too big – you certainly won’t be able to quit smoking and start a new diet at the same time. You’ll be setting yourself up for a fall very early in the year!

Tree Top Adventure Go ApeLive Life Adventurously!

Here at Banana HQ we like to live out our ethos and create adventurous goals! Here’s what some of the team have planned to see that they’re living life adventurously:

  • Husky racing in Finland – sign us up!
  • Island hopping in Croatia – make sure you come back Hannah…

Why not get your next Go Ape adventure in the diary? We hope living life adventurously is on your radar in 2016!

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