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Get ahead for half term!

Wintry Weekends at Go Ape

The half term holidays are looming, which means that kids up and down the country will be counting the days until they can throw off their school bags and enjoy a week of fun and freedom. But it also means that parents will be getting that familiar feeling of worry about how they a€™re going to entertain their tribe for all that time!

Well, fear not; we’€™re bringing you a guide to getting ahead for half term, so that you can plan activities right through the week and hopefully prevent those moans of ‘I’€™m booooored’ although we can’€™t promise that! As the saying goes (we think): perfect planning prevents poor performance. So, here are some activities you can start planning now!

Get back to nature

Kids are never happier than when they’€™re in the great outdoors, feeling the wind in their hair and getting mud in their fingernails! From pond-dipping to sowing vegetables (now is the perfect time to plant French beans, onions and sugar peas), it’s easy, fun and affordable to get your little ones back to nature. To help you get organised, The Wildlife Trust has a great database of outdoor events and activities throughout the country in 2016 – why not take a look and see what’s going on near you this February?

Get lost

Well, kind of! Orienteering is a great way for your kids to learn new skills, from map-reading to patience and teamwork. Plan a route according to your children’s ages – little ones might only be able to go a mile, whereas older kids will be up for a much longer adventure – and preferably, one that takes them through fields and woodland, passing streams, rivers and other interesting landmarks. Make sure everyone has a good pair of walking boots and give each child their own backpack containing snacks, water, a compass, a waterproof jacket and their own copy of the map (so no fighting over who gets to hold it!). You could also pack a disposable camera each for taking wildlife snaps along the way.

Get in the supplies

Unfortunately, we can never be guaranteed good weather in this country -€“ especially not in February! While we’re big fans of getting outside whatever the weather (a bit of howling wind really can add to the fun of being up in the trees!) sometimes it’s just too extreme and you have to admit defeat and stay indoors to conserve your energy for your next day of adventure. Get some supplies in well ahead of time so that you’re ready when an inevitable rainy day at home strikes; this could include scrap materials for making dens, art and craft supplies, DVDs, books, and of course, hot chocolate.

Get booking your Go Ape adventure!

After a day resting at home, you and your little ones may find yourselves going stir crazy. We may be biased, but we think there’€™s no better way to use up all that energy than with an exciting day navigating the treetops and zooming down zip wires at Go Ape! It’s super easy to book in advance on our website, or by calling 0845 643 9215, so there’ll be no more last minute panic when your little monkeys start bouncing off the walls! We get really busy during school holidays so don’€™t delay -€“ see you in the trees!

Our favourite adventurous quotes


When it’s cold, wet, windy and grey, it can be tough finding the energy and enthusiasm to wrap-up and head outdoors. But, you shouldn’t let the weather stand in the way of your next adventure! Oh no. And besides, unpredictable weather makes adventure all the more fun, right?!

Right! Today is as good a day as any to get out there and live life adventurously! If you’re struggling to see the sun through the clouds – both literally and metaphorically – you can always rely on a good quote to re-ignite your adventurous streak! Here’s a pick of some of our faves:


We’re not fans of comfort zones. In fact, we’d go as far as saying we’re completely and utterly anti-comfort zones. Why? Well, because they’re both boring and extremely restrictive. It’s only when we break out of our comfort zones that we find confidence to try new things, test our physical and mental limits and become adventurous!



We can’t agree more. The unknown isn’t something to be scared of! The moment we start embracing and exploring the unknown is the moment we become adventurous. Wait – did we just make up our own quote?!


A simple quote, yes, but it couldn’t be more true. Adventure awaits you, so get out there and find it!



If you’re an adventurous type, three phrases will make up part of your vocabulary: “I am,” “I can,” “I will.” Being adventurous is not saying you will do something, but actually doing it! You lose nothing by trying, but could lose an awful lot by not trying.


Many people will agree that memories are far more precious than material objects. And that’s what adventure is all about: making memories that’ll last a lifetime with the ones you love!


If we spend too much time focusing on the end goal, we don’t fully appreciate all those magical moments that happen along the way – the things we experience, the people we meet. Adventure is not the destination; it’s the journey you go on to get there!


We couldn’t agree more. You will never hear someone saying, “I wish I hadn’t gone travelling” or “I wish I hadn’t gone on that adventure.” What you will hear people saying, however, is “I wish I’d gone travelling” and “I wish I’d gone on that adventure.” You won’t regret the adventures you had; you’ll regret the adventures you didn’t have.

…So, are you feeling inspired? It’s certainly got us contemplating what our next adventure is going to be! If you feel like you need some more encouragement, check out our #ShareAdventure page where you’ll find suggestions for adventures! And feel free to share any adventure-related quotes that inspire you!



Air Space Wolverhampton has launched!


Psst. Have you heard the news? We’ve just launched a brand new Air Space in Wolverhampton!

It’€™s not just any old trampoline park, oh no. Air Space Wolverhampton is the biggest trampoline park in the whole of the Midlands; it’s a mega, spring-loaded urban playground, complete with over 100 interconnected trampolines for you to jump, hop, skip, flip and bellyflop on!

How you choose to spend your time at Air Space is completely up to you.

Jump solo or en masse with your friends and family. We’€™ve just altered our age restriction policy so now kids as young as five years old can join in with the fun.

DodgesmallIn the main arena, our super springy trampolines are guaranteed to take you to dizzy new heights, whether you’re looking to perfect your backflips, work on your twists or master your seat drops. Our trampolines cover the floor and the walls – you could spend your time simply freestyle jumping from one to the next.

If you’re hoping to catch some serious air time, then you’€™ve got to have a go on the Power Jumping tramp, loaded with super-charged springs that’€™ll send you flying skyward. Maximum distance means more time in the air – why not challenge yourself and see how many flips you can do in one jump?

For a super-soft landing head over to the Air Bag.

It’€™s essentially a giant, foam-filled pillow ready to take the full impact at whatever gets thrown at it (i.e., you!). It’s a great place to work on your bouncing skills, or to simply experiment with what crazy shapes you and your mates can pull whilst defying gravity!

If you’re planning an outing to Air Space with your chums, why not form a couple of teams Footsmalland play a game of basketball or dodgeball, but with added bounce?! Believe us when we say that these sports are way more fun when played on a spring-loaded court. Plus, all the extra air gives you a helping hand when it comes to shooting hoops.

So who’s seen Ninja Warrior? Well, we have our very own Ninja Run at Air Space Wolverhampton- rope climbing, swinging, running and bouncing! The fastest time is 30 secs. Become your own Ninja Warrior today and challenge out best time today. 

Then there’s the Parkour Area – learn how to get from one place to another without letting anything stop you. Our parkour area is designed so there is total freedom of movement- whether it’s running, jumping, vaulting or climbing.

And wait, there’s more! If you fancy trying out an exercise class with a difference, then you could sign-up for our high intensity, low impact Freestyle Fitness classes. Fancy bouncing to music? Every Friday night the trampoline park will be transformed into Club Space, when a resident DJ will take to the decks to spin 3 hours of chart-topping tunes.

The new addition to the Air Space family is located close to the Bentley Bridge retail park, off the A4124 on Well Lane. It’€™s within a 15 minute drive of Wolverhampton and only half an hour drive away from Birmingham.

We’€™re open every day with extended hours during the half term. Prices vary dependent on age, time and activity.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep fit, have fun and join in with the jumping revolution! See you soon!

10 Fun Facts about Chinese New Year

Help for Heroes, Go Ape's 2013 Charity

It’s Chinese New Year and it’s the Year of the Monkey! So, if you were born in 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 (and of course, 2016), then this year is dedicated to you and only you. Being monkey enthusiasts ourselves, we thought we ought to find out a bit more about the New Year festivities. So here are 10 facts about Chinese New Year that you might not know:

1. New year, new date

It changes every year; this year it falls on Monday 8th February 2016.

2. Tiger, snake or dragon

The Year of the Monkey is just one of 12 animal houses – others include the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, rooster, dog and pig.

3. Good luck to you

Chinese New Year doesn’t just welcome in a brand New Year, it’s purpose is to encourage luck and prosperity in the forthcoming year.

4. Korean New Year?

China is not the only country to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Other places include Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, North Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau.

5. Red envelopes

Red envelopes containing money, are given to young children to wish them luck for the New Year. (The colour red is synonymous with good luck; so lucky pants in China are bound to be bright red!)

6. Thou shalt have a little fishy

Fish is a popular dish on New Year’s Day, as it is believed to bring surplus money into your life.

7. Fireworks

Fireworks and firecrackers are a traditional celebration of a New Year, but did you there is a pattern to setting them off? The tradition is to light the small fireworks first, followed by 3 large ones. This is said to symbolise the fading out of the year and the welcoming of the new. The bigger the bang, the better the luck!

8. Say a little prayer

Visiting a temple to worship over the New Year is thought to be one of the best things to do to ensure a positive year to come. Shanghai sees thousands of worshippers visiting the Longhua Temple to pray for a better year ahead.

9. Bad luck

You must not clean the house in the first 3 days of the New Year to avoid washing away all your good luck. Some avoid washing their hair for fear they will wash their good fortune down the drain.

10. Did you know…

“Xinnian Kuaile” means “Happy New Year” in Chinese


Feeling inspired to celebrate Chinese New Year in style? Why not host your own celebration at school by having a fish dinner, exchanging red envelopes containing treats, and of course, lots of monkey arts and crafts.

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