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#3PYR…Our Next Adventure

Go Ape Three Peaks Yacht Race

“What’s #3PYR?” we hear you ask, well, it’s only one of the toughest long distance races in the world!

At Go Ape, we live and breathe living life adventurously, so when the opportunity came up to compete we couldn’t say no. ‘#3PYR’ stands for the Three Peaks Yacht Race and is classed as one of the oldest and most remarkable multi-sport endurance races, making it the perfect challenge for Go Ape in 2016.

Established in 1977, the 3PYR is an annual race where competitors take on 389 miles of sailing, seventy-two miles of running and eighteen miles of cycling – what’s more, there are no engines involved. Relying on the elements and pure will and determination, teams must make their way up the west coast of the UK from Barmouth to Fort William.

So which of our bold and fearless Go Ape Tribe is crazy enough to sign up for the challenge?

None other than the courageous Jerome Mayhew (Managing Director), Tris Mayhew (Chief Gorilla), Paul Love-Williams (Head of Construction), Mick Rimmer (Site Manager at Crathes) and Ed Smith (Construction Manager). Together, the team of five will spearhead different elements of the race in a bid to conquer the three peaks from land and sea.

Three of the team will have a hand in manning the helm taking on 62 sea miles from Barmouth to Caernarfon, 100 sea miles from Caernarfon to Whitehaven and a further staggering 227 sea miles from Whitehaven to Fort William. In between two team members will climb the highest mountains in the UK by conquering Mt. Snowdon in Wales, Scafell Pike in England and Ben Nevis in Scotland – that’s the equivalent of running three marathons in as many days!

Check out the video below from the Three Peaks Yacht Race YouTube channel to get a glimpse at the gruelling challenge that lies ahead.

Fuelling the determination of the team will be knowing that their efforts are helping support the Outward Bound Trust charity. For every £200 raised another young person from a disadvantaged background will be able to experience the challenge of an Outward Bound course with potentially life changing results. To find out more about the amazing work that the Trust does at or if you can please dig deep and support our endurance racers by donating via Virgin Money Giving.

Next week, Meet the Team! We’ll give you the low-down on our 3PYR team, including their role within the race and what drives them to live life adventurously.


We’re on the countdown!

Sunshine at Go Ape

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…

You know the drill when it comes to changing the clocks: spring forward, fall back. Well, in just over a month’s time the UK will be springing forward after falling back last October, meaning you’ll need to set your clocks to an hour later (that is, if they don’t change automatically).

We’ve given you plenty of notice, so grab yourself a pen and get the date in your diary: Sunday, 27th of March at 1am, which also happens to be Easter Sunday (remember: clocks before chocs).

It might sound a little strange, but we’re really looking forward to the clocks changing.

Why? Well, firstly because it marks the official start of spring, and we love hanging out in forests during the springtime – they’re full of life and colour and the air is crisp (though not so cold you need to wrap a scarf around your face).

The second reason is because it’ll be lighter in the evenings and we’ll get to enjoy sunshine for an hour longer! And let’s not forget the fact the sun will start to rise earlier and set later as we move through spring and into summer.

Great – no more commuting to work under the night’s sky. The thing is, when it’s cold and dark (and wet) outside, it can be difficult to muster-up the energy to head outdoors, particularly after a tough day’s work. But, an hour’s extra sunlight on a fresh, spring day could give you all the motivation you need to leave your home and embrace the great outdoors!

Spring Forward at Go ApeJust think of what you can do with an extra hour of sunlight.

You could take a stroll around your local park, organise a group bike ride to a local pub, or use it as an opportunity to catch up on your gardening.

Here’s an idea: how about swinging by a Go Ape near you after work to take on one of our Tree Top Adventure courses? You can book a slot as late as 5pm; with courses typically taking 2-3 hours to complete, there’s a good chance you’ll catch a stunning sunset when perched on a tree-top platform.

Many people will admit that – like much of the forest wildlife – they’ve been hibernating over the winter months. They’re daily routines have become somewhat mundane and monotonous, moving from beds to office desks, to sofas and back to beds again. Well, hopefully the clocks changing will put a stop to this humdrum lifestyle and encourage people to get outdoors, replenish their Vitamin D levels and make the most of their already limited free time!

(Psst. We’ve got another date for your diary: Saturday, 26th March. This date is extremely important to us, as it’s our 14th birthday! Why not book an Easter weekend adventure and come celebrate with us? Banana cake is our fave, by the way…).

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