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Iron Man abroad!


Meet Alister from Go Ape Buxton, here, he tells his tale on Ironman Mallorca

The whole thing started roughly a year ago when a friend and I were on a cycling trip in Mallorca. Upon arrival there we noticed that there was the iron man Mallorca 70.3 taking part while we were there, and after watching it during our trip there I knew that I had to take part in it the next year.

Fast-forward roughly half a year and I had my ticket for the 2016 event.

Coming from a relatively sporty background I had a fair amount of stamina in the tank but nothing compared to what was needed, so I set myself to training for it. I set myself a plan that I was to travel a certain amount of distance each week for all disciplines, making sure not to take it all to seriously as I knew it was a long road ahead and in the idea of keeping it exciting was paramount in the plan.

Living in the middle of the peak district gave me a perfect area to train in all disciplines for hills and the flats and also living across the road from a swimming pool made swimming training all that much easier. To add to training I entered myself in a to a couple of triathlons in the run up to the event to allow for race specific tactics and experience to add to the locker.

A week before the iron man, my family and I flew out to Mallorca so that we could get familiar with the area and so I could get one week of training before the triathlon in the sun and the mountains.

On the day of the event the weather was not as expected…… torrential rain!

I would go as far as to say some of the worst weather that I have ever cycled in. All the athletes were to meet down at the beach in the bay and to enter the water in waves. In roughly 1 hour around 4000 individuals had entered the water and were beginning the 1.2 mile swim. Because of the bad weather, jellyfish had surfaced so we all had to swim with the added danger of getting stung while we did so. I felt reasonably good though and managed to complete the swim in 35 minutes.

Coming out of the water it was noticeable that it was warmer in the water than it was out but non the less all of us ran up to transition 1 where we all mounted the bikes and began the 56 mile bike section.

The bike section went up in to the mountains and then descended down through small villages and back to Alcudia. Coming from a hilly part of England and coming out of winter where riding in the rain was a normal occurrence the rainy conditions didn’t effect me as much as I was thinking they would. It kept me cool through the ride so was reasonably pleased with my 2 hour 54 minute bike section.

The last stage of the triathlon was probably my worst discipline, running. Coming out of transition 2 on to the run I was hoping that the crowd alone would be able to carry me threw, and it did for around two thirds of it. The only problem that I encountered though was the settling effect of all the energy supplements that I had taken on board through the bike and run. My stomach was doing summersaults and I had to resort to slowing down my run to cater for this. That being said I managed to complete the run a time of 1 hour and 50 minutes even throwing in a cheeky sprint finish when another runner tried to pip me to the line. My final position in the entire iron man was 771 out of roughly 4000.

I certainly have the bug for it now!

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