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Winners of the Amazon Growing Business Awards

Amazon Growing Business Awards Go Ape

What a great way to kick off the month. The news arrived via email on a cold Thursday morning – we’ve been named the Rural Business of the Year in Amazon’s Growing Business Awards. We realised we’d been growing rapidly these last few years, but we just had to double check the math (30 gorilla suits x 61 activities ÷ 2,000 bananas… yup, we’ve definitely come a long way.)

As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to offer accessible adventure to more people around the UK and now in the USA. We’ve encouraged more people than ever to get out and live life adventurously – and we’re chuffed to bits about that. We’re proud of how many Tarzans and Janes have been able to swing through our trees and we hope to keep growing to bring more adventures to more places.

Here’s what the Go Ape co-founders and Chief Gorillas, Tristram and Rebecca Mayhew, had to say:

It’s a tree-mendous feeling to be judged Britain’s Best Rural Business, based on Go Ape’s mission, vision and values, and to be recognised for environmental and social responsibility.

 Go Ape has always been about creating adventures and encouraging everyone to live life adventurously. We campaign to keep the ‘adventure’ in adventure and encourage “I can’t” to become “I can!”, believing that zero risk results in zero development. 

But the thing we feel most proud about is being able to create hundreds and hundreds of worthwhile, rewarding jobs and careers, supporting rural communities – which don’t normally grow on trees. 

Live life adventurously!

And we’re not finished yet!

Not even a little bit. Keep watching this space to hear about our new adventures we have coming your way. The next adventure we’re welcoming into our tribe…. Go Ape Alexandra Palace. Find out more here and don’t forget you can sign up to the Gorilla Newsbeat to hear the latest tribe news.


Go Ape for Trees for Cities

Trees for Cities and Go Ape

One tree, two tree, three tree, four – let’s plant some more!

Winter Activities for KidsAt Go Ape, we’re all about the trees. They’re the foundations of our business (literally – our Tree Top Adventure couldn’t happen without them and our Forest Segway Experience would be pretty forest-less without some trees in the mix).

Anyway, last week was National Tree Week (hurray!), and we want to encourage you to show the trees you know and love how much you appreciate them – that’s right, give your favourite tree a hug!

This year, National Tree Week was between 26th November and 4th December. Launched way back when (in 1975), National Tree Week is the largest tree celebration all year and kicks off the start of winter tree planting season.

But why not extend National Tree Week?

If you’ve ever wanted to plant a tree, or you just want to help out, then this is the time. Until 18th December, when you treat your little monkeys to a Tree Top Junior experience we’ll donate £2 from every booking to our friends at Trees for Cities!

Winter is a wonderful time to explore the tree tops with your kids no matter how frosty it is outside. Grab those coats, wrap up with a scarf and pack your gloves for an adventure that will keep you warm as you navigate the obstacles and crossings. As a treat, why not celebrate afterwards with a warming hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows!)

Who are Trees for Cities?

Tree Top Junior in WinterSince 1993, Trees for Cities have encouraged over 70,000 people to plant over 600,000 urban trees in parks, streets, schools and housing estates across the UK, all with the aim of creating greener cities worldwide.

Autumn is a rough time for trees. They dress up their leaves in their prettiest outfits and then they just fall to the ground and get trodden on by oblivious passers-by.

And don’t even get me started on winter – those poor naked trees standing out in the cold. So it’s important that you do everything you can to help the lil (or big) fellas out.

Trees are friends

Trees aren’t just part of the backdrop; they are living, breathing creatures. Trees are part of our wonderful ecosystem. Breathe in, breathe out. We need their Oxygen and they need our CO2. The trees are doing it, too (OK, OK, so trees don’t breathe in the traditional sense).

“One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen. This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people,” according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. So while you might think that tree over there isn’t doing much at all, just busy being a tree, you’d be wrong. Beneath its cool, laid back exterior, trees are working pretty darn hard. They even remove nasty fluff and stuff hanging in the air – from dust to carbon monoxide, they intercept these baddies and then (our friend) the rain washes them away. Wahoo! Go team!

So be a friend and enjoy an adventure like no other to help out your local treescape, book a Tree Top junior experience.

Fun ways to wrap your Go Ape gift this Christmas

red christmas present secret santa

So, you’ve made the (incredibly wise) decision to buy your loved one a Christmas gift they’ll never forget: a day of fun and adventure exploring the trees and their own bravery at one of our Go Ape forests!

But how to present it to them? A thoughtful and exciting gift such as this deserves to be presented in a thoughtful and exciting way – wouldn’t you agree? Just because you’re giving somebody a gift voucher, doesn’t mean you have to shove it in a boring white envelope and be done with it. Good monkeys, no! This year, we’re giving away FREE virtual reality headsets with our postal gift vouchers – so there’s even more reason for you to put in that extra bit of effort!

Use this opportunity to set the scene for their experience, wet their appetite for adventure – or just put a massive grin on their face before they’ve even seen what’s inside! Here’s some fun ideas for adding a little natural flair to your cards and gift wrapping…. Go Ape style!

Leaf printing

Showcase Mother Nature’s beauty by using natural materials to make your very own cards and wrapping paper. Head outside and collect the most interesting leaves, flora and nettles you can find. Back home, roll out some Kraft brown wrapping paper, get your paints ready (keep things natural with greens, browns and oranges, or go festive with reds, white and gold) then paint the veiny side of each leaf, before flipping (carefully!) onto the paper. Once dry, it’s ready to use! You can do the same on plain white card to make a Christmas card that’s truly unique.

Potato printing

If you’re feeling crafty, you can always give good old-fashioned potato printing a try! Simply cut a potato in half down the middle, then carve the cut end into a basic shape – we’d go for a tree theme, obviously – then use it as a stamp to create your own bespoke designs! We think a classic Christmas tree shape would work well, but you could also try carving an oak tree, a maple leaf, a Horse-chestnut leaf, an acorn…we could go on and on!

Cheeky monkey

Buying a voucher for a little monkey to try out our Tree Top Junior course? Make it even MORE fun by nestling the envelope in the arms of a cuddly toy monkey – perhaps with a special note from the monkey itself! For example: “Hello! I’m Mikey the Monkey – will you be my new friend?” or “My name’s Martha the Monkey and I can’t wait to play with you!” They get a physical present to keep and something awesome to look forward to – win-win!

Tree seedling

Another way to give a physical gift with your gift voucher is to tie the envelope to a tree seedling, or grow-your-own tree kit. Your giftee will be wondering why on Earth you’ve bought them a tree – until they open their actual present and realise the connection! Even better, once they’ve planted their tree they’ll always look at it and think of you. Say it with us now Tarzans: “arrrghhhhh!”.

Festive foliage

If you’re buying a gift voucher for your partner, or perhaps an older relative, you might want to tone down the packaging a little. Try wrapping your gift in a simple, sophisticated design of your choosing, then add some freshly cut foliage for a naturally festive touch. You could use holly leaves (just watch out for those prickles!), mistletoe, pine cones, pine tree cuttings, eucalyptus or wild berries. You can even use ingredients from your kitchen, such as rosemary sprigs and cinnamon sticks!

We hope we’ve inspired you think outside the (gift) box this Christmas! Have you bought your gift voucher yet?

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