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Big Banana Cycles to Berkshire


It all started early on the morning of Monday 23rd June 2014 where our leg began with some segway selfies in Black Park – Before we set off to Bracknell!

Starting off with a gentle jog of about 2 miles to our local, the Red Lion. We were convinced we deserved some refreshments before we hopped onto some bikes to continue the rest of the journey.

Through Slough to Dorney, back out to Eton, and another stop off in Windsor for lunch. The sun was out and a gorilla suit might not have been the best choice of clothing!

In the grounds of Eton College we managed a selfie in the courtyard and in front of the famous statue of the school’s founder Henry VI.

Luckily we brought our local ‘TomTom’ in the form of one of our instructors (Jamie) who knew Windsor and Bracknell like the back of his hand! After some sandwiches we ready to tackle a series of hills – the combination of gorilla suits and mountain bikes was not the easiest of challenges! Before we knew it we had reached our final stopping point of Royal Ascot Racecourse!

From here the remainder should have been mostly downhill. Naturally – we were mistaken! Within 20 minutes of setting off, one of our Instructors Chris had been knocked off his bike by a van door. Needless to say all the instructors on the adventure came rushing over to see if… the banana had been damaged!

The ride took all five instructors 2 hours and 2 minutes to Segway, run and cycle a total of 20 miles and we’ve raised over £350 for Teenage Cancer Trust so far….

The Black Park tribe: Samantha Lewis, Max Howard, Jack Hayes, Jamie Duffield and Chris Poole, who all thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and have truly lived life adventurously by taking part in the Big Banana Relay!

Follow the journey and donate to Teenage Cancer Trust through our donation page.


Allez Banane! Une journee dans la vie…

Big Banana Relay Crawly

It’s been a crazy few days for a young banana! As if a bumpy tandem ride from Bedgebury wasn’t enough to mash me I was then squashed and washed in a kayak on the lake at Tilgate Park, much to the surprise of the ducks.

I’m not entirely sure why I was picked up by a police van, being the Innocent Smoothie that I am, and was very relieved on being transferred to a Heart Radio car and then an ice cream van en route to Gatwick.

For the second time in a week I was airborne, this time bound for Paris and, after being squeezed on a train and balanced on a trike, monocycle and puck puck my two gorillas took me to the Eiffel Tower for the most amazing banana-eye view of the city!  C’est magnifique!

But we weren’t to stay long as Eurostar was waiting to whisk us (not as messy as it sounds!) back to London. My antics provided amusement at the Underground station and fortunately raised money for Teenage Cancer Trust in the process which is, after all, the purpose of my existence. Now with the Black Park gorillas I’m wondering what the next stage of my adventure will hold? Quelle surprise!

Follow my journey at and stop me from being put back in the fruit bowl by donating to Teenage Cancer Trust through our donation page.



Go Bananas for the Big Banana Relay

Big Banana Relay Crawleyå

Bunting, Bananas and Fundraising.

It’s not every day that you see a gorilla landing a helicopter, riding a supermarket trolley or reclining on a platform engrossed in a book about the ‘age of steam’. But such was the madness on the opening weekend of the Big Banana Relay, GoApe’s fundraising challenge for 2014. Optimism for a sunny launch party was well founded and, on the odd occasion when the sun disappeared behind a cloud, there was enough yellow bunting, bananas and laughter to brighten the day. Despite running a busy site the gorillas at Bedgebury pulled out all the stops to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust – selling cakes and refreshments, organising a ‘banana hunt’ in the woods and being the target of many a soggy yellow sponge. Whether squeezing into a Little Tikes car, employing the services of a breakdown truck, climbing onto a rubbish lorry or riding a tandem in a hot furry outfit they rose to the challenge for a very worthy cause. The banana is now with GoApe Crawley before making its way to Paris – think Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Then it’s the turn of the Black Park apes to run and cycle to Bracknell. They’ll just miss a day at the races (now a gorilla on horseback would be a sight to see) but I’m sure there’ll be the odd top hat or boater around Eton for a great British photo shoot!

Watch out for the hairy antics in your area this summer, follow the banana’s journey at and, if you see a gorilla riding, running, climbing, flying or swimming please support us in our efforts and drop a few coins in the collection for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Here are some images from the first leg…

Here is a link to Leeds Castle Just Giving Page

…and from our second leg…

Here is a link to Bedgebury’s Just Giving Page

Bedgebury to Tilgate Park Leg

The second leg of our Big Banana Relay! Our big banana travels from Bedgebury to Tilgate Park (Crawly) by various modes of transport! #bigbananarelay

[img src=]4463Our Crawley Gorilla sets off on his leg of the journey...
[img src=]3642ooh no! There has been a crash....
[img src=]3101What will he do now?
[img src=]2860We need a tow!
[img src=]2691The car is all hitched up!
[img src=]2501How will the Gorilla complete his journey..?
[img src=]2381Off to the station we go...
[img src=]2220Paperwork is all in hand!
[img src=]2191Waiting for the train...
[img src=]2051Shotgun...oh wait its the wrong train...
[img src=]2001The friendly conductor for the right train!
[img src=]1851All aboard!
[img src=]1831Classy travel...
[img src=]1701A spot of light reading before the next leg...
[img src=]1701Ready for the last part of our journey!
[img src=]1642Tandem bike ride...
[img src=]1670...still biking...
[img src=]1610...out gorilla appears not be pedalling as much as his companion!
[img src=]1601Hurray! We smashed it!


Big Banana Relay Launches

Starting this weekend at Leeds Castle, the Big Banana Relay will commence. Follow all the excitement right here as our Banana travels 1823 miles across the UK to our 28 forest locations. Each site will deliver the banana to another site via different modes of transport, ranging from a Helicopter ride to a bouncing 10 miles on a Space Hopper.

You can visit our dedicated blog page which will link you to our Just Giving Page to donate to this great cause. Don’t forget each site will have it’s own Just Giving Page, which we will post a link to each time we right a post about each of the challenges.

If you see any of our instructors out and about carrying the banana, why not take a picture and put it on Twitter or Instagram using #bigbananarelay.

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