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We welcome our 7,000,000th customer!

Seven Millionth
Fellow tribesmen and tribeswomen, we’€™ve done it! We’™ve only gone and welcomed our 7,000,000th (yep, seven millionth) Go Ape customer!


To think a€“ in 15 years, seven million people from across the UK and beyond have visited our leafy hideouts. Seven million people have swung through the treetops, whizzed through the air on zip wires and rolled around the floor on our Forest Segways. Seven million people have chosen to Go Ape and live life adventurously. In fact, we actually feel a little emotional about it!

How we celebrated

Of course, this mammoth millionth milestone certainly deserved a celebration€“ and celebrate we did!

We surprised three lovely ladies visiting Go Ape Cannock, as they embarked on a Forest Segway Experience. Unsuspectingly, they completed their forest-themed adventure wearing helmets with three 7,000,000th customer tickets sneakily planted inside of them.

We secretly set our video cams to €˜record€™ and filmed Jane, Julie and Jane turning up to Go Ape. We followed them with our cams as they cruised around the forest floor, hiding behind tree trunks so we didn’t get caught out!

Then, as they rolled back to base, stepped off the Segways and removed their helmets. SURPRISE! Cue the music, party hats, bananas, gorillas, singing, dancing and huge celebratory certificates! You could say the three Js were rather taken aback!

After the buzz died down and we explained to Jane, Julie and Jane why they were receiving the extra-special treatment, we got to find out more about the ladies. They know one another through their husbands who work together (along with one of the Janes).

The ladies occasionally organise a girls’€™ day out and, upon their arrival at Cannock, told one of our tribe that they’™d decided they wanted to do more adventure-filled things together. One of the Janes referred to herself as ‘the Segway expert€™ after rolling around multiple times on the self-balancing machines (including at Go Ape Cannock). We can second that after witnessing her skills whilst filming them on the forest floor!

The ladies had enjoyed a leisurely stroll before the roll and said that they were delighted with being surprised! As an extra thanks for helping us to reach the milestone, we gave Jane, Julie and Jane a hamper packed with merchandise and gift vouchers – so they can come and enjoy another adventure-filled girls’€™ day out with us again in the not-too-distant future!

So, we’€™ve got to say a huge thanks€™ to Jane, Julie and Jane! Thanks as well to all of our lovely, loyal Go Ape-rs who have helped us to reach the seven million mark. Thanks for living life adventurously and for being advocates of our forest-themed adventures!

Here’€™s to the next seven million visitors!

How are those stories coming along?

KIds Writing Competition
Been on any awesome adventures recently? If you’€™re a mini Tarzan aged 4-12, then we want to hear all about them!

Maybe you built your first-ever forest den, held a campout in your back garden with your best buddies, or found fossils on a local beach. Perhaps you tried rock climbing for the very first time, hiked to a peak with your parents, or discovered treasure during a geocache trip.

Small or big, scary or exciting (or both), we’€™re asking you to help spread the love for adventure by sharing your story with us and the world!

Your story can be anywhere from 100 to 500 words. Share as many details as you can! What time did you get up? What was the weather like on the day? How were you feeling before the adventure? What did your parents say when you conquered the activity?

The more info, the better, as it’€™ll help us to feel how you were feeling during your adventure. It’€™ll help us to relive it!

Can’€™t think of an inspiring adventure off the top of your head? Make one up! Get those creative juices flowing and write about an awesome adventure that you’€™d love to go on in the future, or a story about an adventure someone you know has embarked on. Ask your parents or grandparents a€“ they may be able to tell you a tale or two!

There are no rules to this competition a the only thing we ask is for your stories to be as adventure-filled as possible. We want to read stories that, by the end, will leave us itching to go on an adventure of our own!

As well as helping to inspire the world to live life more adventurously, you’ll be in with a chance of winning some awesome prizes. We’€™re giving away heaps of adventure books, but also, lucky winners will get the chance to clamber into the canopy to take on one of our tree-mendous Tree Top Junior courses! They won’t be alone, though: they get to choose whether they take their school tribe, or their best buddies for a birthday bash like no other!

The competition closes at midnight, 22nd June. You can submit your entry through a form on the website, or by scanning a copy and sending it to [email protected] with the subject line €’Writing competition’

So, what are you waiting for little monkeys? Pick up a pen and start inspiring

Good luck!

Writing Competition

80 year old tackles Rivington!

80 Year Old Silverback Bill Rivington
Want to hear a story that’ll inspire and motivate you? A story that’ll make you want to rise up from your seat and applaud endlessly?

Here we go, then…

Several weeks back, we had the privilege of welcoming Bill to Go Ape in Rivington. Bill’s wife had arranged a surprise trip into the treetops for Bill’s birthday. Not any old birthday, though…his 80th birthday!

They say you’re only as old as the age you feel and Bill certainly proved that point as he swung from tree to tree, tackling our sky-high obstacles in a Tarzan style. The silverback wasn’t alone in the canopy, though: as soon as Bill’s family heard about the surprise, they wanted in on the adventure. And who can blame them?

The family arrived at the forest as a 22-strong tribe, which included Bill and his wife, their four children, seven grandchildren, five great grandchildren and four in-laws (*breathe*)!

Now that’s a tribe and a half!

After Bill and ten of his family completed the course, they toasted their adventure by tucking into a well-deserved picnic and drinks.

Bill said: “Everyone enjoyed it, we had a good laugh and it will be a good talking point at future family gatherings.

“The staff were very good and the safety equipment easy to use, with simple instructions.”

We pondered whether Bill would ever take to the trees again – he said: “I would do it again no problem.” That’s what we like to hear!

Our hats are off to Bill, who has proven that age is just a number and that anyone can live life adventurously! Check out adventures here!

How much time does a teacher spend working?


The typical working week is 37.5 hours long, or 40 hours if you count the obligatory lunch break. Now, even if you love your job like we do, we’re sure you’€™ll agree that a 40-hour working week is long enough. Besides, we have things to do, people to see and many adventures to embark on with our own tribes!

So, get this: according to research published last year by the Education Policy Institute, the average teacher in England works a whopping 48.2 hours a week! That’€™s like adding a day and a half to the working week, almost.

And that’€™s not all. The study also showed that one in five teachers work 60 hours or more every week a€“ 12 hours above the limit that was set by the European working time directive.

It’s not just time spent teaching kids that constitutes as work. Teachers get home and rather than enjoying some downtime with their families, often have to mark papers or prepare for lessons. They arrive at school super early and leave long after the school bell rings. They work extra hard to make sure our kids are given the best education possible – mega kudos to them!

Tree Top Junior School Trips

Take a break

If you’€™re a teacher, then take it from us: you deserve a break from the classroom! You need to leave school behind for the day to rejuvenate€ in the treetops!

Yep, you read that correctly! How do you fancy unleashing your inner Tarzan (or Jane) in the forest at Go Ape? Leave your worries in the classroom as you and your mini tribe take on obstacles ranging from bridges and swings to nets, stirrups and zip wires!

Chances are that your class will be in need of a break, too! Maybe they’ve been working hard on group projects or have been busy revising for a test. A school trip to Go Ape will be tree-mendously fun as well as educational (a win-win).

For one day, let Go Ape take control of your lesson plan! Your trip will pan out a little something like this:

– Arrive at the forest and complete one of our suggested activities (we’€™ve put together a whole range of learning resources with the help of practicing teachers, covering English, maths and science).
– Head up into the canopy to take on a Tree Top Adventure or Tree Top Junior, depending on how old your tribe are.
– Tuck into a scrumptious school lunch in the heart of the forest (under the shelter if it’s wet). – Complete another one of the suggested activities.
– Leave the forest with huge smiles across your faces, certificates of your accomplishments and ever-lasting memories of your time with us!

Oh, and here’€™s something else that might sweeten the deal for you: teachers get to swing absolutely free! The school package is available Mon-Fri during term time. If you fancy chatting to us before booking up, call 0845 643 9215. Hopefully see you in the treetops soon!

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