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Our favourite ‘all-weather’ Go Apers!

Go Ape at Easter

It’s something our Grannies instil in us from an early age: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!” And how right they are.

We love the changing seasons here at Go Ape – in our book, it’s one of the best things about living in the UK: the summer sun speckling the forest floor; the burnt orange leaves of autumn; the crisp chill in the air around this time of year… we love it!

“Embrace the elements!” is what we say – and that’s exactly what our favourite all-weather Go Apers have done. Life would be boring if the weatherman told us the same old thing day in, day out – we like to be kept on our toes. So, here are a few members of the Go Ape tribe showing us how it’s done. Grab your camera and Instagram your own all-weather snaps, tagging Go Ape! #nofilterneeded.

First up, we’ve got a member of our tribe riding the storm on one of our Forest Segways. We can’t get enough of the colours in this picture – the greens and yellows of the surrounding grass, trees and plants, and the midnight blue of the gloomy sky, only adding to the dramatic effect. With a Go Ape Segway experience, you’ll be tackling all types of terrain, so don’t forget to layer up and wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little grubby – that way, you can confidently splash through a puddle or two!

Segway in the Rain

Still on Segways, but this time on a misty, winter’s day, are these fab all-weather Go Apers, showing that you need to get your Segway fix before we go into hibernation-mode. Exploring the forest floor on two wheels really is the ultimate wet-weather activity – as long as you follow Granny’s advice and come prepared! A bit of sludge never hurt anyone!

Segway through the puddles

Next up, we’ve got this beautiful pic, taken by Perri McGovern who kindly allowed us to share it on our Instagram page. You couldn’t really get more autumnal than this – just look at the gorgeous colours of those leaves! And now imagine being up there in the trees, surrounded by them! Bliss.

Tree Top Adventure in Autumn

And finally, some concrete proof that our tribe likes to monkey around on a daily basis: a replica of the Gene Kelly scene from Singin’ in the Rain – except this time, they’re “Swingin’” in the rain… gettit? Framed by the leafy hideout at Go Ape Cannock, they really went all-out for this pic!

Go Ape Instructors

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Go Ape experience, wrap up in the appropriate gear, grab your tribe and join us for a guaranteed fun-filled few hours – come rain or shine!

DAREDEVILS: Famous Explorers


When you hear the words “famous explorer”, who springs to mind? Christopher Columbus? Francis Drake? Dr Livingstone?

But what about modern explorers of the 21st century? Now we’re talking. These days, there aren’t any unknown countries or uncharted expanses of ocean to discover; it’s not about sticking flags in a map anymore.

Instead, a new breed of explorer has come to the fore: navigators and pioneers who accomplish unfathomable feats of mental and physical endurance. And these are the ones who really excite and inspire us, as they stand for everything we at Go Ape believe in: they dream big, they push the boundaries and, without a shadow of a doubt, they live life adventurously.

We can’t name all the great explorers who have inspired us, otherwise this would turn into a book (now there’s an idea?!), but we can let you in on a few incredible human beings who prove that adventure is still very much alive and well…

Ed Stafford

Ed’s first programme with Discovery, entitled ‘Walking the Amazon’, saw him embark on an 860-day trek along the (you guessed it!) Amazon River. His daredevil walk made headlines all over the world, and it was officially deemed “the longest jungle expedition ever attempted”. His latest series with Discovery, ‘Into the Unknown’, is proving to be just as enthralling to watch – this time, Ed’s on a mission to investigate our planet’s newest mysteries. When strange, hard-to-classify markings crop up on satellite photos of Earth, Ed uses his experience of coping in extreme conditions to find out just what they are. Fascinating stuff.

Levison Wood

Dubbed as “ten times tougher than Bear Grylls” (now that’s tough!), Levison has said he’s not interested in “doing stuff that looks dangerous for the cameras”. Instead, he’s following his childhood dream of becoming an explorer (see, we told you they “dream big”). Inspired by classic explorers such as Richard Francis Burton and Henry Morton Stanley, he embarked on an expedition to walk the length of the Nile. The trek took him a year, and the four-part documentary series ‘Walking the Nile’ that aired earlier this year made for truly inspiring TV. Levsion also speaks very wise words:

“You need to constantly challenge yourself to evolve as a person. To not take any risk in life, no matter how big or small that risk might be, means you’ll be at a standstill.”

Jessica Watson

At the ripe age of 11, Jessica heard how another young lady, Jesse Martin, had become the youngest person to complete a non-stop circumnavigation of the globe – sailing solo. The story clearly resonated with her as two years later she told her parents she wanted to do the same thing. And she did. It was by no means “smooth sailing” – she had to deal with a collision with a bulk carrier and a ferocious Atlantic storm – but, after sailing for 210 days straight, she completed her circumnavigation three days before turning 17. Yes, she was just 16-years-old when she did this!

So, has all this talk of adventure sparked something inside you? If you want to challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone, zipping through the trees at Go Ape is the perfect way to get the adrenaline going!

Must have accessories for an Outdoor Wedding


So you’re thinking of being adventurous and steering clear of a traditional wedding venue? There is nothing better than the great outdoors so why not have your wedding outside as well? There are plenty of adventurous places where you can share those special memories with family and friends and we have created a list of must have accessories for any outdoor wedding venue. 

Fire Pit

FireEven if you start the day off in the blistering summer sun it does tend to get a bit chilly in the evening. Bag yourself a fire pit to keep the guests warm and maybe get some marshmallows for them to toast as well. 

Hay Bale Seating

So you have your log burner to keep everyone warm and toasty but you need to find some seating to let guests enjoy the dancing flames. Grab some hay bales and blankets and circle them around the log burner – not to close, as you probably don’t fancy a visit from the Fire Brigade!

Pine Cone Cake Topper

Maybe you have a forest nearby where you can go foraging for some lovely foliage for the big day. A great way to top your cake is with a ‘his and hers’ pine cone cake topper! Something unique that fits perfectly with the outdoor theme. 

Rustic Décor

OutdoorEvery girl likes a little bit of décor at her wedding, so why not try something like these beautiful tree stumps adorned with foliage, tea lights and flowers? They really will add that little bit of extra sparkle and complement the rest of the rustic theme.

Fairy Lights

If your venue has some beautiful trees make use of them and hang string of fairy lights from the trees. When the light starts to fade turn them on for an enchanted glowing effect. Not to garish but adds a touch of sparkle to any big day.


Are you planning your dream outdoor wedding?

Here’s something we lashed together on Pinterest for some outdoor wedding inspiration. Take a look: 

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