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Q & A with the Bride and Groom


Our first Tree Top Wedding

We wanted to find out a little bit more about the couple from Southampton, Martyn Milner and Colette Gregory, who took their romance to new heights! On the 30th June 2015 they headed to the tree tops of Go Ape Aberfoyle to exchange their vows – and become man and wife 40 feet off the ground! They exchanged rings and will now share a life of adventure together…

Here’s a few questions that we posed:

1. Why did you choose Go Ape as your wedding venue?

We both love the outdoors and adventure so having a wedding that incorporated these themes was key. Go Ape had what we were looking for and were very supportive of our idea to break away from tradition. 

2Wed2. What has been the overall reaction to your wedding?

There have been a couple that just don’t get it, but everyone else has reacted with amazement and support for us. 

3. Are there some guests that don’t want to Go Ape?

Yes, but they are happy to watch from the ground and look after the chimps. 

4. Were your hen and stag do’s adventurous?

For the hen party, the girls went out for a meal and dancing after. For the stag party, the boys went to Thorpe park in the day then out for a few drinks in the evening.

5. What are you doing after?

We’re having our honeymoon whilst we are in Scotland. We are staying at Forest Holidays for a week. 

6. Any advice for those planning a wedding…

Do it your way! Traditional is boring. Break the rules and put it out there. 

7. What did you wear?

A hand made bespoke dress has been made for the occasion and we’re not sure the suit hire company are completely aware where their suit is being worn!

This summer, we’re encouraging everyone to #ShareAdventure. Our new ‘adventure generator’ will provide you with inspiration for your next adventure:

What kind of adventurer are you?

What to pack for adventure

Are you air-bourne adventurer, land lover or supporter of the sea? Take our quiz to see just what sort of adventurer you are.

1. Which movie character would you most like to be?

A. Robin Hood

B. Indiana Jones

C. Popeye

D. Superman

2. Where would you choose to go on holiday?

A. The Lake District – beautiful forest walks and views to admire.

B. The Alps – in the summer to walk the trails and the winter to ski!

C. On the coast in Italy. You’ll be able play in the sea to your hearts content!

D. Paragliding in France – getting off the ground!

3. What challenge would you most like to complete?

A. Go Ape – swinging through the trees.

B. Climbing Mount Everest – the higher, the better.

C. Sailing the Atlantic – single-handedly…

D. A sky-dive – the very thought of it makes my body tingle!

Here’s what suits you most…

Mostly A’s.

Don’t forget we have 28 adventures UK wide. We brief you for safety before you fly down zip-wires whilst enjoying some of Britain’s most breathtaking scenery.

For more Forest adventures, hit the link to #ShareAdventure

Mostly B’s.

The mountain is where you feel most at home. You like to marvel at the views and see for miles from a great height.

For more Mountain adventures, hit the link to #ShareAdventure


You’re at one with the ocean. A day with the wind in your hair and sounds of the waves is you at your best.

For more sea adventures, hit the link to #ShareAdventure

Mostly D’s.

You like to try new things that involve getting off the ground and enjoy flying through the air! Perhaps our NEW Zip Trekking Adventure at Grizedale Forest should be next on your hit list.

For more Forest adventures, hit the link to #ShareAdventure

Whether you’re a mountain explorer or a forest lover, be sure to check out our #SummerAdventure hub. It’s a space that’s designed to inspire your next adventure…

Hands or no hands?

Climb the treetops

When you tackle our tree-top obstacles, are you a ‘hands’ or ‘no hands’ kind of person?

Some people set themselves the challenge of seeing how far they can make it around the course hands-free, only to have a wobble attack on the second obstacle and decide to complete it with their hands firmly wrapped around the rope.

Then, there are people who start the course refusing to let go of anything (including the tree trunk at the first platform). But, as they start to get into it, that rope-burn-tight grip starts to slowly loosen. And don’t forget those little monkeys on our Tree Top Junior courses who yell, “look, no hands!” to impress their chums and scare their parents.

Below, we take a look at some of Go Ape’s classic obstacles and ask: hands or no hands?

Go Ape Bridge CrossingsBridges

When it comes to going hands-free on our tree-top bridges, it really does depend on which one you’re taking on. Some will offer you a reasonably still ride, while others sway like a ship in harsh seas as soon as you step onto it.

And you’ve got to have your wits about you: some bridges look tame when you’re perched on the platform, but when you take that first step, you’ll realise it’s anything but! The best thing to do? Let your buddy go first and see how they get on.


Arguably one of our toughest high wires, the tightrope is a true test of balance, coordination and concentration. Our tip for success is to look straight ahead of you – never down at the forest floor beneath you.

If you manage to complete the tightrope no-handed, then you’ve either been to circus school, or it’s simply because you’re a Go Ape pro!

Go Ape Tarzan SwingTarzan Swing

Our Tarzan Swing is both one of our most loved and most feared tree-top obstacles. What you’ve got to do is hurl yourself off of a platform, suspended 30 ft. in the air, into a giant cargo net (and we also expect you to give us your best Tarzan holler as you jump!).

We must admit that the majority of people hold on for dear life as they leap from the platform. But, as soon as they’ve made the jump, they throw their arms into the air as if to say, “yes! I did it!” Part excitement, part relief, we think.

Zip wire

You’ve made it to the final zip wire! Hurrah! And as you whizz down towards that soft pile of woodchip, it’s time to embrace the finale of your Go Ape adventure with open arms…which means strictly no hands!

If you’re planning a Go Ape trip soon, don’t forget to tell us which obstacles you and your friends braved hands-free! You can share your pictures or videos on our Twitter or Facebook pages – we want to see the evidence!

Are You Brave Enough?

Are You Brave Enough? Celebrate Adventure

Are you always on the hunt for your next adrenaline fix?

We like to think we’re pretty adventurous here at Go Ape, and we’re always willing to try new things. But, the other day we laid our eyes upon some photos of people taking ‘adventure’ to a whole new level. Whether these people are fearless heroes or just complete bonkers…we still haven’t decided yet.

The below daredevil endeavours will make your heart stop, jaw drop and legs tremble. The big question is: are you brave enough?

1. Portaledge camping

Portaledge Camping

(Photo credit: Corey Rich/Getty Images)

Have you ever booked a hotel stay, specified a room with a view and ended up on the ground floor overlooking the staff car park? We know we have. But, with portaledge camping, a breathtaking view is guaranteed every time! However, we don’t recommend trying this if you’re prone to rolling around in bed at night.

2. Climbing redwoods

Climbing Redwoods

(Photo credit: Michael Nichols/National Geographic Stock)

Now here are two men after our own hearts! It seems they too understand how fun it is to be up in the trees. But, what they’re doing is slightly more extreme than what’s on offer at our Go Ape obstacle courses. Judging by the picture, it’s less a case of tree hugging, more a case of tree hanging-on-for-dear-life.

3. High-altitude biking

High-Altitude Biking

(Photo credit: Wizzed)

If tackling some gnarly downhill trails simply isn’t enough for you, then how about some high-altitude biking? These guys have certainly got some guts – we wonder if they pulled wheelies along any of the ledges…

4. Extreme Kayaking

Extreme Kayaking

(Photo credit: Desre Tate/Barcroft Media /Landov)

‘Don’t look down’ they tell us. But, when you’re perched on a peak of Victoria Falls with a paddle and kayak by your side, it’s probably best to peer over the edge a couple of times before taking the plunge (literally).

5. Extreme picnicking

Extreme Picnicking

(Photo credit: Buzzhunt)

For this group of friends, a trip to the local pub for a pint was simply not enough. Cheers to that!

6. Tight-roping…with a difference


(Photo credit: Jared Alden/Getty Images)

…And we thought our tightropes were hardcore! Not only has she managed to walk halfway across a rope line suspended thousands of feet above the (incredibly rocky) ground, but now she’s showing she can do it on one foot. Now that’s just showing off!

7. The Kjeragbolten boulder, Norway

The Kjeragbolten Boulder

(Photo credit: Simon Taylor)

Yep. He’s quite literally stuck between a rock and a hard place. That ‘hard place’ being another gigantic rock. Many hikers have risked their lives for a picture on this infamous boulder, which is situated in the Norwegian mountains.

So, which ones would you be willing to take on? If you don’t think you’re quite as extreme as the adventurers above, but still want to get your adrenaline fix, why not book yourself a tree-top adventure at one of our Go Ape courses?

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