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The Rise of the Treehouse


Were you lucky enough to have your own tree house as a kid?

The humble tree house was once a small shack in the garden where we played with friends, escaped from our parents and hosted many a sleepover. Dads with little construction experience would bang a few pieces of wood together, attach a rope ladder to the entrance and Bob’s your uncle…a tree house.

But nowadays it’s not just kids – everyone wants one, with tree houses evolving into something of a luxury rural retreat, equipped with windows, electricity and insulation.

It’s fair to say modern-day tree houses are a far cry from the shacks of yesteryear. Varnished staircases have replaced the dodgy-looking rope ladder, while sturdy doors have replaced Grandma’s old pair of curtains. In fact, many modern tree houses boast verandas, hot tubs, multi-levels and fully-furnished living spaces.

So…it seems like people really do want to experience the ‘high life’ – and we don’t blame them. Tree houses are a great base from which couples and families can connect with – and explore – the great outdoors. They are the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city living and offer a rare chance for you to be completely surrounded by nature, whether you’re nestled deep in the forest or perched on the edge of the rolling countryside. Bliss.

As house prices rise, more people are choosing tree houses as their permanent homes as they are eco-friendly and make for sustainable living. There are also tonnes of tree house hotels popping up all over the UK, so what’s stopping you?

For the optimum outdoor experience, why not combine a tree-top stay with a tree-top adventure at Go Ape? There, you’ll spend the afternoon tackling rope ladders, whizzing down zip wires and swinging through trees as you take on the UK’s number one forest adventure.

Our First Visit to Go Ape


Swinging through the canopy, wiping out at the bottom of zip wires and going on an adventure brings the family together like nothing else we’ve ever seen. It really does.

It’s for anyone who likes to live life adventurously – you don’t have to be a seasoned explorer to enjoy a Go Ape experience!

When we received the following email from new tribe members, The Callaghans, it really brought a smile to our face. Hollie and Sophie loved Go Ape so much that they made a mini version at home!

Wanted to show you a model Hollie (9) and Sophie (8) made after their first visit to Go Ape this morning. Had an amazing time.

Thanks so much

The Callaghans

It’s National Photography Day!

Forest Segway Wood

Today is National Photography Day. 170 years ago photography didn’t even exist.

Today we are lucky enough to be able to share moments and memories with friends and family across the globe in a matter of minutes…seconds.

What better way to celebrate National Photography Day by capturing an adventure with your tribe at one of our 28 Go Ape adventures? Capturing priceless moments; moments of uncontrollable laughter and even those moment’s people don’t want captured- trust us woodchip filled pants isn’t the most flattering look.

It doesn’t matter what level of photography you possess, whether you see yourself as a professional, an amateur or just a hobbyist you are sure to capture a perfect moment up in the trees. After all, in the words of photographer Ansel Adams  “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”

So go on, what are you waiting for…

Humans And Apes: We’re More Similar Than You Think!


They can communicate using sign language, they’ve starred in numerous films, and they’ve even been sent on missions into space…

Although you may not realise it, we’ve actually got loads in common with apes. Ok, ok, so we’re not covered head-to-toe in fur, we don’t venture outdoors without putting clothes on, and we don’t spend our days swinging from the trees (unless, of course, you’re booked in for a tree top adventure at Go Ape). But, if you spend some time watching an ape go about their daily business, you’ll soon spot many similarities between us and our furry friends.


Apes, like humans, are a social bunch. And similar to us, apes will have their own friendship groups which they’ll spend most of their free time socialising with. But whereas with humans this may mean a conversation or a nice meal, apes show affection for their nearest and dearests through grooming. It’s these small gestures – such as cleaning their buddies’ fur – that reinforce their relationship with their tribe. And just like humans, apes are able to promote peace, stir up fights and make enemies, too!

Facial Expressions

Humans and apes are both vocal creatures – whether it’s grunting, shouting, screaming or panting – but we both also use facial expressions to communicate how we’re feeling. Apes, like us, are able to show surprise, confusion, happiness and aggressiveness non-verbally. If your friend flashes their pearly-whites at you, chances are you’ve made them happy; if an ape bares his teeth at you, chances are he’s not a happy monkey.


Another thing we share in common with our furry chums is the use of tools. Apes have been known to use spears as hammers, mash leaves together for sponges and sharpen twigs for termite fishing, using what’s around them to make their lives that little bit easier – just like us.
So, why not get your tribe together and spend an afternoon being a bit more, well, ape?! Choose from numerous Go Ape locations across the UK for an afternoon of monkeying around in the tree tops.


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