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An Introduction To Adventure

Adventure at Go Ape

Adventure can take many forms for different people – for some it’s taking to new heights on a Tree Top Adventure or whizzing across the forest floor on a Segway, for others it’s a quiet morning of horse-riding or discovering previously unknown culinary skills.

That’s why we’ve caught up with Virgin Experience Days to find out more about their adventurous packages. For those looking for an introduction to adventure, there’s a world of starter and taster experiences out there.

Here’s a bunch of our favourites so you can find something new to try this year and become even more adventurous (you’re on the Go Ape blog after all!). 

Introductory Indoor Skydiving

Far less terrifying than jumping out of a plane but just as exciting, this one’s perfect for those who want the feeling of flying/falling without getting too far from the ground. Exhilarating, uplifting (literally) and an awesome way to while away some time, hovering like a wizard in a powerful vertical wind tunnel.

Introductory Wine Course

It’s not all about the excitement when it comes to adventure, sometimes it’s just trying something new – like learning how to taste 14 different types of wine in a British vineyard. Become more adventurous with your wine choices on you next meal out, and walk about town as an all-knowing wine connoisseur. Introduction to Horse Riding - Virgin Experience Days

Introduction to Horse Riding for Two

There are few things that capture the spirit of adventure better than riding a horse (possibly with a cowboy hat on) out in the open air. Don’t know how to ride a horse? That’s not a problem – this course is for the newbies – and it starts with 30 minutes of getting to grips with the basics before heading out into the enchanting New Forest.

L’atelier des Chefs One Hour Cookery Class

You can choose your own one hour culinary adventure at L’atelier des Chefs from making the perfect pasta and crafting terrific Thai dishes to sautéing the perfect steak with mushrooms and baking delicious desserts. The best bit? At the end you’ll get to eat everything you’ve made with a glass of wine each!

Introductory Off-Road Driving - Virgin Experience DaysIntroductory Off-Road Driving

This is like horse-riding, but you’ll be trading the animals for horsepower as you belt around an off-road course made specially to put your freshly learned skills to the test. Picture yourself taking shortcuts through the fields the next time you’re coasting down the motorway, and dream of driving the way our ancestors (wish they) did.

Introduction to Mountain Boarding for Two

Imagine skateboarding, but on grass and dirt, and swap the town streets for some Surrey hills as you bomb down some slopes with a plank of wood strapped to your feet. It won’t take long before you’re running smoothly.

Ski or Snowboard Taster for Two

You can get to grips with snow sports all year round, without even needing to head for the Alps. You’ll have everything you need for an epic snow session minus the mountain views (it’s all indoors), with a pair of gloves to keep too as a reminder of your great day out – ski or board, it’ll be an adventure to remember. 

Spy Academy

A bit of an oddball, the spy academy gives you the chance to imagine being the spy you wish you were, with instruction in surveillance gadgets, pistol quick draw techniques, unarmed combat and a variety of things that shoot. Informative and fun, you’ll feel like James Bond or Black Widow by the time you’re done.

We should never stop exploring, and with these experiences from Virgin Experiences Days your next introduction to adventure is never far away.

How to make the most of Easter!

Things to do this Easter

The Easter holidays are officially in full swing! By now, your little ones have probably made a huge dent in their almost-toppling tower of eggs, and you’ve been experiencing the notorious chocolate cramps too following last weekend’s excessive indulging.

For most families, the school holidays pan out pretty much the same. For the first week, parents organise tonnes of activities to keep their little ones entertained, but by the second week they start running short of ideas. And that leaves parents desperately searching for things to do to avoid hearing that dreaded phrase: “I’m borrreeed!”

Boredom can make even the happiest of families go stir crazy, so we’ve put together a list of activity ideas to help you make the most of the entire Easter holidays:

Team up for an adventure

Fresh faces are always welcome after spending days in the same company! If you know parents who have also taken time off this Easter, why not team up with them and their little ones and head out on an adventure? You could organise a group hike or bike ride, or try something a little different, such as geocaching.

Host a sleepover

Provided you have a set of earplugs, how about letting your kids have a couple of their friends over for a sleepover? Sort out the snacks (no more chocolate), films and games and leave them to it! If it’s a nice evening, you might want to suggest a campout in the back garden, complete with (supervised) campfire and marshmallows for toasting.

Wild camp

Turn off those phones, tablets and iPods… you won’t need them where you’re going! Nature lovers or not, your kids are bound to enjoy pitching up in the wild to spend the night under the stars. The good news for you is that wild camping is totally free, you just need to pick a place which permits it, such as Dartmoor National Park.

See and feed lambs

Half-term at Go ApeAround 16 million lambs are born in the UK each year and springtime is lambing season. Many farms have their barn doors open to visitors so they can learn about the lambing process, pet and bottle-feed lambs, and maybe even witness a live birth! It’s a fantastic experience that’s not to be missed and there’s bound to be a farm near you.

Take a trip to a museum

A trip to the museum is the ideal rainy day activity and in most cases entry is free, making it a cheap day out. Whatever your kids are into – science, history, cars, films – there’s bound to be a museum for it. Exploring the different artefacts will be great fun for your little ones, and they’ll be learning a thing or two at the same time!

Go Ape

For outdoor fun whatever the weather (minus gale-force winds), it’s got to be Go Ape. Swinging through the trees with your tribe is a sure-fire way to beat boredom and make the most of the holidays! Book your next adventure now.

International Day of Happiness: how will you be spending it?

Forest Segway At Go Ape

‘Friendly’ and ‘happy.’ These two words are used a lot by our customers when describing members of the Go Ape tribe.

It’s extremely rare to spot one of the tribe without a smile on their face, and that’s because we’ve got a lot of reasons to be happy! We get to work in the great outdoors surrounded by nature and wildlife. We get to meet new, friendly faces every single day and introduce them to our wonderful forest adventures. And seeing our customers smiling and hearing them laughing when they’re in the tree-tops makes us incredibly happy!

We believe that happiness is contagious – being positive inspires others to be positive, too. And there really is no better day to be happy than Sunday, 20th of March, aka, International Day of Happiness!

What’s it all about?

Co-ordinated by the charity Action for Happiness, International Day of Happiness is celebrated across the globe with the aim of promoting positive social action to help create a happier and more caring world.

The charity points to the fact we’re no happier now than we were 60 years ago, even though our economy has significantly improved. What this shows is that we’re not prioritising happiness, but we really need to!

Being happy has less to do with money and possessions and more to do with attitudes and relationships with other people. International Day of Happiness is a chance for you to do things that make you happy, but also things that make other people happy.

The pledge is simply this: “I will try to create more happiness in the world around me.” Here are some ways you can inspire happiness:


‘If you want to feel good, do good.’ Doing something for another person will make them – and you – feel great. It’s a selfless act that can help build bonds and lead to stronger connections. For example, you could offer to cook for your parents or babysit for a friend so they can enjoy a night out.


Everyone appreciates an honest compliment. Tell the people you love what you love about them and you’re bound to make them smile.


If you know someone who’s having a tough time, offer your support. Listen to them, give them advice, or take them out and cheer them up. Above all, let them know you’re there for them.

Make time.

Sometimes, our lives are so busy we find ourselves spending less and less time with the people who mean the most to us. If this is the case, make International Day of Happiness all about your friends and family.


In an increasingly-connected world, we’re starting to lose the most valuable connection: the human connection. International Day of Happiness is a chance to re-connect with what’s important. Catch-up with a friend you haven’t seen in ages, talk to a neighbour you’ve never spoken to before, or pay a stranger a compliment.


The body and mind are closely intertwined (rhyme not intended), so if you feel good about yourself, you’re bound to have a more positive mind-set. Exercise is the ultimate pick-me-up and you needn’t run a marathon to feel the benefits. A walk to your mate’s house or a jog around your local park can boost your mood and make you feel happier.

Happiness at Go ApeBe aware.

We all need to take time out from our busy schedules to take a few breaths and appreciate what’s around us. Instead of scrolling Facebook on the sofa, step outside: see the trees blooming? Smell the fresh, spring flowers? Hear the children laughing? Don’t let these little magical moments pass you by.

If you’re searching for an apt International Day of Happiness activity, we’ve got an idea: Go Ape! Our adventures enable you to connect with nature and spend some quality time with the ones you love. Our Tree Top Adventure is also great for calorie-burning, but you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realise it! What’s more, our Forest Segways are raring to go and ready for a new season of adventures.

Whatever you end up doing to mark International Day of Happiness, make sure you tell the world by sharing your adventures on Facebook and Twitter using #InternationalDayofHappiness.


Don’t believe the hype…

Zip Wires at Go Ape Dalby

The tabloid papers have been scaring us for weeks with news of impending superstorms, floods and plummeting temperatures. Just reading the headlines is enough to convince people to stay cooped-up indoors.

But, guess what? Our trees are still standing, we haven’t been snowed-in and we don’t need to catch a boat into work! We’ll admit that this March is a little cooler than usual (we’re pretty sure we were wearing tees in the trees this time last year), but a slight drop in degrees shouldn’t stop people from going outside and having fun!

Contrary to what the tabloids are telling us, there’s nothing extreme about this weather.

It’s certainly been a chilly start to the season but there are signs of spring everywhere, in particular in our forests – birds are singing, trees are blossoming and flowers are blooming (check out our Instagram for the proof!). It would be a real waste not to get outdoors and make the most of it.

And anyway, there’s good news for all you warm weather worshipers: the Met Office has said there’s going to be more sun in the coming weeks and increasingly mild conditions on a national scale as tropical maritime air travels up to the UK.

Spring Forward at Go ApeOK, so we may be a little biased, but we strongly believe that spending time in the great outdoors is great for the mind, body and soul.

The outdoors offers a natural pick-me-up that’s bound to make you feel brilliant. If you spend all day sat behind a desk in an office, it’s really important to make the most of your free time and get outside whenever you can, even if it’s just for half an hour in the evenings. In thirty minutes you could ride to your mate’s house for a catch-up, go on a walk with your kids, or run around your local park.

With Easter just a couple of weeks away, the clocks will soon be springing back, which means we’ll get to enjoy a whole hour of extra sunlight in the evenings. That means a whole extra hour of enjoying outdoor activities!

When you have some more free time on the weekend, why not come hang with us at Go Ape?

A Tree Top Adventure is a great all-weather activity, as the canopy provides protection from the elements (if there are any on the day you visit us). Springtime’s also an ideal time to swing through the trees as the fresh, crisp air keeps you nice and cool. Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, check out our favourite all-weather Go-Apers.

This springtime, don’t be a hermit: be a monkey instead! Give you and your tribe something to look forward to by booking a Go Ape adventure. See you soon!

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