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Move over Hygge…Hello world!

Zip, Zip, Horray

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or in the middle of a forest with no connection to the outside world), you’ve probably heard of Hygge.

Hygge is associated with cosiness. It’s that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you’re cuddled up on the sofa reading your favourite book, cocooned in a fluffy blanket in front of a crackling fire. It’s a feeling of comfort and contentment; it’s indulging in all the good things and good people in your life, check out how we like to embrace Hygge.

Now, it’s never our aim to upset readers of our blog, and the amount of press Hygge’s received can only mean that there are plenty of devotees out there.

But, we’re kind of over it.

We embraced Hygge for months and loved every second, but those days and evenings spent inside has got us yearning for some time in the great outdoors! We’re sure it wasn’t its intention, but too much Hygge led us to develop a serious case of cabin fever!

Half-term at Go ApeWith the days getting longer and lighter (finally!), Mother Nature is calling out our names (can you hear her?). We want nothing more than to wrap up warm, head out and explore! It’s still a winter wonderland out there, but that’s not a bad thing. The great outdoors is beautiful this time of the year, sure it’s cold, but dress right and that won’t even matter!

It’s hard to explain. Unlike Hygge, there isn’t a word to describe the feeling you get after spending a day in the great outdoors. It’s a mixture of feelings, we guess. We feel positive, revitalised, content, accomplished and connected (to nature, that is).

We can’t summarise is with a single word perhaps we should make one up? (Answers on a postcard, please!).

Outside, there’s no limit to what you can do. Got kids? Organise a scavenger hunt, build a fort or supervise a campfire, where you can all keep warm, toast marshmallows and sing songs. Hanging out with your other half? Drive out to the countryside for a winter picnic, complete with blankets, sarnies and a flask of hot chocolate. Spending the day with your friends? Cruise a forest trail on your bikes, and stop off at a pub en route back home.

If you’re looking for an outdoor activity that will get your adrenaline pumping, then why not take to the trees at Go Ape? Embark on a Tree Top Adventure and you’ll clamber high up into the canopy to crawl through tunnels, wobble across bridges, swing from stirrups and leap off platforms! Oh, and whoosh down zip wires, too!

We’re officially on countdown…Go Ape’s forest doors open on the 11th of February – and we can hardly contain our excitement! Book before 10th February and save 20% off your half-term adventure, and so that you have something to get excited about!

See you very soon!

4 ways to stay warmer than freshly popped toast

Winter at Go Ape

Brrrrrr…cold out there, isn’t it?

Not that we mind. In fact, we find this weather pretty refreshing. These nippy temperatures have got us longing for some of the white stuff or shall we say, some more of the white stuff, as the last lot was unimpressive at best!

We want to scavenge the forest for bits to build a snow gorilla, and we want to host the ultimate snowball fight (tree trunks make great shields, don’t you know?).

Anyway, we realise we’re going to sound like nagging grandparents when we say this, but it’s really important to keep warm this winter! Jack Frost is out there, ready to nip at your fingers, nose and toes if you’re underprepared, there’s a chance you’ll catch the dreaded lurgy, and no one wants that!

So, here are four ways to stay warm this winter…

1) Layer up

Shorts? In this weather? Nuh-uh! If it’s icy outside, layer up jacket, coat, hat, scarf, gloves, the lot. Wearing clothes made from wool, cotton or other fleecy fibres will keep you super-cosy as they help to maintain body heat. And another stay-toasty-tip: if you’re heading out on a walk, put some hand warmers in your coat pockets. They work a treat. For egg-stra smugness, why not hardboil some eggs to use as handwarmers. Once you’re warmed up they make a great snack too!

2) Exercise in the morning

Nothing gets the blood pumping quite like exercise and as your muscles warm up, so do you! Aside from keeping you toasty, a morning workout sharpens the mind, improves your mood, and gives your metabolism a boost, too. Whether you choose to run, ride, or embark on an intense morning HIIT session is up to you!

Tell you what else will warm you up: swinging through the trees monkey-style at Go Ape! You’ll not only swing – you’ll jump, climb, crawl and wobble on one of our Tree Top Adventure courses. It’s a fully body workout; but you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t realise that you’re in fact burning hundreds of cals. We’re back open for monkey business on 11th February so not long to wait!

3) Eat right

You don’t need to consume rich, creamy, calorific foods to keep warm this winter. In fact, it’s far better to fill your belly and fuel your body with nutritious superfoods packed with antioxidants, nutrients and immune-boosting properties. Think porridge topped with fruit, hearty soups, and veg-packed chilli. Our fave yellow fruit, the humble banana, should also be on your shopping list.

4) Avoid the booze

A shot of Amaretto in your hot choccy will help keep you warm, right? Wrong! You may be surprised to learn that drinking alcohol actually lowers the core temperature of your body, rather than warming it up. So if you want to keep toasty, it may be worth sticking to softs!

So with those tips in mind, isn’t it time you hit the great outdoors? Just for a refresher, here’s a snapshot of just how beautiful the frosty forest can be at our Aberfoyle course in Scotland.

Got a trick you want to share? Tell us on social @GoApeTribe

Tire them out with fresh air

Half term activities for kids

Fresh air does us the world of good and we’re not just saying that because we’re purveyors of outdoor adventures!

Combined with nature, fresh air is like food for the soul. Spending time in the great outdoors boosts our physical health as well as our mental wellbeing, meaning we feel better on the inside and the outside!

You know what else fresh air is good for? Tiring out your kids! If your littluns have a seemingly limitless energy supply, a stint with Mother Nature is sure to settle them.

Well, we say that, but actually fresh air is likely to give your kids even more energy (if you thought that was possible). The science-y bit behind it is this: breathing in fresh air clears your lungs, allowing you to take deeper, longer breaths. That means more oxygen is delivered to the cells in the body, and more oxygen = more energy. It’s as simple as that.

OK, so fresh air alone might not mellow out your offspring, but combine it with some exercise in the great outdoors and that should do the trick! If you’re pondering ways to use up some of your kid’s energy, we’ve got a suggestion: Go Ape!

Kids love nothing more than to climb trees, right?

So, you can expect to earn serious mum- or dad-points if you treat them to a Tree Top Junior adventure. Climbing up into the tree-tops, they’ll get to enjoy a fun-filled hour of canopy exploring, trailblazing and obstacles.

Winter Activities for KidsThe obstacles your little tyke will take on include everything from ladders and tunnels, to tightropes and bridges. It’s a good thing our courses end with an awesome zip wire otherwise, you might find it hard convincing your little one to come down from the trees!

You’re able to join your kid in the trees if you like, but bear in mind that the course is designed for little people, so the safety line won’t be where you want it to be. If they’re happy to monkey around solo, you can watch from the forest floor, just make sure you arrive armed with a camera, so you can take lots of snaps of them in action.

As further proof, when your monkey completes the course they’ll receive a memento in the form of a Go Ape certificate, which will undoubtedly take pride of place on the kitchen fridge when you get home.

If you think your little monkey would love hanging out in the trees with us, why not book your Go Ape adventure today?

As an incentive, we’re currently offering 20% off mid-week adventures in February, but you need to book before the 10th so go, go, go!

Go Ape round up – which adventure will you choose?

Trees for Cities and Go Ape

When it comes to nailing a fun day out in the UK, we believe we well and truly deserve to blow our own trumpet.

After all, whether your tribe is a group of friends, colleagues or family members looking for something a little different to do, we offer a range of experiences that cater to a variety of ages and tastes. In fact, there are 61 ways to Go Ape across the UK – you’re bound to find something that suits you and your tribe down to the ground (or up in the trees if you so choose!).
So, for a memorable day out in the Great Outdoors, take your pick from our round up of excellent Go Ape activities! Go on, we challenge you to live adventurously!

What’s on offer?

Although our signature adventure might be our Tree Top courses, don’t be fooled into thinking all we do is high in the sky!
SegwayOur Forest Segway Experience will take you and your tribe deep into the heart of some of the UK’s most spectacular woodland and countryside. Our self-balancing Segways are specially designed for managing rugged terrain, plus they are environmentally friendly! Many of our visitors enjoy our Forest Segway Experience so much we bet they leave wanting one of their own to travel to school or work!

If you’re looking for something that provides a bit more of an adrenaline rush, we can help you out there too.

Our Zip Trekking Adventure, exclusive to Cumbria, is guaranteed to take your breath away as you traverse a network of seven tandem zip lines that provide an exhilarating bird’s eye view of the magnificent Grizedale Forest. You’ll be flying without wings!

Of course, there’s a reason our classic Tree Top Adventures have been such an enduring success over the years. This is your chance to unleash your inner Tarzan as you brave the high ropes, glide down zip wires and fling yourself off giant swings. We even offer a Tree Top Junior deal so the younger members of your tribe can get involved! You could even treat them to a Go Ape birthday and give them a party they’ll remember forever.

Where can you find us?

The short answer is: everywhere! You can experience Go Ape at 30 different locations around the UK in some of the choicest natural surroundings the country has to offer. We know how to make good use of jaw-dropping valleys, sky-scraper forests and panoramic views – there’s no better way to get up close and personal with good old Mother Nature!
The best thing about Go Ape is that (as long as you dress appropriately) we have adventures that can be enjoyed whatever the weather. We don’t let a little rain stop us! So whether you want to hit those forest heights in summer when the forest is in full bloom, or wend your way along autumnal trails, alight with the colours of fall, we’ve got you covered.

Give us a call to book your experience – we expect to see you swinging through the trees very soon!

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