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Tick, tock…don’t forget the clocks have gone back!


With summer officially done and dusted, and autumn in full swing, and we’ve changed our clocks back to Greenwich Mean Time after putting them forward an hour for Daylight Saving Time back in March.

Much of our intelligent tech would have changed the clocks automatically, but you’ll need to do it on things like analogue wristwatches and alarm clocks, or the clocks in your car (if it’s older), on your oven and microwave.

Make the most of that hour!

For us, one of the very best things about the clocks going back is that we get a whole extra hour to enjoy on Sunday morning! Do we remain cocooned in our duvets and sleep the entire 60 minutes away? No, we do not!

If you want to make the most of that whole, extra hour, here’s a list of 20 things you can do (we don’t expect you to attempt all of them, unless you fancy the challenge)…
1. Reinvigorate yourself by heading out on a morning run.

2. Organise a brunch date with a pal you haven’t seen in ages.

3. Finish off that book you’ve been reading for weeks.

4. Cross a few tasks off your to-do list and feel great about it.

5. Write a letter to someone special.

6. Pick an interesting and intriguing subject and learn all about it.

7. Call your parents for a catch-up.

8. Give something back by planning a morning of volunteering.

9. Commit a random act of kindness.

10. Sit on the park bench, be still, enjoy the peace and being surrounded by nature.

11. Practice meditation using an app for guidance.

12. Make a new gym/chill out/party playlist.

13. Treat yourself (enjoy a massage, book a pedicure or get your hair done).

14. Sign-up to that class you’ve thought about joining for ages.

15. Sort out your wardrobe and take your unwanted clobber to charity.

16. Roll around with your mates on a Forest Segway Experience.

17. Pick a new recipe and make it for your friends and family.

18. Catch the sunrise with your other half.

19. Plan your next adventure.

20. Start an autumn-themed scrapbook.

Do you have any ideas you’d add to this list? If you do, share away!

The October half term is here!

Boys on crossing at Alexandra Palace
Finally! The autumn half term has arrived, giving little monkeys and their furry older tribe members a whole week to kick back and enjoy some autumn-inspired fun.

Summer’s a thing of the past, but who cares when you have this season painting the great outdoors a wonderful shade of orange!? If you’re a parent who’s feeling just a teeny bit guilty about not having much in the diary, don’t fret. The Go Ape tribe has your back!

It’s never too late for fun or adventure, so here are 10 things you could get up to during half term:

1. Wrap up warm, head to your local park and have fun with all of those fallen leaves. Kick them, throw them, crunch them, or gather them to make a collage at home later on.

2. Ghosts and ghouls will soon run amok for Halloween, so prepare for their arrival by creating some spooky pumpkin carvings.

3. Are you brave enough? It’s ghost-tours galore this time of year, when guides seek to spook their guests by revealing the dark secrets of haunted houses, pubs, villages and more. Book one up and prepare to be freaked out.

4. It’s been a bumper year for apples. Pick your own and use them to make some sweet treats. Make an apple pie or crumble, or coat them in toffee or chocolate for the perfect Bonfire Night snack!

5. Museums are fun, educational and great places to while away a day when it’s bitter outside. Look out for special exhibitions and events taking place during the half term.

6. Explore the many wonders of the forest on a scavenger hunt. There are loads of lists you can print off on the internet; once you’ve collected your items, why not build a den to sit under and examine them!?

7. Speaking of dens…if you fancy a day indoors, create a hideout using sheets and stuff the inside with pillows and blankets. Pop your own popcorn and enjoy with a few of your all-time, favourite family films.

8. Pumpkin spice is all the rage. Stock-up on the ingredients to rustle up some steaming mugs of the stuff when you get back from a long, autumn walk – and enjoy with a biccy or two (you’ve earned it, after all!).

9. Autumn is spider season, so see how many webs can you find hiding in the house and out in the garden. Then, create your own wonderful webs using ice-lolly sticks, pipe cleaners and Sellotape.

10. What’s that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s a tribe of monkeys, swinging from tree to tree! Round-up your tribe for a tree-mendous day at out Go Ape. Take on a heap of awesome obstacles on a Tree Top Junior or Tree Top Adventure course, like bridges, high ropes, zip wires and tunnels. Oh, and let’s not forget the mighty Tarzan Swing!

Don’t wait around, book your Go Ape adventure now to avoid disappointment. Catch you in the canopy soon!

Adventurous influencers to follow on social media!

We all know adventure is out there, but it can be hard to appreciate it when we’re wrapped up in our nine-to-five routines or slumped over our desks. Sometimes what we really need is a good ol’ kick of inspiration; something that makes us sit up, shout out and really breathe in our existence.

Back in the day, this could mean poring over the latest edition of National Geographic, but in this internet age we need look no further than our screens to see what the world has to offer!

Be it the snowy peaks of Tibet, the solemn volcanic coasts of Iceland or kitted-out campervans exploring the American Midwest, the internet holds a bounty of inspirational outings and adventures – all a few clicks away.

So the next time you feel that rut creeping up, have a browse of these incredible guys and gals and remember that the exciting, the incredible, the desirable and unforgettable are all closer than you think. However, as a disclaimer, we can’t take responsibility for the wanderlust you’re about to be filled with….

Jimmy Chin

OK, well this guy’s work is actually in the National Geographic – but for good reason! Jimmy Chin is an all-round adventurer. He’s a mountaineer, skier, director and athlete, and you’ll find him scaling desolate peaks to find the perfect shot and sleeping in tents pegged to cliff faces… definitely not one for the faint hearted!

Forrest Winants Smith

Here at Go Ape, anyone with ‘Forrest’ as a first name is good in our books, but this lover of nature and world-wanderer is a talented photographer in his own right. For people who have a soft spot for the green mountains and hidden wooden cabins of the Pacific North West, I’d look away now –because his Instagram will prove particularly testing…

Renan Ozturk

Click this way for adventurous scenes partnered with terrifically engaging writing! Renan is a film maker, climber and photographer for National Geographic, and her exploits are as entertaining and they are informative. Although we must warn you – some of her videos are more than just a little vertigo-inducing!

Lennart Pagel

You can find Lennart Pagel nestled in the mountains of Germany with a camera in hand and a heart full of adventure. Expect stunning scenes tinged with a gloomy, but romantic hue.

Theo Gosslin

Theo Gosslin’s photography can only be described as dreamlike. His are the kind of images that leave a real yearning in your heart and a belly full of fire. Youthful, authentic and unmistakably bohemian, if you can get through five of his photos without smiling, aching or wanting to quit your job – we salute you.

You needn’t run all the way to Alaska for adventure (although if you do, can we come too?!), because it can also be found within Britain’s brilliant shores. Whether you escape off to Scotland’s highlands or set your heart racing by swinging through the trees at Go Ape, what’s important is that you live life adventurously!

But until you’re on your way to your next big venture, remember that life is determined not by how you look, but how you see.

So today we’ll leave you with a call to get up, go outside and live by the words of the late, great explorer and spiritualist Alexandra David-Neel: “to the one who knows how to look and feel, every moment of this free and wandering life is an enchantment.”
Why not follow us on instagram here for our adventours inspiration?

10 ways to occupy your little monkeys this summer!

So, September is here, after weeks of summer holidays with your little monkeys, you may feel like you’ve exhausted every option and have explored every green space that your town has to offer. Maybe you’ve hit a summer slump, or the chorus of children shouting, “I’m bored!!” has simply got too much… Well, never fear, for Go Ape is here!

There’s still time to make memories and moments that will tide you over until the next holiday. After all, come mid-September you’ll be missing the tiny terrors, so it’s best that we make the most of the time we have.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of family-friendly and super fun days out and activities for you and your tribe to enjoy. Not to mention, we’ve included a few rainy day suggestions for when this good ‘ol British weather does what it does best!

1. Picnic in the park – Make the most of the fleeting, lovely sunny weather by packing up a picnic and heading to your favourite green space… just watch out for those pesky ants!
2. Escape to the coast – What’s a summer holiday without a trip to the seaside? Whether you opt for the traditional bucket, spade and sandcastle day, or want to live a little adventurously and go body boarding or surfing instead, just remember to bring your wetsuit!
3. Camp out under the stars – Unlock their inner astronomer by setting up camp in your back garden and teach them all about the constellations.
4. Go foraging – Foraging can be a great way to explore the parks and woods you may already know quite well. You can find guides online that show you how to identify everything from wild garlic to blackberries. You might just get a delicious meal at the end!
5. Get baking – Whether it’s cookies, cakes or a delicious apple crumble, doing a little baking will keep your little monkeys occupied for hours (and well fed afterwards!). Who knows, maybe they’ll make it for you as a treat once flu season rolls around!
6. Build a fort – Who says rainy days are no fun? Recruit all of your little monkeys and find every teddy bear, blanket, cushion and squishy thing in your house to make your very own blanket fort! Once it’s constructed, fill it up with fairy lights, books and games, and watch the hours slip away…
7. Complete a nature scavenger hunt – You can make your own, or head down to Exmoor where you can letterbox! Letterboxing is like a big scavenger hunt where you find boxes others have left, before leaving your own memento inside. A countrywide version of this is Geocaching; why not see if you have some close by downloading the app?
8. Slip and slide in the back garden – What better way to while away a sunny afternoon? All you’ll need is a hose, some thick plastic sheets, lawn space (preferably on a hill) and lots and lots and lots of soap!
9. Get artsy and crafty – Enlist your little ones to make a birdhouse (or a bat house!)? Capitalise on their creativity by teaching them how to make origami or how to create their own finger puppets (and put on a show afterwards!).

10. Tree Top Junior – Of course, one sure way to leave them smiling is to take them for a swing through the trees on one of our Tree Top Junior course! Up in the canopy, they can be as loud as they like (Tarzan hollering is encouraged) and they’ll be so wrapped up in the excitement and new challenges and experiences, that those dreaded words – “I’m bored!” – will never even cross their minds!
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