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Start Making Your Life List

Start Making A Life List

Each and every one of us has a bucket list. For most of us, it’s a mental list of things we’d like to do, places we’d like to visit, activities we’d like to try, etc. Every single list will be different, full of our personal ambitions and goals we hope to achieve in life.

But, instead of storing it all in memory (that’s a bit risqué), isn’t it about time you wrote that list down? Taking to pen and paper will encourage you to start working through your life list, starting today! Plus, there’s something extremely satisfying about ticking off your ‘to-dos’ when they become ‘dones!’

As we said, all lists will be different, so we can’t tell you what to put on them. We can, however, give you an idea of general things you may wish to include:

Places to visit

So, where do you want to go? Make a list of all the places you’d like to visit. This may include local areas you’re yet to discover, or places that have been recommended to you by friends and family. You may have always wanted to visit Bruges after watching the film, or want to explore the place where you’re grandparents first met. Whether it’s a European city, a new country, or your local pub down the road, put it on your list!

Try a new sport

It doesn’t matter how ‘sporty’ you consider yourself to be, there’s bound to be at least one sport you’d like to take a shot at. Maybe you’ve always been slightly envious of how cool surfers look riding waves – well, why don’t you have a go? (we can’t promise you’ll look as cool as the pros). Perhaps a colleague is part of a sports club and is always telling you how fun it is – why don’t you ask them if you can tag along for a taster session?

Learn a language

This one features on many bucket lists; but when we say learn a new language, we don’t mean find out how to say ‘hello,’ ‘goodbye’ and ‘my name is’ and stop there – we mean the whole shebang. You could sign-up to an evening language class, buy yourself an audiobook or download an app to help you. And, when you feel confident, you can visit the country to find out how fluent you really are! (Just don’t be disheartened when they reply to you in English).

Conquer your fear

Another bucket list favourite is conquering a fear. This one might be tough to do, but you’ll feel great for it. If you’ve got a fear of public speaking, why not tackle it head-on by presenting to an audience? If you’ve got a fear of heights, we can help you with that: just swing by one of our Go Ape courses!

Go Ape Tarzan SwingDo something with your skills

People’s skills are often wasted – don’t be one of those people! Perhaps you’ve got a knack for creative writing; you’ve written a few short stories but no-one has ever read them. Well, instead of hiding them under the bed, do something with them! You could enter them into a creative writing competition and see how far you get – if you never try, you’ll never know!

…Who’s got a pen?!

If you’ve already started working on your life list, why not inspire others to #DiscoverAdventure? By simply sharing your story you’ll be in with a chance of winning a holiday for four to Corsica – including all the activities you could ever dream of, including paddle-boarding, mountain biking, kayaking and much much more. Go on, enter now!

Why We Want You To Discover Adventure!

Discover The Great Outdoors

‘Live Life Adventurously’ has been our motto since day one.

Ever since Tris and Becs had the idea for Go Ape back in 2002, our vision has remained the same: to create adventure and encourage everyone to live their lives more adventurously.

You’ve got to practice what you preach, right? Well, it’s fair to say that the Go Ape tribe live, eat and breathe adventure. We get a kick out of living life adventurously, but we get an even bigger kick out of helping YOU to live your life more adventurously. For many of you, this starts with experiencing one of our Tree Top Adventure courses.

Yes, there will always be one or two naysayers. The “I’m-not-the-adventurous-type” folk. But, to those people we say that ‘an adventurous type’ simply does not exist! Anyone and everyone can live life adventurously. Trust us.

Adventure doesn’t need to involve traveling the world, climbing mountains or partaking in extreme sports. Adventure can be found in the everyday; it’s about leaving that ever-restricting comfort zone of yours and trying something new.

Here are some of the reasons why we want you to discover adventure:

You’ll learn things about yourself

Being adventurous will help to unearth all those previously undiscovered skills and talents of yours. You might learn that you’ve got a knack for climbing after taking on one of our tree-top obstacle courses, for instance; or, you may find that you’re an excellent leader after guiding your tribe through the forest on board our Segways.

You’ll surprise yourself

To be able to discover adventure, you need to believe in yourself. You need rid of that “can’t do” mind-set and adopt the “can do” one instead!

Another motto we live by is ‘zero risk equals zero development.’ If you don’t test and push yourself, you’ll never know what you’re capable of. However, discover adventure and you will be constantly surprised at what you are able to achieve. And this will help you to feel more confident in your own potential.

You’ll feel great

Being adventurous is all about getting out there, meeting new people, visiting new places and trying new things. Adventure will enrich your life and help you to feel more fulfilled. And with that new ‘can do’ positive outlook on life, you’re bound to feel great.

You’ll inspire others

Our aim is to inspire others to live life adventurously. Once we’ve inspired you, hopefully you will go on to inspire others! Living adventurously is contagious; if people see you having a great time, they’re going to want in on the action!

So, are you ready to discover adventure?

Or why not help inspire others to discover adventure? Submit your story and you could be in with a chance of winning an adventurous family holiday with Mark Warner. Find out more here.

Are You Going To Conquer The National Forest Way?

The National Forest Way

Well, we don’t know about you, but this weather has certainly got us in the mood for some outdoor adventure! If you’re a keen hiker, or simply appreciate a jolly jaunt in the countryside, then there’s a new walking trail we suggest you try: The National Forest Way.

Stretching from the National Forest Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire to Beacon Hill Country Park in Leicestershire, The National Forest Way takes walkers through rolling rural landscapes, market towns and sleepy villages. You’ll cross canal towpaths, unearth hidden valleys and find yourself immersed in forests old and new. Sounds great, right?

The National Forest Way Walking RoutesThe National Forest Way was opened last May after five years of planning and preparation. The distance? A little over 75 miles. But, before you start envisioning blistered big toes and wailing kids, don’t worry, the route is split into 12 smaller trails, varying in length from 4-7 ½ miles.

According to the official website, the shortest route will take the average walker a couple of hours to complete, while the longest route will take the best part of a day. Fancy conquering the whole 75 miles? Well, you best make sure you’ve got four days to spare, plus some sturdy walking boots!

The National Forest is a huge environmental project which has seen the creation of new woodland across 200 square miles of parts of Leicestershire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire, linking the ancient forests of Charnwood and Needwood. This region was once one of the least-wooded regions in the country; however, since 1995, the National Forest Company and its partners have been working to increase forest cover, and have planted more than 8 million trees. Not only does the new forest offer a beautiful spot for us all to enjoy, it also provides habitat for numerous species of wildlife.

Each individual walk is designed to showcase a different aspect of The National Forest. Through leaflets and signage, you’ll learn all about the area’s shifting landscape, from its industrial past to its modern-day transformation as a beautiful new forest.

All trails are close to local points of interest and public amenities, including toilets and places where you can stock-up on refreshments. If it’s a bright, sunny day, why not pack a lunch and take a pit-stop in one of the many picnic areas?

If you want to make a weekend of it, there are plenty of accommodation choices nearby, from cosy inns and guesthouses to log cabins, campsites and luxury hotels. Take your pick!

The National Forest Walking Festival is taking place from the 16-28 May, with a programme packed full of guided and themed walks for all ages and abilities. This is the perfect excuse to get the tribe together and make the most of this beautiful new trail set in the heart of The Midlands!

(PS: If you’re in the Derbyshire area, why not swing by and visit our Go Ape Buxton course? We’d love to see you!)

A Four Day Weekend? Now There’s A Reason To Celebrate!

Celebrate Adventure this Bank Holiday Weekend

Well, school’s out, spring is here, and on top of all that, it’s Easter this weekend! The arrival of Good Friday and Bank Holiday Monday means a four-day weekend for many of us, and we can’t help but feel eggstremely eggcited about it! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist).

Besides from eating enough chocolate to sink a small ship, what other Easter plans do you have? You need to get out there and celebrate that four-day weekend, it only comes once a year! If you’re scratching your head for things to do, here are some suggestions:

Eat chocolate

This four-day weekend is the perfect opportunity to (over)indulge on chocolate. It’s the only time (bar Christmas) when it’s OK to gorge out on sweet treats any time of the day, so sub those scrambled eggs for chocolate eggs! (OK, maybe not…).

Burn it off

Chocolate cramps – they’re actually a thing. And you’ll no doubt find that out this weekend. It’s important that you balance your indulging with some healthy exercise this Easter. Why not head out for a few afternoon walks, or round-up the tribe for a bike ride or two?

Another fantastic way to burn off those surplus calories is by clambering up in the trees to take on one of our obstacle courses! Completing the course can burn up to 510 calories in women and 660 calories in men – that’s the equivalent to a standard sized chocolate egg! And once you’ve tackled the course, you can cool off with a stroll around the forest, which looks particularly pretty in the springtime.

Go huntin’

If you’ve got kids to entertain this weekend, nothing beats a good ol’ Easter egg hunt. You could hold one in your back garden, or join in with one of many public hunts taking place across the country. You’re bound to have a cracking time! (Last one, we promise).

In fact, forests across the UK are holding their own Easter-themed events and activities this weekend, and in many of those forests you’ll find one of our Go Ape courses! Get involved with an Easter Egg Hunt at Forest of Dean, or head out on an Easter Clue Trail with your family at Alice Holt.

Mini break

It’s not too late to book a mini break. A four day weekend is the perfect opportunity to get away for a while with friends and family. How about renting a cottage by the sea for the weekend? Or, if the weather’s particularly kind, why not organise a camping trip?


A four day weekend is the ideal time to have your next adventure! Go somewhere you’ve never been, or try something you’ve never tried before! You’ve got four whole days to get out there and live life adventurously – so go for it!

Fancy winning yourself £1,200 worth of Mountain Warehouse kit? Well, just tell us who you’d love to celebrate adventurously with and this weekend just may end up being your best Easter yet!

So, we guess all that’s left to say is, a very “Happy Easter” to you all!

From the Go Ape tribe X

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