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Boo … Halloween With Go Ape!

Halloween 2017
In the deep, dark, depths of the forest, shrouded in a thick, white fog, Go Ape’s Tree Top Adventure courses are being taken over by ghosts, vampires, witches and all-things wicked. Time to don your finest, freaky frock and come join in the frightening fun…if you dare!

Spooktacular adventures await

Rather than going door knocking with fellow ghouls this Halloween (only for your neighbours to turn their lights off and pretend that they’re not in), why not trick-or-treat in the shadows of the towering trees at Go Ape?

Halloween has descended on ten of our locations across the UK for one weekend only, from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th of October. Any child who dares to swing through the trees on a Tree Top Junior course will be treated to a whole host of terrifying activities!

Do you dare put your hand in the potion box to feel what’s inside? Let us know what you think is in there – is it bones? Eyeballs? Grisly guts? Fingers?

Next up, it’s time to do some brain crunching, solving six scary riddles to reveal a hidden word. Pick up your competition card to complete some other fiendishly tricky challenges – if you conquer them all, you’ll be in with the chance of winning our grand prize. What is it? Drumroll, please… it’s a whole year’s free pass to Go Ape!

Just imagine, if you win this petrifyingly great prize, you’ll be able to visit Go Ape as many times as you like! You’ll be able to perfect your Tarzan skills in the canopy, with the forest becoming your home from home!

Simply turning up to Go Ape in your best Halloween get-up could bag you a pair of free tickets to tackle one of our award-winning Tree Top Adventure courses. Just make sure you take a spooky selfie and tag it with #goapescare. Pull your most horrifying expression and make us quake in our boots!

If you’re not well and truly spooked out by this point, you can make your own dangly spiders with our free arts and crafts. Use it to decorate your lair, hang them on our Halloween tree, or frighten a friend or family member when they least expect it!

Head on down to the haunted forest this Halloween for a freakishly fun time – and don’t forget to boo-k your adventure in advance!

Tree Top Junior Halloween


Halloween activities at Go Ape


To celebrate the spooky season this half-term, we’re offering a weekend of ghoulish games and tree-top shrieks for your little (flying) monkeys.

From Friday 27th until Sunday 29th October, 10 of our Tree Top Junior locations will be offering a Halloween twist on their classic adventure alongside lots of free ground-based activities.

Participants will have access to all the free festivities happening on the forest floor. From face-painters to spooky riddles, to spider web crafts and fancy-dress competitions, there’s plenty for the family to do. What’s more, if you can solve all the riddles hidden around the forest on the day, you’ll be in with a chance of winning a year’s worth of Go Ape adventure.

That’s not all. If you’re visiting Go Ape at High Lodge, Thetford Forest, then there’s even more to enjoy. On Thursday 26th October and Tuesday 31st October you can choose from a range of extra activities hosted by the Forestry Commission, including Halloween games, spooky storytelling and more.

Sound spooktacular? To find out more about our Halloween activities, or to find out your nearest Tree Top Junior location, click here and come and play with us for a spell. We promise we don’t bite… Often.

We welcome our 7,000,000th customer!

Seven Millionth
Fellow tribesmen and tribeswomen, we’€™ve done it! We’™ve only gone and welcomed our 7,000,000th (yep, seven millionth) Go Ape customer!


To think a€“ in 15 years, seven million people from across the UK and beyond have visited our leafy hideouts. Seven million people have swung through the treetops, whizzed through the air on zip wires and rolled around the floor on our Forest Segways. Seven million people have chosen to Go Ape and live life adventurously. In fact, we actually feel a little emotional about it!

How we celebrated

Of course, this mammoth millionth milestone certainly deserved a celebration€“ and celebrate we did!

We surprised three lovely ladies visiting Go Ape Cannock, as they embarked on a Forest Segway Experience. Unsuspectingly, they completed their forest-themed adventure wearing helmets with three 7,000,000th customer tickets sneakily planted inside of them.

We secretly set our video cams to €˜record€™ and filmed Jane, Julie and Jane turning up to Go Ape. We followed them with our cams as they cruised around the forest floor, hiding behind tree trunks so we didn’t get caught out!

Then, as they rolled back to base, stepped off the Segways and removed their helmets. SURPRISE! Cue the music, party hats, bananas, gorillas, singing, dancing and huge celebratory certificates! You could say the three Js were rather taken aback!

After the buzz died down and we explained to Jane, Julie and Jane why they were receiving the extra-special treatment, we got to find out more about the ladies. They know one another through their husbands who work together (along with one of the Janes).

The ladies occasionally organise a girls’€™ day out and, upon their arrival at Cannock, told one of our tribe that they’™d decided they wanted to do more adventure-filled things together. One of the Janes referred to herself as ‘the Segway expert€™ after rolling around multiple times on the self-balancing machines (including at Go Ape Cannock). We can second that after witnessing her skills whilst filming them on the forest floor!

The ladies had enjoyed a leisurely stroll before the roll and said that they were delighted with being surprised! As an extra thanks for helping us to reach the milestone, we gave Jane, Julie and Jane a hamper packed with merchandise and gift vouchers – so they can come and enjoy another adventure-filled girls’€™ day out with us again in the not-too-distant future!

So, we’€™ve got to say a huge thanks€™ to Jane, Julie and Jane! Thanks as well to all of our lovely, loyal Go Ape-rs who have helped us to reach the seven million mark. Thanks for living life adventurously and for being advocates of our forest-themed adventures!

Here’€™s to the next seven million visitors!

A shout out to adventurous Dads

Go Ape Gift Vouchers this Christmas
It’ll soon be that time of the year again. The day where silverbacks all over the UK get to put their feet up, unwrap a thoughtful pressie, and legitimately put off mowing the lawn until another day. Yep, Father’s Day is THIS Sunday, 18th June.

Here at Banana HQ, we’ve compiled a list of five things we can thank our dads, step-dads, grandads and uncles for. We bet at least one of these rings a bell…

1. Thanks for… being our personal taxi drivers

Shelley’s house, then Priya’s house, then Jen’s Nanna’s. Then to the cinema on the High Street, please. Oh, there’s a new one-way system, by the way. Yeah, probably should have mentioned that earlier. Can you reverse?

Gift inspo: why not get him a bottle of something smooth and aged, with a posh label. Or perhaps just his trusted favourite. Someone else can be designated driver for a change.

2. Thanks for… letting us climb the tall trees

Looking back, we’re sure there were many hours of anxious curtain-twitching and phone-checking while we were out exploring our local jungles. Thanks for resisting wrapping us in cotton wool. We learnt something from every single bump and scrape, and we’ve got the precious lifelong memories to prove it.

Gift inspo: why not relive childhood summers by treating your silverback to a Tree Top Adventure? Swing-side-by-side through the forest canopy and see who can Tarzan call the loudest.

3. Thanks for… being the Easter Bunny, Father Christmas, and the Tooth Fairy

OK, so although it was technically a decade-long deception, thanks for hiding those eggs under the geraniums, nibbling Rudolph’s carrot, and sneaking those pound coins under the pillow. We know it was you, and we love you for it.

Gift inspo: let Dad be himself this Father’s Day by buying him a smart shirt from his favourite store. He deserves it after all those Christmases in the Santa costume…

4. Thanks for… letting us listen to our terrible teenage music

Slaves to the charts, we’re fairly sure we made you endure more than anyone’s fair share of white-suited boy bands, neon-haired pop princesses, and novelty one-hit wonders (Crazy Frog, anyone?).

Sound familiar? Gift inspo: make Dad a playlist of stuff he actually enjoys listening to. Maybe he was right, after all. We’d much rather listen to Blur than Blazin’ Squad these days.

5. Thanks for… the epic BBQs

Although it was pretty clear the kitchen wasn’t your natural habitat, you were always first out with the lighter fluid on a clear day. Bravely risking burnt eyebrows, backseat chefs, and an incinerated shed, you made sure we all enjoyed the sunshine with full bellies. Thanks for your commitment to the marinades – they were awesome.

Gift inspo: why not coax your culinary hero indoors with a good cookbook? It might just persuade him that not all food has to be prepared over hot coals.

Whatever you have to thank Dad for, why not treat him to some family tree-time? We’re sure he’ll love the Tarzan swings and zip lines, but we’re willing to bet his favourite bit will be spending quality time with you.

Dads – looking for a (not so) subtle way to hint at an adventurous gift? Maybe a cheeky retweet might do the trick…

Gift adventure

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