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Packing for the Three Peaks Yacht Race

Go Ape Three Peaks Yacht Race

Jerome Mayhew Packing for 3 Peaks Yacht RaceI went to the Three Peaks Yacht Race and in my suitcase I packed…

It’s finally here! There’s officially 24 hours to go until the Three Peaks Yacht Race begins. Our brave Go Ape team of sailors, runners, cyclists and adventurers are all packed and ready to embark on the race of a lifetime.

We’ll be posting photos and videos from the main event to keep you updated with the latest trials, tribulations and victories as the team make their way from Barmouth to Fort William. Including a sneak peak at what Chief Sailor/Skipper, Jerome Mayhew, has packed for the grand voyage:

Of course there’s more than just the departure from Barmouth to deal with, first of all the team had to make their way to the start line. Here’s a first-hand summary from Jerome:

Well, we have passed the first hurdle of the race, which was to get to Barmouth and the start.

He continues,

“The delivery trip has taken Go Ape, Live Life Adventurously from Levington in Suffolk all the way down the South coast of England to Lands End, around and across the Bristol Channel up to Milford Haven and then to the north of Cardigan Bay and Barmouth. Fog enveloped the yacht for the last ten hours of the sail, making landfall at Barmouth a heart in mouth experience. Visibility was less than 100m!

Fog Three Peaks Yacht Race

The final touches are now being put to the boat: runner Ed Smith was sent up the mast this morning, using his Wire Rope Inspection qualification to check the rigging. All superfluous weight has now been removed from the boat and we are getting close to final race configuration. However, most of the time now is being spent in sailing awe of the other competitors. There is an incredibly high standard of racing talent in the fleet, with many professional sailors and specialist boats. It is exciting to be in such company but we have no illusions as to our chances! Pre-match nerves…”

We’re happy to report the fog lifted, treating the team to a spectacular view from the yacht. Here’s hoping conditions remain fair.

Sunny views from Three Peaks Yacht Race

We’ll be posting more updates on the blog across the next week, keep coming back to see what the team has been up to.

NEW! Go Ape’s Weather Forecasting Chimpanzee

Go Ape in the rain

With some of the UK seeing all of May’s rain in the last 12 hours we decided to put together a revolutionary weather forecasting tool for all you adventurers out there.

Ladies and gentleman, we’d like to introduce our forecasting Chimpanzee:

Go Ape's Forecasting Chimpanzee

You should never let the weather stop play, so if you’re looking out the window and wondering what to wear we recommend creating your very own forecasting chimp! Come rain or shine, the right clothing and footwear means you can enjoy the great outdoors to your hearts content.

What are you waiting for? Go grab that cagoule, dig out those wellies and show them puddles who’s boss.

Behind forest doors…

About Go Ape

When you’re wobbling across bridges, leaping off platforms and whizzing down zip wires at Go Ape, do you ever wonder just what goes on behind our forest doors?

As you may know, this year we celebrated our 14th birthday. It’s been a roller-coaster ride of adventure and we’ve relished every day, hour, minute and second. Time has flown by – it doesn’t seem that long ago when we were celebrating the opening of our very first Tree Top Adventure in Thetford forest. And now there are Go Ape adventures across the UK and we’ve taken our monkey business stateside!

Our business has grown quicker than we could have ever imagined but through it all, our vision, values and mission have all remained the same. And we believe that’s what’s made us the successful company we are today.

The way we work

We’d be nothing without our hard-working, dedicated tribe. From front-line forest folk to our busy gorillas in Banana HQ, we make sure all our employees enjoy worthwhile and rewarding careers with us. Our tribe share our vision and values – they play a core part in how our tribe carry out their jobs.

So, what is our vision, we hear you ask? Well, it’s simple: to create adventure and encourage people to live life adventurously! This has been our motto from day dot; it was Tris and Becs’ reason for launching Go Ape.

Of course, we’ve got to practice what we preach! But our tribe don’t really need much persuasion to be adventurous. Aside from swinging from tree to tree, our tribe hike, run, cycle, mountain bike, sail, climb, dive…the list goes on. Pretty much any sport or recreational activity you can think of, it’s covered by one of our tribe – we even have a pro roller derby player in our corporate events team!

Our tribe always rises to the challenge of a new adventure, too.

For example, five of the team are currently undertaking gruelling training for the 3 Peaks Yacht Race. As tough as it is long, the 3PYR involves 389 miles of sailing, 72 miles of running and 18 miles of cycling. Suffice to say, it takes a lot more dedication than a bi-weekly trip to the gym. In fact, here’s our Managing Director, Jerome Mayhew rowing a yacht – that’s some power:

We believe that being adventurous inspires others to be adventurous, too. Besides laughter, it’s the only thing we don’t mind being contagious! When people’s eyes are opened to adventure – be it through experiencing Go Ape or by hearing about someone else’s experiences – they feel inspired to get out there and live their lives more adventurously!

Nowadays, too much time is spent indoors watching TV, playing on games consoles and scrolling through social media. There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored and discovered – and we don’t want anyone to waste that opportunity! It’s a given fact: the great outdoors is where the best memories are made.

By living life adventurously, people get to uncover what they are truly capable of.

You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve and the confidence you’ll gain will fuel the fire in your belly to make every day a new adventure.

Doing the right thing is really important to us and we aim to make sure we continue to be socially and environmentally responsible in everything we do. Our goal in the long run? To get everyone swinging from the trees. And if we don’t achieve that, we at least hope to be the best adventure company on the planet!

Putting Safety First

Bank Holiday Weekend

Here at Go Ape we pride ourselves on offering an inclusive activity, which is open and accessible to a wide range of people, irrespective of their mental or physical ability.

However, the safety of our visitors is of the utmost important to us so it is sometimes necessary for us to make adjustments to the adventures we offer, to ensure the safety of visitors with different needs.

On Monday we had to put the safety of a deaf customer first, which resulted in the customer and her family not being able to participate on our Tree Top Adventure course at Cannock, for which we are sorry.

In the case of participants who are blind or deaf, we do generally ask that they either have a fully sighted/hearing friend or relative with them to interpret the safety brief and relay any messages as they make their way round the course or that we are given enough notice to allow us to bring in extra instructors who can help instead. We do appreciate that not all participants will let us know in advance and where possible, the site manager will do their very best to accommodate the group, as appropriate, providing it is safe for them to do so.

As such, Claire (the site manager) spoke with the customers to try and ascertain what level of support, if any, would be needed in order for them to take part safely. On this occasion, it was not possible given the conditions to ensure all our important safety rules and advice were understood.

We never want to disappoint our visitors by turning them away and would certainly never exclude someone based purely on the physical or mental ability, alone. However, it is our job to keep people safe at height and if we feel we cannot do this, we have no choice but to ask people not to take part. The decision is never taken lightly and if there had been any other way to resolve the situation, it would have been taken.

A British Sign Language student herself, Claire has worked closely with our Head of Operations to bring in a set of procedures to allow deaf people to more easily take part in our adventures and will continue her studies so she can better communicate with and welcome deaf visitors to Cannock.

In light of this incident, we will review our guidelines and information for participants with additional needs to ensure the information is as clear as possible and easily available to people making bookings online. Claire will also put more emphasis on explaining the more technical parts of the Go Ape experience using BSL.

Once again, we hope Leanne accepts our sincere apologies for her disappointment, inconvenience and negative impression which you have all been left with as a result of what happened on Monday. We take all complaints seriously to help put to rest any concerns customers have regarding our disability policy.

We hope that Leanne will accept our invitation to come back to Go Ape.

For more on our policies regarding disabilities, please click here.

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