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The ‘Closeted Generation’. First You’ll Be Shocked, Then You’ll Be Inspired

Share Adventure - Closeted Generation

It’s official, the summer holidays are here, and with it a world of endless possibilities to seek adventure and enjoy family time together.

Or at least that’s what we thought…

We wanted to know how families tackle technology and embrace the outdoors so we asked 2,000 parents from across the UK how they spend their family time together. You won’t believe what they said.

  • Over one fifth (22%) admitted that they regularly put their child in

    front of the TV or a games console because it’s easier

  • 49% of all parents admitted to feeling guilty about allowing their

    child to have too much screen time

  • Over half of parents (51%) worry that their children are having

    less traditional play-time experiences such as climbing trees, building a den

    or going to the park

  • 49 per cent of all British parents surveyed felt their children would

    class ‘play-time’ as watching TV and playing on computer games, rather

    than participating in outdoor activities

  • Over a quarter of British parents (26%) do not place a limit on the

    amount of screen time a child has per day with 48 per cent admitting to

    allowing their child extra ‘screen time’ to simply keep them occupied

I think you’ll agree, the results make for unpleasant reading.

The study also found that this generation of children will astonishingly spend the equivalent of 3.5 days solid in front of a screen during the summer holidays – that’s 86 hours and 40 minutes that could be spent playing outdoors!

Sadly, traditional activities like making daisy chains, flying a kite, and fruit picking are at risk of becoming obsolete with the study showing that British children are less physically active than their parents were by over an hour per day.

What can we do about the ‘Closeted Generation’?

The results of the study weren’t all doom and gloom with a clear desire amongst modern-day parents to spend more time having adventures together. Over three quarters of parents (77%) said that they would prefer their children to spend more time outside than they currently do.

We asked ourselves, what obstacles are families facing that’s preventing the future generation from enjoying more time together outdoors? With only one in ten parents believing it’s not safe for their children to play outside, and 49% feeling guilty about too much screen time we found that access to ideas is a fundamental barrier.

Six in ten (65%) parents admitted that they need to make the effort to partake in outdoor activities with their children. Most already understand the effects of too much screen time, with 42% of parents expressing concern over the negative impact on children’s imagination from over-exposure to TV, video games and smartphones (reportedly at least 2 hours 4 minutes a day during the summer break!).

With our study revealing that parents want their children to partake in more outdoor activities but are at a loss when it comes to planning family activities, we decided that something needs to be done to inspire families across the UK. That’s why we launched the #ShareAdventure campaign – and created a portal that showcases real-life experiences and adventures.

Supported by Ben Fogle, writer, broadcaster and father of two, the TV personality commented;

“I do worry that today’s generation of children are at risk of losing their sense of adventure. It is clear from the study by Go Ape that many parents need to do more to encourage their children to play outdoors. The prospect of future generations having no interest in flying a kite or climbing trees is a frightening thought. I hope parents act on this and get their children outside this summer.”

 NOW is the time to SEEK ADVENTURE

Don’t resort to allowing extra ‘screen time’ this summer to keep your children occupied – like 48% of the parents in our study. Visit the #ShareAdventure portal and get inspired for your next adventure this summer with your family. It’s packed full of real-life ideas from people across the UK that will help you share adventure – not screens.

Want to know more? View the unbelievable results here.


Stuck Behind A Screen. The Reason Why Will Shock You.

Closeted Generation Survey Results

Children will spend more time in front of a screen this summer than going on adventures.

We conducted a survey of 2,000 British parents to discover how they, and their children, will be spending family time together this summer – the results were disheartening.

Check out the infographic below and join the #ShareAdventure campaign this summer to get kids back outdoors and living life adventurously.

#ShareAdventure Survey Results

Get involved with our #ShareAdventure campaign!

Download this infographic.

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Q & A with the Bride and Groom


Our first Tree Top Wedding

We wanted to find out a little bit more about the couple from Southampton, Martyn Milner and Colette Gregory, who took their romance to new heights! On the 30th June 2015 they headed to the tree tops of Go Ape Aberfoyle to exchange their vows – and become man and wife 40 feet off the ground! They exchanged rings and will now share a life of adventure together…

Here’s a few questions that we posed:

1. Why did you choose Go Ape as your wedding venue?

We both love the outdoors and adventure so having a wedding that incorporated these themes was key. Go Ape had what we were looking for and were very supportive of our idea to break away from tradition. 

2Wed2. What has been the overall reaction to your wedding?

There have been a couple that just don’t get it, but everyone else has reacted with amazement and support for us. 

3. Are there some guests that don’t want to Go Ape?

Yes, but they are happy to watch from the ground and look after the chimps. 

4. Were your hen and stag do’s adventurous?

For the hen party, the girls went out for a meal and dancing after. For the stag party, the boys went to Thorpe park in the day then out for a few drinks in the evening.

5. What are you doing after?

We’re having our honeymoon whilst we are in Scotland. We are staying at Forest Holidays for a week. 

6. Any advice for those planning a wedding…

Do it your way! Traditional is boring. Break the rules and put it out there. 

7. What did you wear?

A hand made bespoke dress has been made for the occasion and we’re not sure the suit hire company are completely aware where their suit is being worn!

This summer, we’re encouraging everyone to #ShareAdventure. Our new ‘adventure generator’ will provide you with inspiration for your next adventure:

Love is in the air! Tree Top Wedding at Go Ape


Why not break the mould and do something totally unique on your wedding day? That’s exactly what a couple from Southampton did. They exchanged vows and rings at Go Ape Aberfoyle and will now share a life of adventure together…

It’s our first tree-top wedding

A couple from Southampton, Martyn Milner and Colette Gregory took their romance to new heights as they headed to the tree tops of Go Ape Aberfoyle to exchange their vows – and become man and wife 40 feet off the ground!

It’s the first wedding to be held at one of our 28 leafy hangouts. The bride even wore a custom made dress, especially tailored to accommodate the Go Ape harness ensuring that the couple could safely tie the knot at height.

Martyn and the registrar made their way around our Go Ape adventure and waited at the Tibetan Bridge – where the ceremony took place. Their 30 guests congregated below ready to watch – all set against the stunning backdrop of Queen Elizabeth Forest Park in Loch Lomond.

BrideWedWith this ring I tree wed

The bride and her father walked across a wooden ‘aisle’ onto the bridge where the couple exchanged vows and rings at height before posing for photos as the celebrations quite literally got into full swing. The couple’s 19 month old daughter and bridesmaid, Alice, watched from the ground.
Guests joined the wedding party on the course to share in the adventure, tackling crossings and speeding down some of the longest zipwires in the UK (426 metre long zip wires to be precise!)for an hour before heading back down to ground level for a champagne toast and the presentation of their customised Go Ape wedding certificates.

‘High Do’

Martyn Milner, the groom, commented “We’ve been to a lot of weddings, and have always said that when it came to our own big day we wanted to do something totally different. Colette and I love the outdoors and both have a great sense of adventure, so when we thought about Go Ape, we instantly knew it would be the perfect place, and especially Go Ape Aberfoyle in Scotland with its amazing dramatic backdrop. We weren’t sure if we’d able to make it happen so we’re so glad we could as it’s been the most amazing day. ”

2WedColette Gregory, the bride, continued “We feel incredibly lucky that we’ve been able to realise our dream. We’re so pleased we decided to break the mould and do something totally unique so huge thanks to the Go Ape team who have gone out of their way to make sure we had an exhilarating day. We will never forget it and I’m pretty sure our family and friends won’t either!”

Tristam Mayhew, ‘Chief Gorilla’ at Go Ape said: “We’re delighted to host our first tree-top wedding and to help Martyn and Colette have a day to remember. We wish them all the best as a married couple and hope they’ll share many more exciting adventures together.”


Want to know about more? Read some Q&A’s posed to the happy couple.

#ShareAdventure this Summer

This summer, we’re encouraging everyone to #ShareAdventure. Our new ‘adventure generator’ will provide you with inspiration for your next adventure:

Here’s something we lashed together on Pinterest for some outdoor wedding inspiration. Take a look: 

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