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Ride the wind with Go Ape!

Zip, Zip, Horray

Today is not just any old (dreary) Tuesday, oh no. Today is a special day. D’you want to know why? Because it’s Ride the Wind Day!

Yep – Ride the Wind Day is a thing, and it’s celebrated across the world every year on the 23rd of August! If there’s a day dedicated to celebrating love, then why can’t there be a day dedicated to celebrating one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts!?

Alright, so there are certain times when the wind can be annoying – when you’re trying to read the paper outdoors, when you can’t hear what your mate’s saying on the phone, or when it messes with your hair to make you look like an ‘80s pop icon.

But, there are many reasons why wind is brilliant, too. Wind allows us to travel, whether it’s over water on a sailboat or through the air on a paraglider. It dries our washing and cools us down when we’re hot and flustered. It’s also a free, renewable energy source that is super-clean, emitting no pollutants or greenhouse gases.

So, how did Ride the Wind Day come about?

Well, it was initiated to honour the anniversary of the first human-powered flight to win the Kremer Prize (a series of awards given to pioneers of human-powered flight). On this day back in 1977, the Gossamer Condor became the first human-powered aircraft capable of controlled and sustained flight. It was designed by Paul Macready and piloted by Bryan Allen, who completed a mile-long, figure-eight course in 7 minutes and 27 seconds, reaching a top speed of 11mph.

Tree Top Adventure Go ApeIf you’re scratching your head thinking of how to celebrate Ride the Wind Day, we’ve got an idea: book a Zip Trekking Adventure at Go Ape! What better way to experience that wind-in-your-face feeling than by soaring through the air like a bird!?

Our Zip Trekking Adventure is exclusive to Cumbria and you’ll find it nestled amidst the Douglas Firs at Grizedale Forest. You’ll soar high above the forest floor, soaking in the views as you take on seven zips and cover a mega 3km of ground (or shall we say, air?).

Your Zip Trekking Adventure will start with a safety briefing, and then you’ll get to experience that fresh, forest breeze as you embark on a 20-minute hike through one of the most beautiful forests in the UK. You’ll then be whisked along winding mountain roads in one of our off-road Land Rovers, up to the training zip. Once you’ve perfected your technique and learned how to land like a pro, you’ll be free to soar!

If Cumbria is a bit of a trek from where you live, you’re able to get that wind-in-your-face feeling at any of our Go Ape locations! Every single Tree Top Adventure features zip lines! But if you’re near any of the following, be sure to check them out…

Go Ape Aberfoyle – Home to two of Britain’s longest zip wires (each stretching over 400m).

Go Ape Glentress Forest, Peebles – Our highest zip wire, flying you over stunning reservoirs in the valley.

Go Ape Haldon Forest Park – Boasting two 235m zip wires, flying you from hilltop to hilltop with awe-inspiring views of Dartmoor National Park.

So, are you ready for a zip-tastic adventure? Book now to avoid disappointment!

Zip, zip, hooray!

Zip, Zip, Horray

We heard about it on the radio, read about it in the papers, watched it on the news. In fact, many of us experienced it first-hand simply by gazing out of our window.

We are, of course, talking about the wet-‘n’-wild weather we endured at the start of this year. For many, the superstorms were no laughing matter: hundreds of thousands of homes were flooded, forcing residents to pack their bags and seek shelter elsewhere.

One area in England that felt the full wrath of the storms was Cumbria, home to Go Ape Grizedale Forest. Schools closed and businesses shut down, as the floods invaded the area and turned streets into raging rivers.

Suffice to say, many villages within Cumbria were on lock-down during the winter and as a result, tourism in the county took a big hit. But now warmer weather has (finally) arrived, it’s business as usual with the region back up and running and welcoming visitors in their masses.

Cumbria’s comeback is fantastic news for residents and tourists alike and there’s one thing we’ve got to say to that: zip, zip, hooray!

Situated in the heart of the glorious Lake District, Grizedale Forest is one of the UK’s most beautiful woodlands. You can hike there, ride there, explore there, run there, or simply chill out there – or, you could visit Go Ape and check out our one-and-only, zip-tastic Zip Trekking Adventure!

Zip wires are one of Go Ape’s best-loved obstacles, and so we thought it would be a great idea to create a course that was all about the zip. There are no other obstacles involved in a Zip Trekking Adventure – just zip, after zip, after zip, after zip (seven zips in total, in fact).

Trekking up Grizedale ForestThe tandem of zip wires traverse the sky-scraping Douglas Firs of Grizedale Forest, and believe us when we say that the views are awesome from way up high!

You’ll feel as if you’re on top of the world (or at least, on top of the forest) as you soar through the air, arms open wide with the wind in your face!

Your adventure will last around two hours and includes a safety demo from one of our zip line pros, plus time in our training zone where we’ll share some tips and tricks for making a graceful landing. We can’t guarantee you’ll land on your feet every time, but we promise the soft pile of woodchip will soften your landing.

As well as all this, your Zip Trekking Adventure will include a 20-minute hike through the forest to get to the meeting point. And waiting for you at that meeting point will be one of our off-road vehicles, ready to whisk you and your family/friends up winding mountain roads (with unbeatable views) to the training zip.

A Zip Trekking Adventure is a great way to explore the wonders of Grizedale Forest – by air, by car and by foot; from the ground and from way up high! Book ahead now and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

Reach new heights!

Reach New Heights At Go Ape

Go Ape Tarzan SwingIt’s been a long time coming but our forest doors are finally open for (monkey) business – hurrah!

Our aim here at Go Ape is to inspire others to live life more adventurously; to open people’s eyes to the fun that can be had when they step outside their comfort zones – to encourage people to be bold and brave in order to discover their true potential!

So, are you ready to reach new heights?!

If you come hang with us at Go Ape, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. If you’re a newbie, there’s a good chance your jaw will drop when you first lay eyes upon one of our obstacle courses. Believe us when we say that it feels much higher when you’re up there!

But, fear not. Tree-top trembles in the form of wobbly legs and shaky palms are completely normal. Hauling yourself up the (seemingly endless) initial rope ladder is always the scariest part, and so is crossing the first obstacle with the ground far, far beneath you (around 35 feet below you, in fact).

In no time at all you’ll start getting into the swing of things (quite literally).

Those trembles will start easing off and the whole height thing won’t both you anymore. Your inner Tarzan will be unleashed and you won’t want to come down!

If you’ve already Go Ape-d and want to be taken to even greater heights, why not check out the Tree Top Adventure in London’s Trent Park, which reaches a towering 16 metres at its highest point? Or you could head to Whinlatter Forest in Keswick, which is home to the highest Go Ape in the country!

If you really want to reach new heights, then you’ve got to take a trip to Grizedale Forest.

Zip Trekking AdventureNot only does it boast our highest zip platform (zip 5 starts 18 metres above ground, maximising air time), but it’s also where you’ll find our one and only Zip Trekking Adventure!

Tackling tree-top obstacles is one thing; soaring above the dramatic Douglas Firs of Grizedale Forest, with stunning views of the valley, is another! Instead of hanging out in the tree-tops, you’ll be flying over them via a tandem of seven zip wires! Sound fun? Of course it does!

If you go on a Zip Trekking Adventure, you’ll cover around 3km of ground and will be in the air for around 2 hours in total – that’s plenty of time to master the art of human flight!

As well as enjoying zip, after zip, after zip, a Zip Trekking Adventure includes a 20 minute hike through one of the UK’s most dramatic forests, plus a ride in one of the Go Ape Land Rovers, up winding mountain roads to the first zip line.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your zip-tastic Go Ape Adventure today!

What to do when it’s windy!

Go Ape Zip Trekking Adventure

The UK has certainly had its fair share of windy weather this winter.

Some days the breeze is so gentle it barely tickles the back of your neck, while other days the blizzardy gales have us holding on to our hats and scarfs as soon as we step out the house!

When it comes to wind, though, we’re big fans (pun intended). Wind is responsible for some pretty awesome stuff – for instance, just this week passers-by caught footage of wind making a waterfall fall backwards on the island of Mull in Scotland!

Sure, the wind might give us some whacky hairdos, and it can be quite annoying chasing the recycling bin as it cartwheels down the road. But there are also plenty of pros: the wind dries our laundry, keeps us cool, supplies us with pollution-free energy and enables us to enjoy sports such as windsurfing!

So, the next time you peer out the window and notice the trees vigorously swaying back and forth, instead of closing the curtains and hibernating why not wrap-up warm, head outdoors and embrace the wind?! Here are some fun ideas of things you can do with your family:

Cloud gaze

If it’s windy, chances are the sky will be dotted with white, fluffy clouds shape-shifting across the sky. Lie down and look up – can you or your kids spot any shapes?!

Fly a kite

“Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height…” Kites were made for windy days (literally), so head to a local park with your little ones where you can start perfecting those flying skills! Instead of buying a kite, why not try making one of your own? It’s simple (not to mention more fun) – take a look at this wikiHow guide.

Make a windmill

Twirly-whirly windmills make a great addition to any back garden and they can be appreciated from inside the house, too! Your kids are bound to love making their own – check out this video for some inspiration.

Make wind chimes

Continuing the DIY theme, if you’ve got any spare jar lids, metal cans and/or beads lying about, why not use them to make a pretty wind chime? In fact, you can make a wind chime from almost anything, so long as it makes a noise when the wind blows! Your little ones might enjoy scavenging for materials – take a look at these awesome designs.

Go sailing

Not fortunate enough to own your own sailing boat? Fear not – you and your littles ones can build some model-sized boats instead! Experiment with different designs (such as these), bearing in mind that some of them might not float when you place them in the pond. (You might want to check if the boats sink or float in the bathtub first!).

Try a windsport!

Feeling adventurous? If the answer’s ‘yes,’ why not treat your kids to a day out trying a windsport? There are plenty of wind-powered activities to choose from, whether it’s windsurfing, kite buggying, or more extreme sports Zip Trekking Adventurelike hang-gliding and paragliding (age restrictions may apply).

When it’s not windy…

For that ultimate wind-in-your-face feeling, head to Go Ape in Grizedale where you’ll find out Zip Trekking Adventure. With a total 7 zip lines traversing the beautiful forest, you’ll be in the air for around two hours! To be able to fly, you must be over 13 years old, at least 1.4m tall and weigh 7 stone or more.

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