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Are you ready to fall forwards?


It’s that time of year again – the biannual clock change is upon us.

Whether you’re the type of person who stays up ‘til 2am waiting for the “thrill” of witnessing the time on your smartphone jump back an hour, or – like the majority of us – you need a text from your mum to remind you in the morning, the 25th October marks the official start of the autumn/winter season.

The concept of Daylight Saving Time (DST) was championed by an English gentleman called William Willett in 1907. He wrote a pamphlet, called ‘The Waste of Daylight’, in the hope of encouraging people to get out of bed earlier, and spent his entire life trying to convince us Brits to take it on. Eventually, in 1916 – nearly 100 years ago now – we did.

Here’s a random piece of trivia for you: William Willett is Coldplay’s Chris Martin’s great-great grandfather! We know – really random!

Here at Go Ape we must admit we love the autumn. The clocks going back means the mornings are much lighter, and there’s nothing like waking up on a crisp, autumnal day with the sun beaming through the blinds to make us feel recharged and ready for the day ahead. It’s also much better to travel to work when it’s light and bright – it wakes us up in a way a cup of coffee never could!

The autumn is also a wonderful time to be around trees. We love the crunch under our feet; the chill in the air; the leaves turning from green to burnt orange and yellow; the way it makes you feel like a dragon breathing out smoke when you exhale…

Sunlight-through-the-trees-at-Go-Ape-CrawleyAlthough we can’t deny we’re a fan of that sneaky extra hour in bed on the morning of the clock change, one of the perks of the longer nights and cooling temperatures is a brisk walk in the forest on a misty autumnal morning. Luckily, the UK is home to some stunning countryside and woodland, ripe and ready for an early AM excursion.

While you’re at it, why not embrace autumn and fall forwards at Go Ape this season? It’s the ultimate way of blowing the cobwebs away, and will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Take on the challenge of gliding through the forest on our Segways or fly down our zip-wires and unleash your inner Tarzan on our Tarzan Swing (accompanying holler obligatory). With 28 Go Ape locations across the country, you’ll be spoilt for choice! See you soon…

Oh, and don’t forget to change the clock on the microwave!

Our Zip-tastic Zip Wires!

Dare Adventure

“Say I’m a bird! Say it! Say it now!”

“You’re a bird.”

“Now say you’re a bird too.”

“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

– Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Imagine being a bird for the day (minus the eating worms part). Soaring, carefree, through the sky, over cities, seas and lush, green countryside. Swooping through valleys and taking time out at the tip of tree-tops.

Well, thanks to Go Ape, you no longer need to imagine! Our zip lines have (sort of) made human flight possible, enabling you to soar through the sky with your arms (or shall we say, wings?) spread wide! And if you want to yell, “I’m a bird!” well, that’s completely up to you!

The wind-in-your-face feeling you get when you step (or jump, or leap) off the zip platform is truly unbeatable (you’ll know what we mean if you’ve zipped with Go Ape before). You’ll fly through the trees and above them, through valleys and across glistening lakes set deep within the forest. Then you’ll come to land on top of a squidgy mound of woodchip!Zip Trekking View

If you’ve never been to Go Ape, we dare you to come and give it a go – you definitely won’t regret it. Even if you feel a little anxious about heights, our obstacle courses are a great way to conquer your fear. Besides, when you’re on a zip wire you’ve got to remember that you’re getting closer to the ground with each passing second!

If you’ve visited us before, then we dare you to return to the forest and do Go Ape like a pro! Maybe the last time you held on for dear life when zipping; this time, let go and embrace it! Or, last time you might have failed to land on your feet at the end of the zips; this time, challenge yourself to see how many times you can land vertically!

You’ll find zip lines at all of our Go Ape courses. They’re all awesome (if we do say so ourselves), but here’s a pick of some of our greatest zips:


Set in the heart of the glorious Loch Lomond, Go Ape Aberfoyle is home to two of Britain’s longest zip wires, each stretching over 400m. On one of the zips, you’ll fly over a 90 foot waterfall – cool, huh?


In Glentress Forest in Peebles you’ll find our highest zip wire! You’ll fly over beautiful reservoirs in the valley – the views are truly awesome.

Haldon Forest Park

A stone’s throw from the city of Exeter, Go Ape at Haldon Forest Park boasts two 235m zip wires, flying you from hilltop to hilltop with stunning views of Dartmoor National Park.

Grizedale Forest

Seven zip lines, one after the other, covering a whopping 3km of forest! If you’re looking for the ultimate zip experience, then it’s got to be our Zip Trekking Adventure in Cumbria’s Grizedale Forest.

The Highest Go Ape Obstacles

Highest Go Ape Obstacles

All first timers to Go Ape have the same thought when clambering up the very first rope ladder: Crikey! It’s a lot higher than it looks!

You’d be surprised at how teeny-weeny everything on the ground looks from way up high. Even if you aren’t afraid of heights, your legs are bound to wobble a little when you reach the top of the rope ladder and take a step onto the very first platform.

Face Your Fear of Heights With Go ApeIf you take a look around at the other folks in the trees, they’ll all be doing everything they can to ignore the fact they’re sky-high. You’ll realise that there are different ways of dealing with the height: some people choose to shut their eyes (not so practical when you’re navigating your way across an obstacle); some people like to yell at the top of their voices and scare the birds out their nests; while others like to become tree-huggers, tightening their grip around a trunk and refusing to let go for a good couple of minutes.

If you’re a Go Ape newbie, here’s an insider’s tip…

At the start of your adventure, look in front of you, look behind you, look up at the sky… just don’t look down! Especially when you’re making your way up those seemingly endless rope ladder steps.

Before you know it, you’ll start getting used to the heights. Completing the obstacles (like a boss) will give you newfound confidence and you’ll start enjoying the fact you’re 30(ish) feet up in the air. You’ll have no problem looking at the ground beneath you, waving to family, friends or members of the Go Ape tribe as you monkey around in the trees.

Our obstacle courses wouldn’t be half as fun if they were a metre high, would they?

It would certainly be a short zip line journey to the ground. Our courses are designed to be challenging. They’re meant to make you tremble with fear and excitement and send adrenaline pumping around your body! And because they’re tricky, you actually feel like you’ve accomplished something when you whizz down the final zip wire at the end of your adventure!

So, do you dare to tackle our highest obstacles?

If the answer’s yes, try these out for starters:

Grizedale Forest

Standing at over 18 metres tall is the site 5 zip platform at Grizedale Forest Park in Cumbria. Once you’ve launched yourself (or hesitantly stepped) off the platform, you’ll fly 200 metres across the top of Grizedale Beck.

Whinlatter Forest Keswick

Officially crowned ‘Highest Go Ape in the country,’ the course at Whinlatter Forest Keswick isn’t for the faint-hearted. Whinlatter is England’s only true mountain forest and when you’re up in the trees, you’re so high you can see all the way to Scotland!

Trent Park

Who said you need to travel to the countryside to Go Ape?! The course at London’s Trent Park reaches a towering 16m at its highest point. It’s also the very first twin course (which means double the fun), and it’s home to our epic Skateboard Zips!

Fancy winning a pair of tickets to Go Ape? Enter #DareAdventure to be in with a chance.

We ask Liam McCabe – What’s on your life list?


We’ve all got a life list. Perhaps not written down, but in our heads at least. And the great thing about these lists is that every single one is unique.

So, we thought it’d be a good idea to grill some of our tribe to find out what’s on their life lists. First under the spotlight is Liam McCabe, site manager at our beautiful Go Ape in Buxton. Liam’s a lover of outdoor adventure (we should hope so, too) and has a lengthy career working in the industry. It’s little surprise, then, that his list contains several daredevil activities…

1. Longboard in Iceland/Scandinavia

First up, Liam wants to try his luck at longboarding. “I’d love to buy a longboard and head to either Iceland or Scandinavia, with the long, winding roads and amazing landscapes. I’d want to travel as much as possible via push power and gravity.”

2. Have a go on a water jet pack

Imagine, flying across the water and through the air using a jetpack. Sounds a lot like whizzing through the air via zip line at one of our Go Ape courses, only a little more wet…

3. See spider monkeys

We’re glad to see something monkey-related on Liam’s list. Spider monkeys are native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. Much like Liam, they spend most of their days swinging through the trees (the only difference is, they have no thumbs). “I’m fascinated by spider monkeys. I’d love to see them one day in their natural habitat.”

4. Visit Bhutan

Situated on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, the kingdom of Bhutan is a magical and mysterious land comprising valleys, mountains and subtropical plains, speckled with monasteries and fortresses. “Bhutan’s got to be on my life list; a place where your wealth is measured in your happiness.”

5. Learn to snowboard

It’s something he’s never tried before, but Liam would love to head to the mountains and try his luck on a snowboard.

6. Skydive

“Skydiving’s got to be on the list. I’d relish the chance to jump out of a plane…with a parachute, of course!” We asked Liam where he’d like to skydive…“Anywhere!”

7. Learn to fly a plane

Liam would like to jump out of a plane, but he’d like to take control and learn how to fly one, too.

8. Canoe in the Canadian lakes

“I have been canoeing for 10 years and I’ve yet to visit Canada to paddle where arguably the canoe was invented.”

9. Visit Machu Picchu

Liam would one day love to visit the magnificent, ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru, set high in the Andes Mountains.

10. A Capoeira class in Brazil

Last on the list is a trip to Brazil. “Having done Capoeira (Brazilian martial art) for a couple of years now, I’d love to travel to its country of origin to experience the culture first hand.”

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