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Flexible pricing – Go Ape for less

Reach New Heights At Go Ape

At the moment, the prices of our adventures are fixed, but soon, you’ll be able to book adventure at a range of different prices.

Currently we charge a fixed price for all of our adventures, but soon the prices will be flexible. The price you pay will depend on a number of factors generally speaking, though, the earlier you book, the better value your Go Ape adventure will be!

The system is currently being rolled out at Go Ape Delamere Forest, Wendover Woods, Moors Valley and Wyre.

Swing by Delamere Forest and you could enjoy a Tree Top Adventure, Tree Top Junior or Forest Segway at a discounted rate by booking early. While you’ll only find a Tree Top Adventure at Wendover Woods, it’s the only course in the UK to exclusively offer an ‘extreme’ route you’ll have to navigate across a Scrambling Net and Climbing Wall before coming face-to-face with some of our trickiest obstacles. Go on…challenge yourself!

Why have we introduced flexible pricing? Well, we think it’s a good incentive to inspire people to live life adventurously! Get your Go Ape date in the diary as early as poss and not only will you save cash, but you’ll give yourself something to look forward to! We call that a win-win.

We’ll tell you this now there’s no point in waiting to book your adventure, because prices will never go down. Whether you swing through the trees, zip through the air or roll around the forest floor with your tribe, your Go Ape adventure will always be cheaper the earlier you book it up.

Perhaps you want to get ahead and organise some fun days out for the kids during the summer hols. Or maybe it’s your partner or mate’s birthday in a few months’ time and you want to plan something extra-special. Maybe just maybe it’s your big day soon and quite frankly, you’re fed up with a bog-standard night out in town!

What to do with the money you save? You could always put it towards your next Go Ape adventure, or treat yourself to some branded gear available from our on-site cabin! Or maybe, you and your tribe could enjoy a hearty, post-adventure lunch at a nearby pub or cafe (trust us, swinging through the trees works up an appetite!).

The early bird catches the worm, and the early Tarzan swings for less! Book your Go Ape adventure today and save, save, save!

Can I Go Ape?

Half term activities for kids

You’ve been thinking about unleashing your inner Tarzan in the treetops for a while now, but you haven’t booked because you’re not sure if you’ll physically be able to swing with us.

Well, maybe we can clear the air…”Can I Go Ape?” is actually one of the most common questions the tribe get asked; and while our Tree Top Adventure courses are challenging (both mentally and physically), you should be able to conquer one so long as you’re reasonably fit and healthy.

What we say is this: if you can climb a ladder, you can swing through the trees at Go Ape! You don’t need to hit the gym five days a week, or follow a diet of an Olympian to monkey around in the trees with us. It’s our mission to make adventure accessible to the masses, which is why we’ve created courses to accommodate as many people as possible.

You’ll burn hundreds of calories completing a Tree Top Adventure (without realising it), and there are certain obstacles that are more challenging than others. Your adventure will last around three hours, and in that time you’ll crawl, climb, wobble, swing and zip your way to the finish line which is, a squidgy mound of woodchip!

Log Crossing at Go Ape

Concerned about the trickier obstacles? Don’t be! When you’re up in the canopy, you carve your own path there are a number of points where you get to choose whether to take on the easier or harder obstacle. You might start off with the more simple obstacles, then move on to the trickier ones (Stirrups, we’re looking at you) as your confidence grows!

If you think that you might need additional support, just give us a call on 0333 433 0902 to discuss your requirements. Extra equipment or support may be needed for your adventure, or we might have to tweak our training to ensure you get the most from your Go Ape experience. Sometimes the risk of injury is too great despite taking additional measures, which means that some people are unfortunately unable to swing with us.

If you have a pre-existing medical conditions then we recommend you visit the course first to check it out. The Go Ape tribe aren’t medically qualified, so you’re responsible for conducting your own risk assessment.We don’t recommend pregnant women sign-up to a Tree Top Adventure; but again, the choice is yours.

If you are pregnant, we suggest seeking advice from your doctor first, and you’ll need to sign a disclaimer stating that you’ve made us aware and have decided to take part despite Go Ape’s advice.

If you don’t think you’re up for spending time in the treetops, that doesn’t mean you can’t come and hang with us!

You could always hop aboard our Forest Segways for an hour’s worth of exploration! Segway-ing around the forest floor is not as physically demanding as swinging from tree to tree just put your feet up while the wheels do all the work!

An adventurous gift for the daredevil in your life!

Go Ape Gift Vouchers this Christmas

Do you know someone who grabs life by the horns, lives every day to its very fullest and embraces any adventure or challenge that’s thrown their way?

If you do and their birthday’s coming up we’ve got the perfect present idea: give them the gift of adventure!A box of choccies last a couple of days (or a couple of hours if you’re anything like us), a pair of socks lasts a year and a book will be read in a week.

But the gift of adventure will create memories that’ll last a lifetime!Go Ape vouchersWe’re big believers in gifting memories, not things, which is why we offer Go Ape vouchers for four of our adventures!

Think the self-confessed daredevil in your life will enjoy monkeying around in the treetops? If so, you could treat them to a Tree Top Adventure, or a Tree Top Junior if they’re a mini Tarzan. The courses will have them climbing nets, crawling through tunnels, wobbling across bridges and whizzing through the air on zip wires!

Zip Trekking Adventure



Speaking of zip wires, if the birthday boy or girl lives near The Lakes (or wouldn’t mind travelling there), you could treat them to our one-of-a-kind Zip Trekking Adventure! No other obstacles just zip, after zip, after zip, after zip (seven in total, in fact).

We’ve basically made human flight possible with this sky-high adventure, which covers a whopping 3km!

For a more down-to-earth activity, there’s our Forest Segway Experience, which is a good alternative if the gift has already tested their Tarzan skills in the trees. On a Segway, they’ll get to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and smells of the forest in a totally unique way, as they roll over simple pathways as well as more testing trails.

Gift vouchers can be used at any of our 31 locations across the UK and are valid for a year. If you want, you can load the card with the amount of your choice, so that the recipient can pick their own activity.

Our vouchers can also be used to buy Go Ape gear. From branded tees, beanies and hoodies to handy lanyards and water bottles, our clothing and accessories are available to browse and buy from the on-site Go Ape cabin.

A Go Ape voucher is a gift the daredevil in your life will use and cherish. They won’t need to pull their pretend ‘I love it!’ face when they open the envelope, because they actually will!

You can expect to earn mega brownie points, and the added bonus? There’s no wrapping involved!

10 reasons why Air Space is the ultimate trampoline park!


Go Ape may be renowned for its award-winning Tree Top Adventure courses, but the fun doesn’t end in the canopy, oh no.Several years ago, we decided that it was time to branch out and launched our very first Air Space; a spring-loaded urban playground featuring over 100 interconnected trampolines.

From high in the sky to down on the ground (well, almost), Go Ape adventures know no boundaries! Air Space has taken over mammoth warehouses in Wolverhampton, Glasgow (the first member of the Air Space family) and Stevenage.

Air Space has been awarded the accolade of UK’s ultimate trampoline park here are ten reasons why you should visit one:

1. Two teams, multiple balls, and the aim? To dodge them! Dodgeball is ten times more fun played on spring-loaded trampolines as it allows you to take sneaky aerial shots at your opponents!
2. Be brave, try new moves, push your limits…knowing you’re going to fall into a massive foam-filled cushion. The Air Bag is where the very best moves are born.
3. Fine-tune your freestyle finesse at Space Academy, where the Air Space crew will teach you tricks to help you perfect your skills.
4. Swap concrete for a super soft, spring-loaded court and play Shoot Out take airborne shots and dive for saves without it hurting when you hit the floor!
5. Bounce and bop to the beat every Friday night from 7-10pm, when Air Space’s resident DJs take to the decks to spin some classic party bangers.
6. Bored of the gym? Join a Freestyle Fitness class and you could burn a whopping 1,000 cals in an hour of bouncing. Just like embarking on a Tree Top Adventure, you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even realise you’re exercising!
7. We’ve made walking on walls possible stand on the edge, drop yourself onto one of our Performance Tramps, bounce up and repeat! Is this what it feels like to walk on the moon?
8. Air Space welcomes anyone aged 5-85; so kids, teens, parents, grandparents and even great grandparents can join in the bouncing fun. It’s the perfect idea for your next family outing!
9. Slam dunk the funk…You don’t need to be 7ft to successfully shoot some hoops at Air Space, thanks to our springy trampolines that’ll transport you skyward.
10. Super charged, super sprung, super awesome. Bounce on our Power Jumping tramp and you’ll be transported to dizzying new heights!

Now do you feel ready to join the freestyle jumping revolution? General access sessions can last 60, 90 or 120 minutes and will give you free reign of the park as well as all of the kit.

You’ll need to wear a special pair of Air Space grip socks, which you can buy from us for if you don’t already own a pair. We look forward to bouncing with you soon!

Air Space are giving away a huge 50% off on general access!

This massive discount is only available for a little while so you’ll need to jump to it to collect it.

This promotion is for a short term only and its the biggest discount we have ever given away so make sure you use your code below.

East Kilbride – massive50offek
Stevenage – massive50offst
Wolverhampton – massive50offwv

Available when you book between Sunday 14th may and Thursday 18th May.

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