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93 Year Old Raymond Tackles Go Ape Crathes Castle

Raymond Go Ape Crathes Castle

Raymond Zip WireWe love an inspirational tale here at Banana HQ. Every now and again we hear about something so fantastic, that we have to rise from our seats and applaud. Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win. Tim Peake’s historic space landing. That dog from Southend who can skateboard.

But a few weeks ago, we heard a story that really knocked us sideways.

When Louise Finlayson decided to celebrate her 21st birthday at Go Ape Crathes Castle, her grandpa Raymond was determined to not miss out on the fun.

Reminding us that age really is just a number, 93-year-old Raymond became the oldest ever Tribesman to take on a Go Ape course. The inspirational nonagenarian enjoyed every second of his visit, completing both the zip wire and the Tarzan swing.

Raymond said: “I don’t think age should ever be a barrier and I am always keen to try something new. Now that I have been to Go Ape and know what to expect I will be better prepared for my next visit, when I am planning on completing the rest of the course.”

Wow. Here’s to Raymond, and all the other adventurous silverbacks out there reminding us that there is no limit to the human spirit.

Adventure is available for apes of all ages over one metre tall. Book your next forest experience.

Accolades aplenty for Aberfoyle!

Go Ape Aberfoyle Award

Amazing Aberfoyle

We always knew our Tribe at Aberfoyle were doing a sterling job (get it – because they’re in Stirlingshire? Sorry…) BUT we’re happy to share that their hard work has been officially recognised. They’ve scooped a couple of awards recently – the first from VisitScotland, who added them to a prestigious group of just 25 Scottish businesses that have so far been named a five-star Activity Centre.

Go Ape Aberfoyle - Best OutdoorAdventure Experience











Congratulations to Action Glen and Highland Fling Bungee for getting to the finals at the Scottish Thistle Awards – Scottish tourism’s equivalent of the Oscars. Go Ape will now join other regional winners at the glittering national finals in Edinburgh on March 11.

Go Ape Aberfoyle Award Ape














We’ve got our fingers crossed, guys!

If you haven’t yet visited Aberfoyle come join us and enjoy two to three hours in the trees taking on Zip Wires, Tarzan Swings, Rope Ladders and a variety of obstacles and crossings.

Go Ape Aberfoyle is home some of the longest Zip Wires in Britain, it really is in a league of its own. At a dizzying 120ft high and 426 metres long the grand finale at our first Scottish adventure is an exhilarating and memorable experience!

Visit Aberfoyle

Love is in the air…

Go Ape Aberfoyle Proposal

Marriage Proposal at Go ApeIt was late last month, at Go Ape Aberfoyle, when Colin Nicholson found himself whizzing down the course’s final 400-metre long zip wire.

His partner, Zac Louden, had begged to go first, and as Colin neared the end he started to realise why: one knee down in a pile of woodchip knelt Zac, holding up a sign which read: “Will you marry me!?

An immediate “Yes!” from Colin was greeted with claps and cheers from onlookers, including fellow customers as well as members of the Go Ape tribe who helped make the forest-themed proposal possible.

“Being up in the trees I was so worried that I was going to drop the rings!” says Zac. “As if a zip wire isn’t nerve wracking enough without the added pressure of proposing – but it was worth it to see the look on Colin’s face as he came flying down the zip wire.”

The couple’s whirlwind romance all began last summer. After meeting on Facebook through mutual friends, Zac and Colin decided that they wanted their first date to be fun – somewhere they can relax and have a laugh. And so, after visiting Go Ape before and loving it, they decided to head 150 feet up in the trees of Aberfoyle!

After deciding to take their relationship to new heights, Zac knew that a zip down memory lane at Go Ape would be the ultimate way to pop the question.

“We were about to go on the last zip wire and I knew something was strange as Zac was insisting that I went last,” says Colin. “At about half way along the zip I could see a huge sign and Zac down on one knee and I immediately clicked what was happening.”

Zac and Colin at Go ApeColin admits he went a little red-faced at the number of people clapping and cheering, but says, “We love going hill walking and doing outdoor activities, so it was an amazing proposal which really summed-up our relationship.”

Gordon Cochrane-Yuill, site manager at Go Ape Aberfoyle, congratulated Colin and Zac on their engagement. “Go Ape’s all about having fun and living life adventurously, which makes it a great place for an exciting date that’s sure to leave a lasting impression,” he says.

Now living together, Colin and Zac have made a bucket list of things they want to do over the next few years, starting with a trip to Disney World in 2017 to celebrate their engagement. Then, they’ll start planning their dream wedding on the water at The Vu in Scotland’s Bathgate.

All that’s left to say is a huge ‘congratulations!’ from all the Go Ape tribe, and here’s to many more tree-mendous years of adventure together!

Our Zip-tastic Zip Wires!

Dare Adventure

“Say I’m a bird! Say it! Say it now!”

“You’re a bird.”

“Now say you’re a bird too.”

“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

– Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Imagine being a bird for the day (minus the eating worms part). Soaring, carefree, through the sky, over cities, seas and lush, green countryside. Swooping through valleys and taking time out at the tip of tree-tops.

Well, thanks to Go Ape, you no longer need to imagine! Our zip lines have (sort of) made human flight possible, enabling you to soar through the sky with your arms (or shall we say, wings?) spread wide! And if you want to yell, “I’m a bird!” well, that’s completely up to you!

The wind-in-your-face feeling you get when you step (or jump, or leap) off the zip platform is truly unbeatable (you’ll know what we mean if you’ve zipped with Go Ape before). You’ll fly through the trees and above them, through valleys and across glistening lakes set deep within the forest. Then you’ll come to land on top of a squidgy mound of woodchip!Zip Trekking View

If you’ve never been to Go Ape, we dare you to come and give it a go – you definitely won’t regret it. Even if you feel a little anxious about heights, our obstacle courses are a great way to conquer your fear. Besides, when you’re on a zip wire you’ve got to remember that you’re getting closer to the ground with each passing second!

If you’ve visited us before, then we dare you to return to the forest and do Go Ape like a pro! Maybe the last time you held on for dear life when zipping; this time, let go and embrace it! Or, last time you might have failed to land on your feet at the end of the zips; this time, challenge yourself to see how many times you can land vertically!

You’ll find zip lines at all of our Go Ape courses. They’re all awesome (if we do say so ourselves), but here’s a pick of some of our greatest zips:


Set in the heart of the glorious Loch Lomond, Go Ape Aberfoyle is home to two of Britain’s longest zip wires, each stretching over 400m. On one of the zips, you’ll fly over a 90 foot waterfall – cool, huh?


In Glentress Forest in Peebles you’ll find our highest zip wire! You’ll fly over beautiful reservoirs in the valley – the views are truly awesome.

Haldon Forest Park

A stone’s throw from the city of Exeter, Go Ape at Haldon Forest Park boasts two 235m zip wires, flying you from hilltop to hilltop with stunning views of Dartmoor National Park.

Grizedale Forest

Seven zip lines, one after the other, covering a whopping 3km of forest! If you’re looking for the ultimate zip experience, then it’s got to be our Zip Trekking Adventure in Cumbria’s Grizedale Forest.