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Ride the wind with Go Ape!

Zip, Zip, Horray

Today is not just any old (dreary) Tuesday, oh no. Today is a special day. D’you want to know why? Because it’s Ride the Wind Day!

Yep – Ride the Wind Day is a thing, and it’s celebrated across the world every year on the 23rd of August! If there’s a day dedicated to celebrating love, then why can’t there be a day dedicated to celebrating one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts!?

Alright, so there are certain times when the wind can be annoying – when you’re trying to read the paper outdoors, when you can’t hear what your mate’s saying on the phone, or when it messes with your hair to make you look like an ‘80s pop icon.

But, there are many reasons why wind is brilliant, too. Wind allows us to travel, whether it’s over water on a sailboat or through the air on a paraglider. It dries our washing and cools us down when we’re hot and flustered. It’s also a free, renewable energy source that is super-clean, emitting no pollutants or greenhouse gases.

So, how did Ride the Wind Day come about?

Well, it was initiated to honour the anniversary of the first human-powered flight to win the Kremer Prize (a series of awards given to pioneers of human-powered flight). On this day back in 1977, the Gossamer Condor became the first human-powered aircraft capable of controlled and sustained flight. It was designed by Paul Macready and piloted by Bryan Allen, who completed a mile-long, figure-eight course in 7 minutes and 27 seconds, reaching a top speed of 11mph.

Tree Top Adventure Go ApeIf you’re scratching your head thinking of how to celebrate Ride the Wind Day, we’ve got an idea: book a Zip Trekking Adventure at Go Ape! What better way to experience that wind-in-your-face feeling than by soaring through the air like a bird!?

Our Zip Trekking Adventure is exclusive to Cumbria and you’ll find it nestled amidst the Douglas Firs at Grizedale Forest. You’ll soar high above the forest floor, soaking in the views as you take on seven zips and cover a mega 3km of ground (or shall we say, air?).

Your Zip Trekking Adventure will start with a safety briefing, and then you’ll get to experience that fresh, forest breeze as you embark on a 20-minute hike through one of the most beautiful forests in the UK. You’ll then be whisked along winding mountain roads in one of our off-road Land Rovers, up to the training zip. Once you’ve perfected your technique and learned how to land like a pro, you’ll be free to soar!

If Cumbria is a bit of a trek from where you live, you’re able to get that wind-in-your-face feeling at any of our Go Ape locations! Every single Tree Top Adventure features zip lines! But if you’re near any of the following, be sure to check them out…

Go Ape Aberfoyle – Home to two of Britain’s longest zip wires (each stretching over 400m).

Go Ape Glentress Forest, Peebles – Our highest zip wire, flying you over stunning reservoirs in the valley.

Go Ape Haldon Forest Park – Boasting two 235m zip wires, flying you from hilltop to hilltop with awe-inspiring views of Dartmoor National Park.

So, are you ready for a zip-tastic adventure? Book now to avoid disappointment!

Over 60 hours a week, what’s stopping you?

Tarzan Swing

Right – hands up who’s ever used the excuse, Sorry; I don’t have the time to get out of something?

Perhaps a friend called to see if you wanted to play 5-a-side, a family member asked if you’d run an errand for them, or a colleague needed help with a project at work.

We all have busy lives but its important not to fall into the (lazy) habit of constantly using time as an excuse not to do things! Sure, work saps up a lot of our waking day, but there are still plenty of hours in the evenings and weekends to let your hair down and have some fun!

Time for Go Ape!

Call us clever, call us smart, as the Go Ape folk have been doing some calculations without a calc. Our sites are open for an average of 9 hours a day, which over the course of a week means were open for 63 hours. That’s over 60 hours of forest-themed, Tarzan-inspired fun that you and your tribe could be getting involved in!

Why wait for a bank holiday weekend?

Instead of spending your weekday evenings watching TV and daydreaming about the weekend, swing by Go Ape for an adventure in the tree tops. It’s important to make the most of these lovely light evenings before summer ends and the nights start drawing in (lets not think about that yet).

If you embark on a Tree Top Adventure, you’ll take on a whole host of exciting obstacles, from bridges and tunnels to stirrups and tight ropes. You’ll leap off platforms and into giant nets, and you’ll feel the evening breeze in your face as you fly through the air on a zip wire. Sounds pretty awesome, huh?

If you’d prefer an adventure that’s a little closer to the ground, you could hop aboard one of our all-terrain Segways and cruise the forest floor.

With our Forest Segway Experience, you’ll roll across simple pathways and trickier trails as you weave your way in and out of the trees, soaking in the sights and breathing in that fresh forest air as you go! Arguably the best way to unwind after a hard days work!

And then, we have the weekends – two whole days to do whatever you like!

Not seen your best mate in a while? Call them and see if they like to catch up in the tree tops. Fancy arranging an alternative first date? Unleashing your inner Tarzan as you tackle sky-high obstacles is bound to impress! Want to treat your kids before they head back to school? They’ll love monkeying around on a Tree Top Junior course!

See you soon!

Birthday celebrations from around the world

Go Ape Kids Half Term

When we think of a typical British birthday party, we tend to think of balloons, games, prezzies, and cake smothered with icing and topped with candles.

Did you know that you share your birthday with around 19 million people across the globe? So, as you hover over your cake while desperately trying to think of a wish, other birthday boys and girls will be celebrating turning one year older (and wiser) in very different ways.

Here are some of our favourite birthday customs from around the world – some brilliant, others totally bizarre…

China slurps noodles

In china, ‘longevity’ noodles are served to the birthday boy or girl for lunch. These noodles symbolise long life and are meant to be slurped until the child can slurp no more – then they are bitten. We’re sure table manners like these would have got us told off as kids.

Jamaica makes flour bombs

Forget smothering a cake in icing; in Jamaica, the birthday boy or girl is smothered with flour in a tradition called ‘antiquing.’ Not sure we want this custom to catch on in the UK, though…

Brazil gets its 5-a-day

We’ve heard of parents secretly adding healthy food to kids’ meals, but never this: in Brazil, kids eat sweets shaped like fruit and veg on their birthday! Oh, and they also get their earlobes tugged on – one tug for every year (this stops after childhood, thankfully).

Israel wears the crown

Kids in Israel get treated like royalty on their birthday (the way it should be, right?). Not only do they get to don a crown made from leaves and flowers, but their parents carry them around on a chair decorated with streamers as guests dance and sing around them.

Mexico whacks a horse

…Not literally, of course. Chances are you’ve tried your luck at winning the contents of a sweet-filled piñata in the past; and in terms of its fun factor, it’s definitely up there. Blindfolded kids hurling a heavy object around…what could possibly go wrong?

Germany takes it easy

German kids are lucky, because they’re never given chores or homework to do on their birthday. Parents will often decorate the whole house and instead of a cake, candles are placed in a wooden wreath on the dining room table.

Vietnam waits ‘till New Year’s Day

Everyone in Vietnam celebrates their birthday on New Year’s Day, which the Vietnamese call ‘Tet.’ The actual day people are born isn’t acknowledged at all, meaning if a baby was born in December they’d still turn one on January 1st!

The UK gets to Go Ape!

If you’re celebrating a birthday in the UK, you can swing through the trees, jump off platforms and whizz down zip wires. That is, of course, if you book a birthday party at Go Ape!

Adventurous Kids Birthday Parties

The birthday boy or girl can hang out with their mates on one of our Tree Top Junior courses, where they’ll get to enjoy an hour of canopy exploring, obstacle conquering and trail blazing! To make their day extra special, we offer a range of extras including party bags, a Go Ape t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl, and use of our forest shelter.

Outdoor Birthday Parties Go Ape

Adults can celebrate their birthdays in the forest too, choosing from our award-winning Tree Top Adventure or Forest Segway Experience. If you want to find out more, call one of our tribe today on 0333 355 9416.

Find out more about Go Ape Birthday Parties.

#TakeTheFirstStep: one step at a time

Take the First Step Go Ape

This summer, we’ve made it our mission to inspire you, yes, you! to take the first step towards leading a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

And there’s only one way you can do that: by getting out there and embracing adventure!

One step at a time

We’ll be the first ones to admit that our Tree Top Adventure courses seem a little scary to start. In fact, most members of the tribe will tell you they had the jitters the very first time they climbed the rope ladder to Platform 1!

But, it would be wrong to label our courses extreme, or to say that they’re for daredevils or thrill-seekers only. A Tree Top Adventure is for everyone! Provided you’re reasonably fit and healthy, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a few hours of canopy exploring and trailblazing!

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to swing with us (and your inner Tarzan is dying to be released), but something’s always held you back, a fear of heights, maybe? Well, Go Ape prides itself on helping people to overcome their fear of heights you just need to be ready to take the first step.

If you embark on a Tree Top Adventure, that ‘first step’ will take place on the rope ladder leading to Platform 1. Take it one step at a time: you can be as slow as you like (within reason, of course). If you want to stop for a breather every few steps, that’s absolutely fine!

Trust us when we say, getting yourself up there is the trickiest bit (mentally, anyway).

Once you’re in the tree-tops, you’ll start to relax and realise how much fun it is up there! And besides, the bridges, tunnels, nets and swings will be welcome distractions from the fact you’re suspended 30+ feet in the air!

Woodchip Landing at Go ApeAnd here’s the thing: on a Tree Top Adventure, you pick your route. As you make your way through the course, you can choose to take-on easier obstacles, or (if you’re feeling brave) trickier ones. You might select ‘beginner mode’ to start and then crank it up to advanced as you go along, it’s up to you.

If you stick to the more simple routes the whole way round, that’s absolutely fine. Kudos to you for facing your fear head-on, clambering up into the tree-tops and conquering a Tree Top Adventure!

Few things compare to that “I’ve done it!” mini-fist-pump-feeling you get as you whizz down the final zip wire, landing (gracefully or not so gracefully) in a soft pile of woodchip. We promise you’ll enjoy your tree-top time so much, you’ll be wanting to book another Go Ape adventure!

A happier, more adventurous you is just around the corner, are you ready to take that first step?

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