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Ben Fogle Talks ‘Adventure’ with Go Ape

Ben Fogle Share Adventure

Renowned for his adventurous spirit, Ben Fogle talks to us about his world and why sharing adventure is so important.

Ben on adventures from long ago

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. They aren’t always comfortable but they are inevitably memorable. Most of my happiest memories are of adventures of one kind or another.

“There was the time my father took me and my best friend on a canoeing holiday through the lakes of Algonguin park in Canada when we were 13. There was the time I hitchhiked on a boat down the Amazon when I was 19 or the time I went to live on an island in the Outer Hebrides for a year when I was 24”. 

Ben on a rafting holiday in Sweden

“Each adventure is a marker of a my life an indicator of my own personal development. Shortly after I got married, I planned our first holiday as newly weds. We would drive to the middle of Sweden where we would build a timber raft and float down a river, camping on the raft for 10 days. The raft weighed more than a ton and it soon became apartment that stopping it would be nearly impossible. To make matters worse we had brought out two dogs for company. They would need to be ferried ashore in a canoe we had lashed to the raft.

It rained, we got stuck in eddy currents, the raft began to sink, it was cold, we fell in, we got hungry, but you know what, despite endless holidays since, it is still our most memorable holiday. We really did love it. It is the one we still talk about and laugh about. For me, that rafting holiday was the essence of the perfect adventure. It tested us. It wasn’t always fun, but boy did we remember it”.

I’ve been lucky enough to row across oceans, walk across deserts and trek to polar regions. Each one defines me as a person. Adventure maketh the person. Something we can universally enjoy, often as a family.

Ben on recent family adventures

“I recently took my family for their first taste of Africa. We travelled across Tanzania meeting the wildlife and the conservationists who protect it. We played with orphaned elephants and slept out under the canopy of stars to the roar of lions in the near distance. We cooked our food on an open fire and we all huddled together in the tent at night.

We bounced across the Plaines while the blood red African set in the horizon. I saw the awe and wonder in my children’s eyes as experienced this adventurous new world before them. It allowed me to experience Africa from a whole new perspective”.

With new eyes. It reiterated the importance of my own love affair with adventure and rekindled my passion to explore and learn.

NOW is the time to SEEK ADVENTURE

Ben is supporting our #ShareAdventure campaign. Visit the #ShareAdventure portal and get inspired for your next adventure this summer with your family. It’s packed full of real-life ideas from people across the UK that will help you share adventure.

Ben Fogle’s Fair Isle Adventures

Ben Fogle Share Adventure

Ben Fogle This MorningBen Fogle has joined the Go Ape Tribe to encourage families across the UK to #ShareAdventure, not screens, this summer.

Yesterday, Ben visited This Morning to spread the word about our #ShareAdventure campaign after our survey of 2,000 British parents revealed that shockingly children will spend over 86 hours in front of a screen this summer.

Not only that, but 22% of parents admitted to allowing their children to watch TV and play on screen based devices simply to keep them quiet.

To bring adventure back to families this summer we launch the #ShareAdventure portal. It’s jam-packed with real-life adventures from people across the UK to help inspire others to explore the great outdoors.

What’s more, you can now check out one of Ben’s favourite UK adventures on the Fair Isle. Here’s a sneak-peak…

“Closer to home, although not exactly easily accessible, is Fair Isle, the most remote inhabited island in the British Isles. Getting there is an adventure in itself as the island can be shut off for weeks at a time during the savage winter storms and, although part of the British Isles, it is actually closer to Norway than it is to England”

Find out what else there is to discover on the Fair Isle by checking out Ben’s adventure here.

Did we mention that you can also win incredible adventurous prizes from our lovely partners? There’s holidays, campaign gear, clothing and more up for grabs from Cotswold Outdoor, Enid Blyton, Forest Holidays, Forestry Commission, Salomon, Canopy & Stars and Suunto.

The ‘Closeted Generation’. First You’ll Be Shocked, Then You’ll Be Inspired

Share Adventure - Closeted Generation

It’s official, the summer holidays are here, and with it a world of endless possibilities to seek adventure and enjoy family time together.

Or at least that’s what we thought…

We wanted to know how families tackle technology and embrace the outdoors so we asked 2,000 parents from across the UK how they spend their family time together. You won’t believe what they said.

  • Over one fifth (22%) admitted that they regularly put their child in

    front of the TV or a games console because it’s easier

  • 49% of all parents admitted to feeling guilty about allowing their

    child to have too much screen time

  • Over half of parents (51%) worry that their children are having

    less traditional play-time experiences such as climbing trees, building a den

    or going to the park

  • 49 per cent of all British parents surveyed felt their children would

    class ‘play-time’ as watching TV and playing on computer games, rather

    than participating in outdoor activities

  • Over a quarter of British parents (26%) do not place a limit on the

    amount of screen time a child has per day with 48 per cent admitting to

    allowing their child extra ‘screen time’ to simply keep them occupied

I think you’ll agree, the results make for unpleasant reading.

The study also found that this generation of children will astonishingly spend the equivalent of 3.5 days solid in front of a screen during the summer holidays – that’s 86 hours and 40 minutes that could be spent playing outdoors!

Sadly, traditional activities like making daisy chains, flying a kite, and fruit picking are at risk of becoming obsolete with the study showing that British children are less physically active than their parents were by over an hour per day.

What can we do about the ‘Closeted Generation’?

The results of the study weren’t all doom and gloom with a clear desire amongst modern-day parents to spend more time having adventures together. Over three quarters of parents (77%) said that they would prefer their children to spend more time outside than they currently do.

We asked ourselves, what obstacles are families facing that’s preventing the future generation from enjoying more time together outdoors? With only one in ten parents believing it’s not safe for their children to play outside, and 49% feeling guilty about too much screen time we found that access to ideas is a fundamental barrier.

Six in ten (65%) parents admitted that they need to make the effort to partake in outdoor activities with their children. Most already understand the effects of too much screen time, with 42% of parents expressing concern over the negative impact on children’s imagination from over-exposure to TV, video games and smartphones (reportedly at least 2 hours 4 minutes a day during the summer break!).

With our study revealing that parents want their children to partake in more outdoor activities but are at a loss when it comes to planning family activities, we decided that something needs to be done to inspire families across the UK. That’s why we launched the #ShareAdventure campaign – and created a portal that showcases real-life experiences and adventures.

Supported by Ben Fogle, writer, broadcaster and father of two, the TV personality commented;

“I do worry that today’s generation of children are at risk of losing their sense of adventure. It is clear from the study by Go Ape that many parents need to do more to encourage their children to play outdoors. The prospect of future generations having no interest in flying a kite or climbing trees is a frightening thought. I hope parents act on this and get their children outside this summer.”

 NOW is the time to SEEK ADVENTURE

Don’t resort to allowing extra ‘screen time’ this summer to keep your children occupied – like 48% of the parents in our study. Visit the #ShareAdventure portal and get inspired for your next adventure this summer with your family. It’s packed full of real-life ideas from people across the UK that will help you share adventure – not screens.

Want to know more? View the unbelievable results here.


NEW City Park Adventure Coming Soon!


Go Ape Battersea Park is on it’s way.

City Park Adventure is coming to the heart of London in Battersea Park and we are aiming for an Autumn opening.

Work has began and we’re as excited as you are for our first City Park Adventure.

Nestled a stones throw from the buzz of the city, our high ropes adventure takes one beautiful corner of Battersea Park and adds a healthy dollop of breathtaking London scenery. We’ll add a smattering of tree top high wires, tricky crossings (using ladders, walkways, bridges and tunnels made of wood, rope and super-strong wire) and unforgettable zip wires.

Here’s a Q & A on City Park Adventure:

Here’s a few things you might want to know…

What are the plans?

Our course will consist of 2 main towers, from which participants will work their way around several loops of obstacles and zip wires of varying difficulty. The crossings will be suspended from suitable trees and purpose built steel poles. 

Will Go Ape damage the trees?

Go Ape is built on the long term health of trees. Our courses are designed to have a minimal impact on the trees we utilise, allowing us to work with partners like the Forestry Commission. We work with leading independent arboriculturalists to check the trees remain healthy and strong.


We’ll keep you posted on when it’s landed!

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