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Why You Should Share Your Adventures

Share Adventure

“Happiness is only real when shared.” – Chris McCandless

Throughout the day at Banana HQ conversation often drifts away from our amazing forest adventures, and the most common topic of conversation? Yep, you guessed it – more adventure!

We Go Ape folk eat, sleep and breathe adventure, and it seems like we talk about it an awful lot, too. And why not? It’s exciting to learn what the tribe have been getting up to in their spare time. Big or small, short or long, tame or devilishly daring and death-defying, we believe that all adventures should be shared!

We’ll be the first ones to admit that we sometimes feel quite smug when talking to people about our adventures. Even more so when they respond with comments like “Whoa!”, “Cool!”, “You’re so brave!” or “I can’t believe you did that!” If you’ve done something new and exciting, conquered a fear or accomplished something you thought you could never accomplish, then why shouldn’t you shout from the rooftops about it?!

There’s also another good reason why you should share your adventures: because it inspires people! Adventure is one of the very few things in life we don’t mind being contagious. By sharing your exciting experiences with other people you will encourage them to get out there and start living life adventurously, too.

Every one of us knows that a life lived adventurously is a life better lived.

There are many different ways you can share your adventures. Some of these include:


WOM (aka word of mouth) is no doubt one of the best ways you can share your adventures with friends and family. This is your chance to tell people your unique story; perhaps you’ve got a few good snaps to show them, too?


Thanks to the wonderful World Wide Web, we’ve got access to thousands of awesome adventure blogs, many of which turn us greener with envy the more words we read. If you’re interested in sharing your adventures with the world, then blogging is a great way to do just that. It’s relatively simple to set up, so you’re bound to get the hang of it in no time at all.

Get social

The likes of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are useful tools for sharing all kind of things (not just photos of what you ate for dinner last night). These sites are effectively an online scrapbook and you can use them to upload pictures and write about your adventures to your friends, family and even the wider community.


Yes, that’s right. If you have an adventure to share, then why not share it with Go Ape? This summer sees the launch of our #ShareAdventure campaign, designed to inspire our customers to go on adventures in the UK with friends and family.

Our aim is to create what is effectively an inspiration adventure portal (or as our Chief Gorilla likes to call it, an Inspirator). You can discover adventures from people all over the UK and get inspired for your next exciting adventure – plus there’s amazing prizes up for grabs too from our friends at Cotswold Outdoors, Enid Blyton, Forest Holidays, Forestry Commission, Salomon, Canopy & Stars, Sunnto AND of course, Go Ape.

Alternatively, if you’ve got an adventure to share, get involved! In 250 words, we want you to inspire others to get out there and discover adventure in the UK. The choice is yours on what story to share; whether it’s the story of your very first adventure, your most impressive adventure or your most favourite adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the share your adventure page now!

Looking For A Summer Adventure?

Share Adventure This Summer

“ I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen”

Adventure, in our leafy world, is the central core around which everything else is built. It encompasses that rich feeling of elation, a sensation of freedom and a devotion to experience something new!

But an adventure isn’t the same when you have no one to share it with.

Whatever name you give it – bonding, team building, family time, camaraderie (it’s tribe in our case) – a shared adventure is plain good fun.

“Say yes to new adventures”

We live in a land packed with the ‘a’ word. You might not know it yet, but it’s there. And it’s our mission to help you find it.

We want to inspire the whole of the UK to share adventure and live life adventurously. Lashed together with ropes and wire, we’ve built this rather splendid adventure generator – or as the Chief likes to call it – an inspirator.

It’s a portal for you to get inspired, a foundation for you to create, a hub for you to WIN good things and a base for you to share your adventures!

Intrigued? Go on, click INSPIRE ME and #ShareAdventure.


It’s National Picnic Week!


Definition of the picnic:

an occasion when a packed meal is eaten outdoors, especially during an outing to the countryside.

The Great British Picnic represents more than just our stubborn British spirit, it represents a promise of adventure! For us, that period after an adventure where an array of fabulous feasts are enjoyed in the great outdoors, gives you time to reflect on your experience – whatever it might have been!

When the weather’s good, there’s no better way to spend the day than over an adventurous picnic with friends and family – especially if your picnic spot is one of the best.

We’ve bundled together our top picnic spots for #PicnicWeek in the UK, have a read:

1. Exploring the depths of Thetford Forest

A picnic in the heart of the largest lowland pine forest is right up there on our ‘to-do’ The Feeling of Adventurelist. There’s miles of trails, which are just great for a romantic walk, a wind-in-your-face bike ride – you’ll work up a great appetite for a forest feast! When you settle in the perfect picnic spot, keep you fingers crossed to see the forest’s beautiful red deer. It’s a sight that you won’t forget in a hurry!

2. Admiring the views of Loch Lomund

Loch Lomond is a super spot for a picnic. For a fresh take on one of Scotland’s best views, catch the ferry to the little wooded island of Inchcailloch. Here why not follow a path to the summit of a wee hill called Tom na nighean (hill of the young women) for views over Loch Lomond’s polka dot of islands. If it’s warm, try a bit of wild swimming – we’d recommend that fresh feeling only a swim in the Loch’s clear water can give you…

3. Overlooking the Seven Sisters of Sussex

Eat your sandwiches opposite one of the most beautiful scenes in the country – the Seven Sisters. OK, so the shingle beach doesn’t make for the comfiest of meals, but the views are well worth it. The Sisters is a great place to watch the sun set after a day exploring. It’s the way the light plays over the white cliffs – it makes for some stunning snaps. Behind the famous chalk cliffs you’ll find meandering rivers, flower-rich downland to admireand a rollercoaster path on which you can walk off your sandwiches.

4. An unrivalled backdrop of the Snowdonia Mountains

The backdrop of the Menai Strait and Snowdonia’s mountains are pretty spectacularCheddar Gorge - Somerset for a sarnie or two. You can wander (or hike!) along the shaded woodland trails to find a perfect spot for a picnic in Anglesea. Why not walk up the steps of Plas Newydd to discover what their epic treehouse has to offer. After being rebuilt last year, it’s now bigger and better than ever. Trust us, there are some amazing views of our favourite Welsh mountains.

5. High in the sky!

Up high in the sky is an incredible place to be especially with a picnic. Floating across the Welsh hills in the gentle breeze sipping on bubbly and crunching on crisps taking in the spectacular views. A truly memorable adventurous picnic up in the sky!

6. Cheese and wine in Bristol

No need to venture to far to have a cheese and wine picnic and listen to some summer tunes. Head out to Brandon Hill in Bristol to soak up some summer rays and enjoy the things that are free in life. You may even be able to spot some wildlife in the nature park!

7. Sea air on the Isle of Wight

Extreme PicnickingFancy a bit of sea air and homemade grub? The best place to picnic in the Isle of Wight is down on Compton Bay. Take the kids and the dog to play outside in the summer sun and swim in the sea for an adventurous day out. The coloured cliffs and coastal views are a wonderful backdrop as well as trying to find dinosaur bones in the historical location.

8. BBQ on the River Frome

Grab a barbeque and some bits to throw on and head down to the River Frome for a swim in the wild and a country picnic. The water is crisp and fresh for a dip and the surrounds are peaceful and green. Nothing better than a summer day with friends chilling out away from life’s hassles!

Here’s something we lashed together on Pinterest #picnicweek Take a look: 

Follow Go Ape UK’s board Adventurous Picnic Ideas on Pinterest.

We want to inspire the whole of the British Isles to share adventure and live life adventurously. Lashed together with ropes and wire, we’ve built this rather splendid adventure generator – or as the Chief likes to call it – an inspirator.

Inspire Me

Only 3 days to go!!


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