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Muddy Miles, Muddy Memories and More Mud!


If you choose to work for Go Ape then adventure runs through your veins – after all, life would be so dull without it. Adventure that is! I’m Charlotte, one of the hairy marketing monkeys at Banana HQ, escaping the office when I can! Go Ape even helped towards my day at Tough Mudder through the Adventure Fund.

When I was challenged to Tough Mudder (after a few too many glasses of wine at a wedding!) I jumped at the chance to tick it off the bucket list. With a couple of days to go before we ventured to the beautiful grounds of Boughton House, I took a brief look around the Tough Mudder website. Immediately I wished I hadn’t.

The day arrived and we all felt a nervous excitement en route to join the fellow mudders – the banter-filled car that set off was soon taken over by pre-race jitters!

We spent just under four hours trudging through mud, overcoming Everest, cage crawling, and surviving swamps and shocks. The folk at Tough Mudder HQ must be smiling to themselves as they mark out the course ensuring every hill in the rolling countryside is included and no water-filled ditch is left out!

The Arctic Enema was something else, just thinking about it sends icy shivers down my spine. I can’t begin to think how I managed to submerge myself in ice cold water and swim through, but the Tough Mudder spirit takes over and you simply do it. Everyone is cheering and the euphoria you feel is second to none!

It’s your tribe that helps you make it over that finish line and we all walked away with pride and a smile in a Tough Mudder tee and headband – thoroughly toughened up. There’s something truly rewarding about running for a charity – knowing that you can make a difference. Sarah Malins’ ‘Together we are Stronger‘ team ran for the rare genetic disorder CDKL5.

I can safely say that when they say ‘Tough Mudder’ they mean it! It’s a true test of mental and physical strength. As a team, we’re proud to be part of the Tough Mudder tribe – conquering one of the World’s toughest challenges.

If you fancy joining the tribe and working for the UK’s No.1 Forest Adventure check our latest jobs here.


Now Open. Be One of the First to Fly!


LATEST NEWS: Our Zip Trekking Adventure at Grizedale Forest, Cumbria officially opens on Friday 4 July. Our latest experience is a network of seven tandem zip lines that traverse the sky-scraping Douglas Firs. Two exhilarating hours. Seven dual zip wires. 3km of fun!

Brand new to the Lakes, we’re excited to unleash Zip Trekking, the latest forest adventure to join the Go Ape family. Enjoy two hours in the Cumbrian trees. Zip Trekking Adventure is an experience you’ll never forget.

Book your next adventure.


Up, Up and Away. NEW Twin Course!


Double the fun at Trent Park.

A warm welcome from the team here at Trent Park. For those who have joined us recently you may have noticed our hairy construction team have been around a lot of late. You may have also noticed a number of new crossings appear in the canopy, a few landing sites crop up on the ground and our Site Manager Pete losing even more hair by the day.

Well the wait is over. Our brand NEW twin course, a first for Go Ape, is now open to challenge and excite you!

We hope to see you in the trees soon!

Natasha Kosak’s Go Ape Exhibition

Go Ape Exhibition

I was recently contacted by a lovely art student – Natasha Kosak, who has just completed the ‘Art & Design Foundation Diploma’ at Barrow Sixth Form College. She has originally contacted us asking if we had any spare Go Ape equipment, unfortunately we didn’t have any spare. However, she still went ahead and based her Final Major Project on Go Ape!

After her exhibition had finished, Natasha sent me across some photos and a little bit of information on her project. So here it is, how Go Ape got out of the trees and into the Exhibition Room!

Natasha’s Story

I have just completed the ‘Art & Design Foundation Diploma’ at Barrow Sixth Form College. (Barrow-in-Furness).  I worked on a series of mini projects throughout the year leading up to my Final Major Project. 

The title of my project was ‘Go Ape advertising / promotion’. The brief we were given was completely open to our own ideas. I was aware that paper cutting was an area that I enjoyed and that I could do well, as I had completed previous projects in this medium. As my disciplinary was Graphic Design, my final outcome had to be something within this area. This was how I progressed on to my final designs. 

During my research I discovered an artist who worked in paper cutting and this influenced me into choosing ‘trees/forestry’ as the base for my project. On discussion with my tutor, we decided Go Ape would fulfil all the necessary requirements for my final project. Having completed Go Ape the previous summer at Whinlatter, I researched the company more. I liked the idea of using such a dynamic activity, and combining that with a medium that it generally static. Using a scalpel allowed me to create the texture of the forest scene that I had envisioned, and creating the movement and excitement that you experience from Go Ape. I felt this allowed me to create a contrasting yet dynamic piece. 

I used my skills in paper cutting to create a large 3D scene in which I placed Go Ape. I cut out various layers to build up the forest, the go ape course and also a figure on a zipwire. I was inspired by various artists throughout this project including Helen Musselwhite and Katie Jayne Roberts (an ilumni of my college). After developing my paper cutting to an extent that I was happy with, I went on to produce various advertisement designs that would could be used as promotional pieces. I researched even more in to Go Ape, learning all out the psychographic and demographic of the target audience. This was how I developed and tested my ideas until I felt I had produced something that was suitable. 

My final results were a promotional poster that would be used as a simple print, or something that could be used in a magazine etc. I also produced the ’t-shaped’ advert for the side of a bus, a t-shirt, certificate, gift voucher, a billboard advert and business cards. 

This was all displayed at the end of year exhibition along with other students work. 

I am now looking forward to starting at Huddersfield University in September where I have enrolled on the (BA) Hons Graphic Design course.

I have a facebook page for my paper cutting as this is something I really do love doing! 

Some pictures of her lovely display…

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