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Packing for the Three Peaks Yacht Race

Go Ape Three Peaks Yacht Race

Jerome Mayhew Packing for 3 Peaks Yacht RaceI went to the Three Peaks Yacht Race and in my suitcase I packed…

It’s finally here! There’s officially 24 hours to go until the Three Peaks Yacht Race begins. Our brave Go Ape team of sailors, runners, cyclists and adventurers are all packed and ready to embark on the race of a lifetime.

We’ll be posting photos and videos from the main event to keep you updated with the latest trials, tribulations and victories as the team make their way from Barmouth to Fort William. Including a sneak peak at what Chief Sailor/Skipper, Jerome Mayhew, has packed for the grand voyage:

Of course there’s more than just the departure from Barmouth to deal with, first of all the team had to make their way to the start line. Here’s a first-hand summary from Jerome:

Well, we have passed the first hurdle of the race, which was to get to Barmouth and the start.

He continues,

“The delivery trip has taken Go Ape, Live Life Adventurously from Levington in Suffolk all the way down the South coast of England to Lands End, around and across the Bristol Channel up to Milford Haven and then to the north of Cardigan Bay and Barmouth. Fog enveloped the yacht for the last ten hours of the sail, making landfall at Barmouth a heart in mouth experience. Visibility was less than 100m!

Fog Three Peaks Yacht Race

The final touches are now being put to the boat: runner Ed Smith was sent up the mast this morning, using his Wire Rope Inspection qualification to check the rigging. All superfluous weight has now been removed from the boat and we are getting close to final race configuration. However, most of the time now is being spent in sailing awe of the other competitors. There is an incredibly high standard of racing talent in the fleet, with many professional sailors and specialist boats. It is exciting to be in such company but we have no illusions as to our chances! Pre-match nerves…”

We’re happy to report the fog lifted, treating the team to a spectacular view from the yacht. Here’s hoping conditions remain fair.

Sunny views from Three Peaks Yacht Race

We’ll be posting more updates on the blog across the next week, keep coming back to see what the team has been up to.

Now you can Go Ape at Chessington World of Adventures!

Go Ape Chessington

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine two adrenaline-packed experiences in one trip, without having to travel to two different places?

Well now you can, as Go Ape will be swinging its way into Chessington World of Adventures this summer!

That’s right: the UK’s number one forest adventure has teamed up with one of the UK’s wildest adventure parks to provide the ultimate day out for thrill-seekers and active families alike. In fact, this will be our 30th Go Ape adventure and the first one to launch within a UK theme park; and as you can probably tell, we can hardly contain our excitement!

The shiny new Go Ape at Chessington will feature both our Tree Top Adventure and Tree Top Junior courses, meaning the whole family can enjoy an action-packed day of fun in the beautiful 60-acre Chessington Resort woodland.

If you’re bringing your little monkeys along, so long as they’re aged 6 or above and are at least 1m tall, they can have the time of their lives climbing, balancing and tackling all sorts of obstacles high up in the trees at our Tree Top Junior course. That’s not to mention the reward they’ll get for their hard work at the end: zooming along the zip wire finale!

BTree Top Junior at Go Apeut that’s not all: at our new Chessington site, you’ll also be able to experience the thrill together on the first EVER four-person zip wire!

Sitting side-by-side, you and three others will feel the wind through your hair as you whoosh through the trees on this one-of-a-kind ride – we think it’s an unmissable experience, and one that you’re sure to remember for years to come!

After a day swinging through the trees in our Tree Top Junior and Tree Top Adventure courses, there’s no need to shut yourselves indoors! The Chessington Resort provides the perfect habitat for a spot of glamping (that’s glamorous camping, for those who didn’t know), so you and your tribe can enjoy a night under the stars and truly get back to nature. The Explorer tents can sleep up to four people and include wooden floors, beds, power sockets and even Wi-Fi – perfect for those who still like their creature comforts, even in the great outdoors!

By staying overnight, you’ll also be able to pack more into your trip – meaning you can enjoy two whole days of fun and adventure, with a well-earned rest in between.

So, get ready to make some memories and start planning your trip to our brand new adventure at Chessington World of Adventures!

Bookings for our Tree Top Junior course at Chessington are already open, and you’ll be able to make bookings for our Tree Top Adventure course from June onwards.

We can’t wait to welcome monkeys and apes of all shapes and sizes to this, our 30th Go Ape adventure! See you there!

Book now!

Happiness, shock and relief as I crossed the line


When I was younger, I used to believe that the only reason to run was if you were being chased by a large bear or something. I would see people running and think they were either a little bit crazy, or incredibly fit, However 2 years ago I entered a 5km fun run with some friends and it changed my outlook on running completely. From running around a course in the dark, dressed head to toe in neon and glowsticks I felt such a buzz and my thoughts changed to – This is amazing, I need to start running!!

Slow start

To start with I was slow and could not run far at all before needing to stop, red faced and out of breath. I continued to go out on the occasional run slowly getting fitter and able to run much further than when I’d first started. Even stranger I found that I had actually started to enjoy it more and more! Then last year in an attempt to push myself more and to help raise money for The Outward Bound Trust I entered and completed two half marathons and managed to raise a few hundred pounds in the process! These were an incredible achievement for myself and made me think If I could do those what else was I capable of doing. The next step I decided was to sign up for a marathon. Something that I had always thought would be an amazing achievement but never in a million years believed it would be something I would be capable of doing.

Heading to Manchester

The Manchester Marathon, advertised itself as the flattest, fastest and friendliest marathon and a great one for first timers to do. This was the one for me! I started out trying to follow training plans but found I could not stick to them so instead I just went out either on my own or with friends and did a variety of road and trail running for my training. I’ll admit there were many cold wet dark nights where I should’ve gone out but decided to stay inside by the nice warm fire instead and as a result did not do anywhere near the amount of training I should’ve done. I did learn one key thing though that I realised on the day around mile 21 – Its amazing what the body can do, when the mind really pushes it!!

The day of the marathon came around a lot quicker than I liked and before I knew it I was stood at the start line with my fellow Buxtoner Rob and thousands of other people, feeling both excited and nervous and thinking ‘Lets do this!!’

Let’s do this!

For the first half of the course I actually found myself having fun, I was loving it! The atmosphere and support from the marshals and the crowd was incredible! People of all ages were giving out high 5s, sweets even jaffa cakes and cheering you on, which really gave you a boost.

Until mile 16 I was really enjoying myself. At mile 17 however I found myself for the first time experiencing the dreaded wall! By this point i was physically exhausted! I knew I had to keep going, constantly telling myself every appropriate motivational quote I could think of. Somehow this seemed to work even if the mile markers seemed to be getting further and further apart.

By mile 23 though I knew I was nearly there and I pushed on. Towards the last mile I ran up and over a bridge, around a corner and the finish was in sight far in the distance,

The last mile…

I hobbled the last mile, my legs and feet now rather sore and tired, knowing I couldn’t stop now, especially in front of such a large crowd, I ran through the finish line at 4hrs 56mins, collected my medal, goodie bag, my new T shirt and felt a strange and overwhelming combination of happiness, shock, relief and in a strange way sadness that it was over, Id just run my first marathon. Im not ashamed to admit that at this point through all these emotions, I burst into tears feeling so proud of myself for achieving something that only a year ago I never imagined I would be able to do.

Living life adventurously

Just goes to show, with a little determination, motivation and a desire to live life adventurously, its amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it! Im already looking at other events to take part in but for now I’m going to enjoy a nice rest! Thank you to Go Ape Adventure Fund for funding my entry and to my friends, family and to my Buxton tribe for all their support and encouragement! I couldn’t have done it without it! 🙂

Rafting river rapids in the rain!


Go Ape spirit isn’t created, we’ve all got it within us.

Last Wednesday saw all 29 of our Site Managers come together from across the length and breadth of the UK. These get-togethers happen every few months and they’re normally filled with a whole lot of laughs, plenty of learning – and a healthy dose of adventure!

We gathered on a field next to the river Wye (in the beautiful Symonds Yat if you get the chance to go…) with the task of building a raft. A simple task for a number of Outdoor Instructor types you might think! A competitive bunch; the race was on between 8 teams to create an award-winning raft.

Much fun was had spying on what others had put together, and there was some serious banter in the air about who would be first in the water!

Whistles were blown, the race was on.

There were bodies in the water, paddles flying in all directions and shrieks and screams heard from anyone close to the Forest of Dean – but we were all in it together! In the end, there were no winners, just a lot of great amusing stories to discuss round the campfire that evening. Yes, we really did sit round the campfire in hail stones and anything else the Great British weather might want to throw at us.

Here at Banana HQ we’re already looking forward to the next…

Go Ape is all about having fun, living life adventurously and getting out of your comfort zone!

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