What kind of gift-giver are you? Take our two-minute quiz to find out!

Gift Voucher Quiz
So you want to find out what kind of gift-giver you are? All you have to do is select a number from each of the below and then find out what type of gift-giver you are from the answers below!


You have a dinner date with your friend at a brand new restaurant, but they’re running late. When they ask you to order a starter on their behalf, you…
  1. Don’t mind at all. You know them so well, you could order all three courses on their behalf if required. Even so, you take a moment to consider what kind of mood they’re likely to be in. Chicken terrine it is.
  2. The charcuterie platter. You know they’ll enjoy it, PLUS, they’ll probably need a hand finishing it off. Mmmmm, chorizo…
  3. That would literally never happen, because you’d be running late, too.


It’s clocking off time but your boss asks your best mate at work to stay late and finish off one of their own projects. What do you do?
  1. You knew your boss would never finish that project on time, so you prepped some back-up documents a week ago. Aaaaaand relax.
  2. Stay late and help them out, like a true best mate. Plus, your pal is bound to tell the boss it was a team effort, so you’ll be able to take a slice of the credit.
  3. Stay late with them. You were going to be there anyway, as you’ve got a load of your own deadlines that are getting close to the wire. Aat least now you’ll have some company.


Your pal’s just had to fork out a fortune to fix their car, but you had plans to do something swanky together at the weekend. You…
  1. Ditch the extravagant plans and spend the weekend helping them devise a savings plan. After all, they should always have a little bit stashed away for emergencies. Next time, they’ll be better prepared.
  2. Suggest a walk in the local park with a modest, but comforting picnic instead. Plus, you’ll be able to spend some quality time with their adorable pooch. Here, Chester!
  3. Tell them not to worry, you can always do it some other time. (You’d secretly forgotten it was this weekend, anyway).


Your results!

Mostly As –  The “Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” One
You’re a kind, considerate and well-organised gift-giver. You’ve already nearly finished your Christmas shopping, and you’ve been stashing away lots of little stocking fillers for months. You wrap with great care, and only give gifts you know your friends and family will LOVE. You’re just a good egg-nog, really, aren’t you?

To make sure you get it *absolutely* right this Christmas, why not flick through our Gift-Givers Guide? We’ll make sure you make the right decision (you considerate little Chimp, you).


Mostly Bs – The “Ulterior Motives” One
You really think about what your friends and family will like, and as such always buy the perfect gifts. It just so happens that, sometimes, there’s something in it for you, too. Weird. Well, adventures are always best when shared, right?

“Oh, you need someone to Go Ape with you? Really?” [evil smile…]


Mostly Cs – The “Last-minute, Still A Winner” One
Let’s face it, you’re going to leave everything til the eleventh hour again. Some things will never change. BUT, maybe that’s a good thing. After all, you work well under pressure. Plus, Go Ape gift vouchers are available to download instantly, even as late as Christmas morning.

Not that you’ll leave it that late… Will you?! Read about our gift vouchers here!