Superfoods for a super tribe!

If you’re well acquainted with the furry tribe here at Go Ape, you may know that food – particularly banana cake – is the way to our hearts. Food makes us smile, gives us energy and brings us together. Oh, and let’s not forget, it also keeps us alive!

Certain foods also have a clever way of boosting brain power, motivation and productivity levels in the office – not just a little bit, but by a whopping 20%, so says the World Health Organisation. We call that a triple whammy. All hail, superfoods!

So, what mood-lifting, motivational foods should you and your tribe be munching on whilst at work? Here are four of the finest:

1. Nuts

An excellent source of protein and natural (good) fats, we should all go nutty over nuts! This humble snack is also loaded with vitamin E and antioxidants, and is rich in amino acids, which together will help to improve brain and memory performance. A handful of nuts as a mid-morning pick-me-up is guaranteed to do just the trick!

2. Avocados

Has the nation gone avocado mad? Yes, it has. The benefits of this creamy, green fruit remained under the radar for decades, even centuries. But now, avocado is extremely a la mode, and as a big plus, it fires up our brain cells by improving blood flow in our bodies. Enjoy on its own, or our fave, mash it up with a squeeze of lime and smother on a slice of sourdough. We’re actually salivating.

3. Bananas

Oh, the brilliant banana! Our top fruit has made this list because it’s a great source of essential vitamins and minerals, like fibre, potassium and magnesium. Just one banana contains all the glucose your body needs for the day, too – which is far better than getting your fix by overloading on carbs or gorging out on sickly, sweet treats (both of which are notorious for causing energy crashes).

4. Berries

Brilliant berries are stuffed with antioxidants that support our brains and memory function. They’ve even been found to prevent us from developing conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s as we age – so they’re definitely deserving of their superfood status. We like them sprinkled on our morning porridge (along with slices of banana). And here’s something to remember: the darker the berry, the more nutritional benefits it tends to contain!

Feed ‘em for free

Now you know which foods really are super, you can encourage your tribe to incorporate them into their daily diets and reap the benefits. Better still, you can buy these foods for your tribe, making sure the staff room is always well-stocked! Banana and avocados in the fruit bowl? Tick. Packets of nuts in the cupboard? Yep. Berries in the fridge ready to adorn some hearty bowls of porridge? You bet!