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Need a little inspiration?

Forest Segway At Go Ape

With summer holiday season drawing to a close (*wipes tear*), there couldn’t be a better time to embark on an exciting adventure with your tribe!

There’s so much to see, do and experience, that it can be difficult making a decision. So, if you’re itching for an adventure but need a little inspiration, let Go Ape help!

One thing’s for certain: you need to head outdoors for your next adventure. Why? Well, in just a few weeks’ time it’ll be autumn, and although autumn is an awesome season (in our opinion), the days will get shorter and colder. You’ll be back in the office and your little monkeys will be back in the classroom, so you need to make the most of the great outdoors while summer’s still here!

So, what to do? Well, this time around, why not try something you’ve never tried before?

Get lost in a place you’ve always wanted to visit, whether that’s up a mountain, out in the countryside, or in the heart of a city.

You could buck up the courage to try something extreme – hurl yourself out of a plane with a parachute attached, leap off a platform tied to a bungee, or explore the deep, dark depths of the ocean on a scuba diving adventure.

How about re-connecting with nature? Forage in the forest for parts to build a den, find some hidden treasures on a Geocaching adventure, or pack-up your tent and spend a night or two under a star-speckled sky.


Sharing is caring, right? If you head to our #ShareAdventure site, you’ll be able to read all about the amazing things people have been getting up to lately, with pics for proof! From raft building and biking gnarly trails, to wildlife spotting in the Peak District and swimming with sharks in Scotland – the site has all adventures covered!


Do you know what the great thing about #ShareAdventure is? You might discover adventures you would have never thought of! You might feel inspired to head outdoors and recreate those adventures, or get out there and embark on an utterly unique adventure of your own!

We had one aim when we created #ShareAdventure: to inspire others to live life more adventurously (the Go Ape motto, if you didn’t know). We believe that all adventures – whether they are big or small, weird or wonderful – are worth sharing with the world. And we hope that by sharing these stories, people will realise that a life lived adventurously is a life better lived!

If you’re inspired by a particular adventure on the site, why not share it with the world – or at least, your friends, family and colleagues? All you need to do is enter your name and email address, and choose where to share. There are some awesome goodies up for grabs, including free Go Ape tickets, plus Go Ape tees, hoodies and other bits and bobs!

#TakeTheFirstStep: Times ticking…

Take the First Step - Go Ape

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock

Hear that? That’s the sound of the clock ticking down to the end of summer! We’re at the end of August, meaning autumn is just around the corner.

Were sure you’ve heard about our summertime campaign, #TakeTheFirstStep. Were encouraging people to leave their comfort zones behind, break out of the claustrophobic confines of sensible Britain and have some fun, a lot of fun!

All journeys begin with a single step, and that’s why we want you to take the first step to leading a more adventurous life!

Why? we hear you ask. Well, a life lived adventurously is a life more fulfilled! So long as you possess a can-do attitude and a willingness to embrace the unknown, the world is your oyster so go explore it!

Perhaps you’re a notorious putter-offer you’re always saying, Ill do that next month/next year/one day/when I’ve got time. You made a bucket list a few years ago but you haven’t got round to ticking a single thing off. You’ve got big dreams for the future but you haven’t taken any steps to make those dreams turn into a reality. The only thing stopping you is you!

Life’s too short for it to be put on hold!

Want to climb a mountain? Start making plans today. Want to try a new sport? Research local clubs on your lunch break. Want to go traveling around Asia for a month? Arrange a meeting with your boss to see if it’s possible. Adventure is waiting; you just need to take that first step!

Adventure is all about opening yourself up to new experiences. It’s about trying everything once and not being afraid to give something a go just because it involves risk. Adventure is all about meeting new people, learning new skills and discovering your true potential.

We read a quote the other day and it struck a chord. It was from French author and Nobel Prize winner André Gide, and read:

It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves, in finding themselves.

If you need any more convincing, science shows that being adventurous makes you happier! Rich Walker, a psychologist, studied 30,000 event memories and 500 diary entries, discovering that people who engage in a variety of experiences are more likely to retain positive emotions and suppress negative emotions. There we have it: conclusive proof that adventure is the key to happiness!

Here’s an idea for your next adventure: swinging through the tree tops at Go Ape! We want you to unleash your inner Tarzan as you climb ropes, wobble across bridges, clamber through tunnels and leap from sky-high platforms.

With over 30 locations across the UK, all set in stunning parks and forests, there’s bound to be a Go Ape near you! Book a Go Ape Adventure now!

An Introduction To Adventure

Adventure at Go Ape

Adventure can take many forms for different people – for some it’s taking to new heights on a Tree Top Adventure or whizzing across the forest floor on a Segway, for others it’s a quiet morning of horse-riding or discovering previously unknown culinary skills.

That’s why we’ve caught up with Virgin Experience Days to find out more about their adventurous packages. For those looking for an introduction to adventure, there’s a world of starter and taster experiences out there.

Here’s a bunch of our favourites so you can find something new to try this year and become even more adventurous (you’re on the Go Ape blog after all!). 

Introductory Indoor Skydiving

Far less terrifying than jumping out of a plane but just as exciting, this one’s perfect for those who want the feeling of flying/falling without getting too far from the ground. Exhilarating, uplifting (literally) and an awesome way to while away some time, hovering like a wizard in a powerful vertical wind tunnel.

Introductory Wine Course

It’s not all about the excitement when it comes to adventure, sometimes it’s just trying something new – like learning how to taste 14 different types of wine in a British vineyard. Become more adventurous with your wine choices on you next meal out, and walk about town as an all-knowing wine connoisseur. Introduction to Horse Riding - Virgin Experience Days

Introduction to Horse Riding for Two

There are few things that capture the spirit of adventure better than riding a horse (possibly with a cowboy hat on) out in the open air. Don’t know how to ride a horse? That’s not a problem – this course is for the newbies – and it starts with 30 minutes of getting to grips with the basics before heading out into the enchanting New Forest.

L’atelier des Chefs One Hour Cookery Class

You can choose your own one hour culinary adventure at L’atelier des Chefs from making the perfect pasta and crafting terrific Thai dishes to sautéing the perfect steak with mushrooms and baking delicious desserts. The best bit? At the end you’ll get to eat everything you’ve made with a glass of wine each!

Introductory Off-Road Driving - Virgin Experience DaysIntroductory Off-Road Driving

This is like horse-riding, but you’ll be trading the animals for horsepower as you belt around an off-road course made specially to put your freshly learned skills to the test. Picture yourself taking shortcuts through the fields the next time you’re coasting down the motorway, and dream of driving the way our ancestors (wish they) did.

Introduction to Mountain Boarding for Two

Imagine skateboarding, but on grass and dirt, and swap the town streets for some Surrey hills as you bomb down some slopes with a plank of wood strapped to your feet. It won’t take long before you’re running smoothly.

Ski or Snowboard Taster for Two

You can get to grips with snow sports all year round, without even needing to head for the Alps. You’ll have everything you need for an epic snow session minus the mountain views (it’s all indoors), with a pair of gloves to keep too as a reminder of your great day out – ski or board, it’ll be an adventure to remember. 

Spy Academy

A bit of an oddball, the spy academy gives you the chance to imagine being the spy you wish you were, with instruction in surveillance gadgets, pistol quick draw techniques, unarmed combat and a variety of things that shoot. Informative and fun, you’ll feel like James Bond or Black Widow by the time you’re done.

We should never stop exploring, and with these experiences from Virgin Experiences Days your next introduction to adventure is never far away.

Our favourite adventurous quotes


When it’s cold, wet, windy and grey, it can be tough finding the energy and enthusiasm to wrap-up and head outdoors. But, you shouldn’t let the weather stand in the way of your next adventure! Oh no. And besides, unpredictable weather makes adventure all the more fun, right?!

Right! Today is as good a day as any to get out there and live life adventurously! If you’re struggling to see the sun through the clouds – both literally and metaphorically – you can always rely on a good quote to re-ignite your adventurous streak! Here’s a pick of some of our faves:


We’re not fans of comfort zones. In fact, we’d go as far as saying we’re completely and utterly anti-comfort zones. Why? Well, because they’re both boring and extremely restrictive. It’s only when we break out of our comfort zones that we find confidence to try new things, test our physical and mental limits and become adventurous!



We can’t agree more. The unknown isn’t something to be scared of! The moment we start embracing and exploring the unknown is the moment we become adventurous. Wait – did we just make up our own quote?!


A simple quote, yes, but it couldn’t be more true. Adventure awaits you, so get out there and find it!



If you’re an adventurous type, three phrases will make up part of your vocabulary: “I am,” “I can,” “I will.” Being adventurous is not saying you will do something, but actually doing it! You lose nothing by trying, but could lose an awful lot by not trying.


Many people will agree that memories are far more precious than material objects. And that’s what adventure is all about: making memories that’ll last a lifetime with the ones you love!


If we spend too much time focusing on the end goal, we don’t fully appreciate all those magical moments that happen along the way – the things we experience, the people we meet. Adventure is not the destination; it’s the journey you go on to get there!


We couldn’t agree more. You will never hear someone saying, “I wish I hadn’t gone travelling” or “I wish I hadn’t gone on that adventure.” What you will hear people saying, however, is “I wish I’d gone travelling” and “I wish I’d gone on that adventure.” You won’t regret the adventures you had; you’ll regret the adventures you didn’t have.

…So, are you feeling inspired? It’s certainly got us contemplating what our next adventure is going to be! If you feel like you need some more encouragement, check out our #ShareAdventure page where you’ll find suggestions for adventures! And feel free to share any adventure-related quotes that inspire you!



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