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Seize adventure with your tribe!

Seize Adventure

Sometimes, it’€™s so easy to get wrapped up in the humdrum of daily life that we forget to stop and appreciate the world around us, as well as the people in it. So, turn away from your screens (okay, well not this one), gather up your tribe and lend us your ear, because life is only worth living when done so adventurously.

Find your tribe

They say that fortune favours the bold, the brave and those bonkers enough to spend their day swinging through the canopy, but what are riches when you have no one to share them with? A sunset isn’€™t half as beautiful when it’€™s just viewed by you alone and even the tallest mountain can feel small with no one beside you.

We humans are social creatures and when we’€re away from our fellows for too long, it can leave us feeling a little lonely. We all want to belong, so Carpe that Diem and stand up from your desk, shake out your body, grab your partner’€™s hand and whatever little monkeys you have and take to the trees! We promise, the combination of fresh air, adrenaline and good company will soon set your heart a-fluttering.

However, if the little monkeys among you are feeling a tad reluctant when it comes to taking flight, remind them that famous world explorers like Marco Polo, Edmund Hillary and Gertrude Bell didn’€™t achieve their wonderful feats alone. Even Neil Armstrong had a whole tribe of helpers over the telecom and in the space shuttle when they went to the moon. It just shows that there can be no jump too high, no zip-line too terrifying or task too hard when you have your tribe by your side.

Go outside

Here at Go Ape, we know that when a tribe gets together, wonderful things can happen. So whether you’ve just turned eight or are a great octogenarian, everyone can benefit from feeling the wind blow through their hair as they whizz down a zip-line! Or, go as slow as you want; take a Segway tour and discover the forest’€™s understory, or amble along the holloways and feel the mud squelch under your toes.

Happiness is the most precious and unique currency on earth, because the more you give, the more you get. So gather up your tribe and invite them outside. Get their hearts pumping and fill their lungs with laughter. For us, being with our tribe feels like warm pudding in our bellies, or like tucking into a delicious slice of banana bread after a long week at Banana HQ. So whatever adventure you choose to embark on, what matters most are the ones you share it with!

Take a deep breath, give your tribe a cuddle and remember always seize adventure!


What would your UK outdoor #DreamAdventure be?

Dream Adventure

Here at Banana HQ, we’ve been having a conflab, and if we could enter our #DreamAdventure competition (which we can’t – boo) this is what we’d ask for…

Adventurous marketing exec Jaz would climb Mount Snowdon with her boyfriend. PR gal Poppy would take on a wingwalk (rather her than us!), and our social media man’s dreaming of kitesurfing in Pembrokeshire – go Dan.

Scotland proved to be a popular destination. Boss Anna would paraglide over the Highlands, while copywriter Sarah wishes she could search for whales off the coast of Mull. Work experience guy Josh would also head north of the border, to cycle the outdoor velodrome in Edinburgh (we didn’t even know that was a thing).

All good choices. But unfortunately, as we can’t enter, a total an utter waste. You can enter, though – you lucky thing, you. What would your UK, outdoor #DreamAdventure be?

Head to our website and tell us! There are only six more chances to win!

We’ve got our fingers crossed for you,
The Go Ape Tribe

Awaken your sense of wonder with Go Ape!

Seize Adventure

From the refreshing scent of the morning dew to the warmth of dappled sunshine, the forest is our happy place! Whether we’€™re whizzing through the trees on a fast and furious zip wire, leisurely swinging our way through the high ropes, or heading off-road on a self-balancing Segway, we never fail to be swept away by the wonder of nature all around us. And that’€™s just one of the things our #SeizeAdventure summer campaign is all about!

Wonder at the world

You see, here at Banana HQ, we believe that one of the secrets to keeping a tribe happy is to ensure they never lose their sense of wonder. Wonder keeps you curious, driving you forward to create new and long-lasting memories. It wakes you up to the world around you, helps you take those first tentative steps out of your comfort zone, and can open you up to things you never thought you would enjoy or excel at.

However, waking your sense of wonder is easier said than done! Sometimes we can all be guilty of letting our sense of wonder fall asleep as we do the same old things in the same routine, but that’€™s not what life’€™s all about!

Every day, as we gain more members of our trusty extended tribe and watch more cheeky monkeys than ever before try their hands at something new, we can see that wonder begin to wake up inside them. We’ve seen timid souls start the day feeling nervous of our Tree Top Adventure, and end it hollering, Tarzan-style, as they leap from the highest platform! We’€™ve seen folk start a session looking like they’€™d rather be at home, safe and warm with the TV on and the blinds down, and end it with huge smiles on their faces, ready to book their next adventure with the great outdoors!

Whilst the vast range of activities we offer at Go Ape, spanning 31 locations across the UK, play a substantial role in waking up that sense of wonder, we believe that the real stars of the show are the beautiful locations themselves.

#SeizeAdventure with Go Ape

There is nothing more wondrous than the stunning scenery you can find all over the UK. From the heights of Glentress Forest, near Edinburgh, to the glorious Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, you can expect more sumptuous landscapes, tree life and natural splendour than you can shake a banana at. Believe us we’€™ve tried!

We’€™ve even managed to capture a snippet of some of the natural highlights that awaken our wonder on a daily basis. From the golden glow of first light and the sweet sounds of the dawn chorus, to the glitter of starlight and the peeping toms of the forest€“ take a peek at our #SeizeAdventure video to glimpse the wonder of our enchanting locations.

Feed that inner wonder and #SeizeAdventure with Go Ape this summer! We’€™re waiting to hear from you!

You have your badges but do you have your certificate?!

High Ropes for Kids
Are you one of almost half a million youngsters in the UK who’€™s a member of the Scout Association?

We’€™re huge fans of the SA, because it ties in nicely with what we do,€“ and what we believe in€“ here at Go Ape. Its aim is to provide €œfun, adventure and skills for life and give young people the opportunity to enjoy new adventures, experience outdoors and take part in a range of creative, community and international activities, interact with others, make new friends, gain confidence and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.€ Hear, hear!

The SA has a huge, positive impact on the lives of kids. In fact, a study from Edinburgh and Glasgow university researchers last year found that people who were in scouts or guides in childhood have better mental health in later life.

Among the 10,000 people studied, ex-members were 15% less likely to suffer anxiety or mood disorders at the age of 50. That’€™s the great outdoors and adventure working their magic!

Building those badges

Now we’€™re sure you have an impressive collection of badges, ranging from core badges to those you earn through certain activities. Perhaps you earned your Astronomer Activity Badge after making a model of the solar system; or maybe you planned, served and cleared away a two-course meal for at least two people, leading you to receive a Chef Activity Badge!

As you know, there are loads of badges to collect and impress your friends with, and that’€™s what makes scouting so exciting. It encourages you to keep on looking for adventures to embark on and activities to complete. It encourages you to live life adventurously, which as you know, is what we’€™re all about!

Get your certificate

So, your badge collection is pretty impressive and it’€™s growing all the time, but do you have a certificate? More specifically, a Go Ape certificate!?

Monkey around in the treetops at Go Ape and you’ll be awarded a special certificate with your name written across the front of it! It’™ll be something you can cherish forever and ever; a memento of your time spent with us!

Pin it to a noticeboard, stick it to your fridge, place it on your mantelpiece,“ that certificate is proof that you are full of adventurous spirit and that you conquered a sky-high obstacle course at Go Ape!

As you whoosh down that final zip wire and head back to the hut, your Go Ape certificate will be ready and waiting for you. Make sure you put it somewhere extra safe on the journey home so that it doesn’t crease and crinkle!
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