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Fancy dress…we’re impressed!


Love to dress up? We certainly do!

If you visit Go Ape and spot a gorilla roaming the forest floor, run for your life! No, don’t really. The great ape is no great ape at all – just one of the Go Ape tribe monkeying (or shall we say, ape-ing?) around!

Our Tree Top Adventure courses are tonnes of fun (if we do say so ourselves). But do you know what makes them even more fun? Fancy dress!

Provided your clobber lets you easily navigate the obstacles, we strongly encourage rocking up to the forest dressed to impress. And if you’re visiting us to celebrate a birthday, stag or hen do, donning fancy dress will make your experience even more memorable!

Sound good? Here are some snaps to inspire you…

Fancy dress 1

These lads and ladies are looking particularly spectacular in Alice in Wonderland attire. Our gorilla pal gives his seal of approval, too. Fancy dress 2

A marvellous mixture of brightly-coloured costumes. These comic book heroes and villains look awesome – just imagine their capes flapping in the wind as they soar through the air via zip wire!

Fancy dress 3

Spiderman in action – and looking ultra-confident as he confronts the stirrups, one of Go Ape’s trickiest obstacles. But hey, it’s Spiderman; he could probably do it blindfolded (now that’s something we’d like to see!).

Fancy dress 4

Hurrah! Looks like Little Bo Peep has found her sheep who went walkabouts in the treetops! Baa-d sheep!

These are just a few fancy dress ideas to get you started – the possibilities really are endless! Come dressed as your favourite animal, singer, or movie character. Dress like the birthday girl or boy; or challenge one another to scour charity shops and buy the most outlandish outfits you can find. Just make sure you wear shoes suitable for trailblazing and canopy exploring!

Oh, and one more thing: make sure you take lots of pictures of you and your tribe in get-up! It’ll give you all a sacred memento to stick on the fridge door and remind you of your Go Ape adventure! And if you do take lots of snaps, don’t forget to share them with us via our social channels – who knows, you may help to inspire the next stag, hen or birthday bunch that swings with us!

Tips for planning the perfect party

Go Ape Kids Parties

So, it’s your little one’s birthday in a few weeks’ time and you’re panicking because you still haven’t planned how you’re going to celebrate it.

Well, fear not – Go Ape is here to help! (*Phew*). We’ve put together some tips for throwing an awesome party that your little one (and all their friends) will remember for years to come. Candles and cake at the ready…

Fancy dress

From Hogwarts wizards to Disney princesses, kids love to play dress up. So, why not let your little one pick the dress code for their party? Just don’t forget to tell the other parents what it is!

Set a theme

Themed parties are the best parties. Some ideas include a beach party (think food served in buckets and beach ball piñatas); a teddy bear’s picnic (with tartan rugs and a game of teddy bear hide ‘n’ seek); or a camping party (you supply tents, torches and marshmallows for toasting on a supervised campfire).

Limit numbers

When it comes to invitees, less is more (though that does mean less prezzies, which your kid might have something to say about). Having 20 or 30 kids to meet and greet can be overwhelming for the party boy or girl, so just invite a handful of their closest friends.

Seek help

If you’re more of a ‘sit out’ parent, it’s not cheating if you enlist the help of another adult! From magicians and fairies to clowns and pirates, a children’s entertainer will do all the work, so you don’t have to! (Note: you might want to check none of the kids are going to start bawling at the sight of a clown).

Go Ape Birthday PartyGo old school

There’s a reason why we remember playing sleeping lions, musical chairs and pass the parcel when we were young: because they were super fun! And the added bonus is that you don’t need much in the way of equipment – simple!

Go Ape!

For a guaranteed ‘never-to-be-forgotten’ birthday party, Go Ape! For just £18 per head, your little one and their friends get to enjoy an hour of canopy exploring, trail blazing and obstacles. If you want, you can add extras to your do such as party bags for the kids, a special t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl, or use of our forest shelter where your little one can blow out the candles. (PS. Tarzan/monkey fancy dress is not essential but strongly recommended!).

Come Celebrate With Your Tribe!

Birthday Parties at Go Ape

Want to organise a birthday party for you or a loved one? Well, why not round-up the tribe and come celebrate monkey-style at Go Ape? We’ve got everything you need to make your day extra special, guaranteeing you a birthday you’ll never forget!

Hanging around in the trees with your tribe is the ultimate way to spend your birthday; it doesn’t matter if you’re 12, 22 or 72, so long as you’re reasonably fit and healthy, you can swing to your heart’s content!

Forget about birthday bumps…it’s all about birthday jumps, swings and wobbles with our Tree Top Adventure courses. After getting harnessed-up, you’ll undergo a quick briefing before clambering up into the trees. Once there, you and your chums will tackle high ropes, bridges and tricky crossings – and will whizz down a few zip wires, too.

When you approach our infamous Tarzan swing, don’t forget to give us your best holler as you leap off the platform! If you want, we can have one of our team follow your tribe around with a digital camera. Expect some funny mementos of your adventures – and don’t forget to smile!

It’s worth bearing in mind that under 16s will need Gorilla supervision on the Tree Top Adventure courses. So, if it’s your daughter’s or son’s birthday, you’ve now got a great excuse to get up in the trees and have some fun, too.

Our Tree Top Junior courses are ideal for little monkeys over 1 metre tall. They’ll spend up to an hour cruising the canopy, taking on a number of obstacles along the way. As optional extras, we can provide kids with the ultimate Go Ape party bag, complete with a medal, yo-yo, monkey mask, pencil set, a badge and more. Parents are also able to pre-order a special Go Ape t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl – it’ll make the perfect souvenir of their Go Ape adventure.

Need to take some time out after all that monkeying around? Sure thing; for just £20 an hour, our Forest Shelter provides a perfect rest place for you and your tribe. It’s time to grab some grub, sing happy birthday and indulge in one or two slices of scrumptious cake – you deserve it!

Don’t fancy celebrating your birthday in the trees? No worries, our adventures aren’t all sky high! As a more down-to-earth alternative, you and your tribe could hit some woodland trails on board our Forest Segways. Riders need to be over 10 and over 7 stone, and kids aged 10-15 need to be accompanied by a Gorilla. If you’re aged 16 and above, you’re free to roam the forest floor on your own!

So, for an extra-special Apey Birthday, come and hang with us!

(PS – once you’ve booked your little one’s birthday, click here to print off some specially-made Go Ape invitations!)