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5 Crazy UK Festivals You Need To Know About

Crazy UK Festivals

We’re all familiar with the mainstream music festivals, but summer brings an array of weird but wonderful celebrations that are definitely worth checking out. I’ve asked the Go Ape team for their favourites and we’ve narrowed it down to our favourite five!

So pack your sunglasses (and wellies!) and get on down to…

1. Geckgo, North Wales

A beautiful mix of extreme sports and live music, Geckgo allows you to try out skateboarding, rock climbing or, for the absolute adrenaline rush, skydiving-all whilst enjoying the beautiful North Wales landscape. If you would rather be an observer than a participant, there are martial arts demonstrations and competitions allowing you to experience the action from the beer tent.

Holi Festival of Colour2. Holi Festival of Colours, London

Inspired by the traditional Hindu Holi Spring Festival celebrating goodness over evil, the Festival Of Colours was born in Berlin in 2012 and now spreads it’s love across 4 European cities every summer.

The organisers encourage attendees to wear white to make the colours even more vibrant, then every hour the partygoers are given a countdown before shaking their bags of powder paint in the air, creating a sea of technicolor hues.

Dancing amongst dazzling clouds of rainbow coloured powder on a summer day is an uplifting experience, bringing people together no matter what their background.

3. Mudfest Airfield Anarchy, Nottinghamshire

Not for the faint hearted amongst you! This is a 2 day event which sees 5,000 participants taking on up to 100 obstacles across miles of unforgiving terrain depending on which package you go for.

Those taking part will need to climb scramble nets, tackle rope swings, wade through mud pits, tackle water obstacles, crawl through tunnel systems and clamber over hay bale towers but, hey, it’s all in the name of charity folks!

For the spectators amongst you there are some great bands lined up, and an Urban Attack sprint course to watch.

Wilderness Festival4. Wilderness, Oxfordshire

For those wanting a more chilled summer experience, with perhaps some new skill learning opportunities thrown in, Wilderness is for you.

There is definitely a feeling of ‘discovery’ at Wilderness, whether you have always fancied trying out tightrope walking, perfume making, ukulele strumming or learning how to Tango.

And if you want to get away from the hub of activity, you can check out the activities on offer such as fly-fishing, horse riding or archery. Take a break from it all with yoga and meditation classes and wellbeing sanctuaries. Food and drink-wise, there are long table banquets offering a feast of world-class cuisines. Plus you can wash it all down over at the Champagne Orangery or the ethnically aware Coffee Camper before you check out the Talks and Debates tent.

One not to miss! Check out the Explorer Camp with journalists, film makers and the crazy adventurers of the world sharing their stories and anecdotes.

Secret Garden Party5. Secret Garden Party, Cambridgeshire

With a different theme every year, no two Secret Garden Parties will ever be the same, and 2015 sees ‘Childish Things’ come into swing.

What makes this festival stand out from the others is the sheer imagination put into the various events taking place all around the site.

The main stage, aptly named ‘where the wild things are’ is a visual feast of entwined tree trunks and branches lit for dramatic effect. There is a lake, which you can sail a boat across to reach the other side of the festival, no doubt to embark on your next sensory adventure!

With a great emphasis on discovery and eccentricity you could come across hidden stages, a pig race, or a ninja-training ring. With 99% of festival-goers choosing outrageous fancy dress, there’s even more the reason to let go of your inhibitions and embrace the craziness!

Are You Brave Enough?

Are You Brave Enough? Celebrate Adventure

Are you always on the hunt for your next adrenaline fix?

We like to think we’re pretty adventurous here at Go Ape, and we’re always willing to try new things. But, the other day we laid our eyes upon some photos of people taking ‘adventure’ to a whole new level. Whether these people are fearless heroes or just complete bonkers…we still haven’t decided yet.

The below daredevil endeavours will make your heart stop, jaw drop and legs tremble. The big question is: are you brave enough?

1. Portaledge camping

Portaledge Camping

(Photo credit: Corey Rich/Getty Images)

Have you ever booked a hotel stay, specified a room with a view and ended up on the ground floor overlooking the staff car park? We know we have. But, with portaledge camping, a breathtaking view is guaranteed every time! However, we don’t recommend trying this if you’re prone to rolling around in bed at night.

2. Climbing redwoods

Climbing Redwoods

(Photo credit: Michael Nichols/National Geographic Stock)

Now here are two men after our own hearts! It seems they too understand how fun it is to be up in the trees. But, what they’re doing is slightly more extreme than what’s on offer at our Go Ape obstacle courses. Judging by the picture, it’s less a case of tree hugging, more a case of tree hanging-on-for-dear-life.

3. High-altitude biking

High-Altitude Biking

(Photo credit: Wizzed)

If tackling some gnarly downhill trails simply isn’t enough for you, then how about some high-altitude biking? These guys have certainly got some guts – we wonder if they pulled wheelies along any of the ledges…

4. Extreme Kayaking

Extreme Kayaking

(Photo credit: Desre Tate/Barcroft Media /Landov)

‘Don’t look down’ they tell us. But, when you’re perched on a peak of Victoria Falls with a paddle and kayak by your side, it’s probably best to peer over the edge a couple of times before taking the plunge (literally).

5. Extreme picnicking

Extreme Picnicking

(Photo credit: Buzzhunt)

For this group of friends, a trip to the local pub for a pint was simply not enough. Cheers to that!

6. Tight-roping…with a difference


(Photo credit: Jared Alden/Getty Images)

…And we thought our tightropes were hardcore! Not only has she managed to walk halfway across a rope line suspended thousands of feet above the (incredibly rocky) ground, but now she’s showing she can do it on one foot. Now that’s just showing off!

7. The Kjeragbolten boulder, Norway

The Kjeragbolten Boulder

(Photo credit: Simon Taylor)

Yep. He’s quite literally stuck between a rock and a hard place. That ‘hard place’ being another gigantic rock. Many hikers have risked their lives for a picture on this infamous boulder, which is situated in the Norwegian mountains.

So, which ones would you be willing to take on? If you don’t think you’re quite as extreme as the adventurers above, but still want to get your adrenaline fix, why not book yourself a tree-top adventure at one of our Go Ape courses?

Happy birthday to…

Celebrate Adventure this Bank Holiday Weekend

Someone get the cake and candles…because it’s our birthday!

This Thursday (26th), Go Ape turns 13 years’ young and we plan to celebrate with lots of monkeying around in the trees. Who’s with us?!

Way back in 2001, Tris and Becs were holidaying in France when they spotted a family swinging through the trees, and they were all grinning from ear to ear. This got the couple thinking (and talking and planning), and a year later the first Go Ape was born.

Tree Top Adventure Go ApeWithin a year of opening our first Tree Top Adventure course in Thetford Forest, a whopping 15,500 people had come to hang with us in the trees. It confirmed that we were right: people really did want a taste of the ‘high life’!

In the following years, more and more Go Ape courses opened up. Our Aberfoyle course in Scotland, which opened in 2007, featured the longest zip line anywhere in the UK. By 2008, we had 17 courses and in June of that year, we welcomed our millionth customer through our forest doors. A record achievement by anyone’s standards!

We won our very first award back in 2002, when we were crowned ‘Rural Attraction of the Year’ by the NFU. Since then, we’ve scooped numerous awards for our courses, including ‘Small Visitor Attraction of the Year,’ ‘Best Tourism Experience,’ and ‘Commended Attraction.’ And, last year, our Rivington course was runner-up in Netmums’ Outdoor Play Awards.

Over the past five years, we’ve (quite literally) branched out, launching our Tree Top Junior courses for little Tarzans wanting to Go Ape. Ten of our locations now also offer our Forest Segway experience, meaning that people can explore their beautiful surroundings from up in the tree tops as well as from the ground.Go Ape Forest Segways

We can’t help but feel a little reflective as we approach our teenage years. Like any business we have had some downs as well as ups (and we’re not just talking about the zip wires), but we’ve kept on going. Go Ape is the success it is today thanks to our dedicated, loyal and hardworking tribe, plus our lovely customers that return, time and time again, to hang with us. It means we can keep doing what we do best: inspiring people to get out there and live life adventurously. Here’s to many more happy birthdays!

With the season in full swing, now’s a great time to book yourself a tree top adventure! Why not come and celebrate our birthday with us this spring?

(p.s. – banana cake is our favourite)

Dedicate Time To Exploration…

Celebrate Adventure and Explore

Children learn a lot through playing and exploring, whether it’s with their friends or on their own. But, who says exploration is just for kids?!

That’s right… adults, too, can explore and have some fun whilst doing it! As human beings we never stop learning; it doesn’t matter if we’re two, 22 or 52 years old. Playful exploration is all about trying new things, letting our hair down and enjoying ourselves – strictly no age restrictions apply!

Exploring doesn’t just mean packing your bags and travelling to a place you’ve never visited before.

Exploring simply means trying something new, whether that ‘something new’ is a hobby, sport, language or restaurant (the list goes on…).

In our opinion, exploring is less about discovering new places and more about discovering who you really are. By living life adventurously and constantly trying new things, you are exploring your potential, skills and limits. Exploring means stepping out of your so-called comfort zone and discovering what you’re truly capable of.

Only if you try new things will you be able to learn more about yourself – your likes and your dislikes. You’ll be able to learn what you’re good at, and what you’re not so good at. You may even unearth a hidden talent or two that may have otherwise gone unnoticed!

Exploring is all about getting up and doing something with our lives. When we get home from a long day at work, many of us are guilty of switching on the TV, laying horizontal on our sofas and not moving for a good few hours. Our eyes are fixed to the screen, until a rumbling in our stomachs pulls us to the kitchen. We’re so caught-up in work and other things that we forget to have fun.

Instead of sofa surfing, why not dedicate that time to playful exploration?

Of course, we all need to chill out from time to time but why not try, just a couple of times a week, to do something a little out of the ordinary?

You could don your finest apron and attempt cooking a meal you’ve never made before for your loved one. You could round-up your friends and organise an evening class, or finally sign-up to that yoga class down the road. You could even get in contact with your nearest and dearest to see who’s up for an afternoon in the trees at Go Ape!

Exploration Inspiration

Sometimes thinking of these things can be a little tricky, so grab a pen and some paper and list all the things you want to try out. Then, work your way through your list, ticking as you go.

We at Go Ape think that exploration makes for a richer life. As the saying goes, “if you never try you’ll never know.” If you never try new things, you’ll never know what you’re truly capable of. So go on, get out there and explore!

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