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The Highest Go Ape Obstacles

Highest Go Ape Obstacles

All first timers to Go Ape have the same thought when clambering up the very first rope ladder: Crikey! It’s a lot higher than it looks!

You’d be surprised at how teeny-weeny everything on the ground looks from way up high. Even if you aren’t afraid of heights, your legs are bound to wobble a little when you reach the top of the rope ladder and take a step onto the very first platform.

Face Your Fear of Heights With Go ApeIf you take a look around at the other folks in the trees, they’ll all be doing everything they can to ignore the fact they’re sky-high. You’ll realise that there are different ways of dealing with the height: some people choose to shut their eyes (not so practical when you’re navigating your way across an obstacle); some people like to yell at the top of their voices and scare the birds out their nests; while others like to become tree-huggers, tightening their grip around a trunk and refusing to let go for a good couple of minutes.

If you’re a Go Ape newbie, here’s an insider’s tip…

At the start of your adventure, look in front of you, look behind you, look up at the sky… just don’t look down! Especially when you’re making your way up those seemingly endless rope ladder steps.

Before you know it, you’ll start getting used to the heights. Completing the obstacles (like a boss) will give you newfound confidence and you’ll start enjoying the fact you’re 30(ish) feet up in the air. You’ll have no problem looking at the ground beneath you, waving to family, friends or members of the Go Ape tribe as you monkey around in the trees.

Our obstacle courses wouldn’t be half as fun if they were a metre high, would they?

It would certainly be a short zip line journey to the ground. Our courses are designed to be challenging. They’re meant to make you tremble with fear and excitement and send adrenaline pumping around your body! And because they’re tricky, you actually feel like you’ve accomplished something when you whizz down the final zip wire at the end of your adventure!

So, do you dare to tackle our highest obstacles?

If the answer’s yes, try these out for starters:

Grizedale Forest

Standing at over 18 metres tall is the site 5 zip platform at Grizedale Forest Park in Cumbria. Once you’ve launched yourself (or hesitantly stepped) off the platform, you’ll fly 200 metres across the top of Grizedale Beck.

Whinlatter Forest Keswick

Officially crowned ‘Highest Go Ape in the country,’ the course at Whinlatter Forest Keswick isn’t for the faint-hearted. Whinlatter is England’s only true mountain forest and when you’re up in the trees, you’re so high you can see all the way to Scotland!

Trent Park

Who said you need to travel to the countryside to Go Ape?! The course at London’s Trent Park reaches a towering 16m at its highest point. It’s also the very first twin course (which means double the fun), and it’s home to our epic Skateboard Zips!

Fancy winning a pair of tickets to Go Ape? Enter #DareAdventure to be in with a chance.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Go Ape

All this month we’re double-daring you, our loyal Go Ape-rs, to return to the forest and take on one of our award-winning Tree Top Adventure courses once again.

Or, perhaps you could dare one of your mates or a family member to experience what it’s like to swing through the trees? Maybe you know someone who’s a little nervous of heights – well, as our Chief Gorilla says, with your help and encouragement, you can help them move from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can!’ and overcome their personal fears.

Are you up for the challenge?

We’ve decided to let you in on a few Go Ape truths, and we double dare you to come back and give them a go…

Truth: The jump isn’t the hardest thing about the Tarzan Swing

Contrary to popular belief, taking the leap of faith off the platform is not the trickiest part of our Tarzan Swing. Want to know what is? Climbing the cargo net the other side! It demands strength and willpower. We dare you to climb the net like a true pro – check out this short video for some expert insight.

Truth: Sometimes, it’s better to go hands-free

When you’re high up in the trees, your natural impulse will be to hold on as tight as possible and not let go! But sometimes, letting go and throwing (or steadily lifting) your arms out to the side will give you increased balance. Check out one of the Go Ape tribe effortlessly making his way across the Button Bridge hands free in this video – we dare you to give it a shot!

Truth: The Stirrups are our most avoided obstacle

More feared than the infamous Tarzan Swing (would you believe?), the Stirrups are the most challenging and most avoided obstacle on the Go Ape course! If during your last adventure you chose to take the easier route (like so many people do), then we dare you to return to the trees and show those Stirrups who’s boss! To help you nail it first time take a look at this handy video.

Truth: You don’t always need to follow the how-to posters

At each platform there’s a handy poster instructing you how to tackle the obstacle. But, that isn’t to stop you trying things your own way! We dare you to be different! The Button Bridge tells you to hold the ropes; why not try hands free?! The Tunnel shows a person crawling on their hands and knees; but if you watch this short video you’ll find that there’s a more efficient way of making your way across to the other side. And hey, if you think your way beats the Go Ape way, let us know your secret and we’ll give it a shot ourselves!

Are you ready for a challenge? Of course you are. If you’re visiting us for a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth…) time, don’t forget you can get 15% off your adventure if you use the unique code on the back of your Go Ape certificate or feedback email.

We’d love to see the evidence of you daringly taking-on our obstacles like a true Go Ape pro! You can share images and videos on our Twitter or Facebook pages. See you soon!

Don’t Be A Chicken!

Dare Adventure - Don't Be A Chicken

Did you know that September is National Chicken Month?

Yes, really! (It’s also National Vegetarian Awareness Month, ironically…).

September is the month to celebrate our fine-feathered friends – roast dinner on Sunday, anyone? While we no doubt have a lot of love for the bird, unless we want to end up at the bottom of a KFC Bargain Bucket we certainly would never want to be the bird. So, the Go Ape folk have a word of advice for you: don’t be a chicken!

Besides, who wants to be a chicken when you can be a gorilla and swing through the trees at Go Ape? This month we’re double-daring our customers to pluck up the courage (see what we did there?) to visit us again and have another shot at one of our award-winning Tree Top Adventure courses. But this time, we want you to turn up the heat and give it your all. We want to see you transform from a tree-top trainee to a Go Ape pro!

Becoming a Go Ape pro involves mastering those sky-high obstacles.

Cast your mind back to your very first Go Ape visit: Did you do the splits while swinging on the stirrups? Did you struggle to pull yourself up the rope ladder? Did your knees wobble so much you lost balance on one of the bridges? Did you stand on the Tarzan Swing platform for four minutes too long? Did you lose count of the number of times you made a bumpy landing after whizzing down a zip wire?

Unless you’re some kind of gorilla genius (which, who knows, you very well might be), then there is always room for improvement after your first Go Ape session. And we’re going to help you perfect your Go Ape style: over on our #DareAdventure page yoGo Ape Bridge Crossingsu’ll find some video tips and tricks on how to tackle different obstacles on the course.

We bet you didn’t know, for example, that the key to a steady rope ladder ascent is to keep your hands central on the wooden steps, move at a slow yet consistent pace and push with your legs? Or that pointing your toes ballerina-style will really help you out when it comes to crossing one of our most challenging obstacles – the stirrups? And we bet you didn’t know that crawling through the tunnel on your hands and knees is not necessarily the quickest or most effective way of travel…

If you’re rising to the challenge and plan to visit us again, don’t forget that you can use your unique 15% discount code, which you can find on the back of your certificate or on your feedback email. Or, if you head to our #DareAdventure and Win page you can enter a competition to win a pair of Go Ape tickets. Good luck and see you soon!

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