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Time to burn off those Easter eggs!

Right, it’s time to confess: how many choccy eggs did you devour over Easter?

You thought your stash would last for weeks, but there’s something about Easter egg chocolate that makes it oh-so irresistible. It has what we call a ‘Pringle effect’ on us; once we take that first tongue-tantalising bite, we’re hooked and find it impossible to stop.

And when someone looks at you disappointedly and questions how you’ve managed to gobble three large eggs in one sitting, you have your reply ready: “Well…they are hollow!”

Which means they can’t be that many calories… right!?

If you believe ignorance is bliss, you may want to skip this section.

We found ourselves wondering how many cals are loaded into those hollow, choccy eggs, so we did some research.


We discovered a study by Bidvine, revealing the calorie content of the nation’s fave Easter eggs. If you were treated to a Dairy Milk XL Easter egg this year, you may be (unpleasantly) surprised to learn that it packs a whopping 1,758 calories (egg + bars). To burn off that many cals would take either 5.9 hours of walking, 3 hours of running, 2 hours of swimming, or 2.1 hours of squatting.

Cadbury caramel eggs packed the second highest amount of cals (1,683), followed by Mars (1,623), Flake/Wispa (1,562) and Double Decker (1,549). But if you enjoyed a Smarties egg, then don’t feel too bad they only contain 680 cals, although they’d still take 1.2 hours of running to burn off.

Time for some eggs-ercise!

Sorry, we don’t want to sound like Willy Wonka’s dentist Dad, groaning about eating too much chocolate. Besides, we all deserve to treat ourselves every now and then.

But if your egg-cessive egg munching has left you feeling full up and fed up, then some good ol’ fashion exercise will help. If you want to burn off your Easter eggs as quickly as possible, here are some activities to get involved in:


Like any sport, you get out what you put in. If you want to shift cals fast, then you need to push yourself on that court. Keep those legs moving!




The butterfly is a hard stroke to master, but it’s the best for burning fat. An hour’s worth of non-stop butterfly could burn around 1,000 calories and if you can manage that, then you deserve a medal!

Kick Boxing

Kick and punch those calories away! Book an intense one-on-one session with a trainer and you could shift around 1,000 cals in a single hour.



Bike Ride
Bike ride

No leisurely cruises…if you want to burn cals quick, you need to pedal fast, picking a route with long flats to practice your sprinting, plus a few hills for good measure. If you don’t have a bike to hop on, a 45-min spin class at the gym burns around 750 calories.

Go Ape!

There’s a reason Tarzan was so buff: swinging through the trees is hard graft! Completing one of our award-winning Tree Top Adventure courses burns around 510 calories in women, and 660 in men. And you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even realise you’re exercising!

Our courses have tunnels you can crawl through, ladders you can clamber up, bridges you can swing on, and platforms you can leap off! So, what are you waiting for? Book your Go Ape adventure today!

How to make the most of Easter!

Things to do this Easter

The Easter holidays are officially in full swing! By now, your little ones have probably made a huge dent in their almost-toppling tower of eggs, and you’ve been experiencing the notorious chocolate cramps too following last weekend’s excessive indulging.

For most families, the school holidays pan out pretty much the same. For the first week, parents organise tonnes of activities to keep their little ones entertained, but by the second week they start running short of ideas. And that leaves parents desperately searching for things to do to avoid hearing that dreaded phrase: “I’m borrreeed!”

Boredom can make even the happiest of families go stir crazy, so we’ve put together a list of activity ideas to help you make the most of the entire Easter holidays:

Team up for an adventure

Fresh faces are always welcome after spending days in the same company! If you know parents who have also taken time off this Easter, why not team up with them and their little ones and head out on an adventure? You could organise a group hike or bike ride, or try something a little different, such as geocaching.

Host a sleepover

Provided you have a set of earplugs, how about letting your kids have a couple of their friends over for a sleepover? Sort out the snacks (no more chocolate), films and games and leave them to it! If it’s a nice evening, you might want to suggest a campout in the back garden, complete with (supervised) campfire and marshmallows for toasting.

Wild camp

Turn off those phones, tablets and iPods… you won’t need them where you’re going! Nature lovers or not, your kids are bound to enjoy pitching up in the wild to spend the night under the stars. The good news for you is that wild camping is totally free, you just need to pick a place which permits it, such as Dartmoor National Park.

See and feed lambs

Half-term at Go ApeAround 16 million lambs are born in the UK each year and springtime is lambing season. Many farms have their barn doors open to visitors so they can learn about the lambing process, pet and bottle-feed lambs, and maybe even witness a live birth! It’s a fantastic experience that’s not to be missed and there’s bound to be a farm near you.

Take a trip to a museum

A trip to the museum is the ideal rainy day activity and in most cases entry is free, making it a cheap day out. Whatever your kids are into – science, history, cars, films – there’s bound to be a museum for it. Exploring the different artefacts will be great fun for your little ones, and they’ll be learning a thing or two at the same time!

Go Ape

For outdoor fun whatever the weather (minus gale-force winds), it’s got to be Go Ape. Swinging through the trees with your tribe is a sure-fire way to beat boredom and make the most of the holidays! Book your next adventure now.

Easter is here!

Go Ape at Easter

Finally, it’s the weekend we’ve all been waiting for: Easter Weekend!

Schools are out, spring has sprung, and to top it all off, most of us get to enjoy four whole days of (chocolate-filled) fun – eggcellent!

Easter is gracing us with its presence early this year, which has caught many people by surprise. If you’re feeling a little underprepared, fear not, Go Ape is here to help! We’ve put together a list of suggestions for making the most of Easter weekend. Here it is…


Easter gives us a great excuse to indulge in sweet stuff and not feel guilty about it! To make things a little more eggciting this year, why not have a crack at making your own eggs? To help, check out this useful BBC Good Food guide.


Don’t just hand over eggs to your friends and family, make them hunt for them! If it’s a nice, dry day, you could hide the eggs around your back garden. If it’s raining, it might be better to keep them indoors…no one wants a soggy egg!


Got little ones to entertain this weekend? If so, why not shell out on some eggs and get decorating?! Do what you want with them – paint pretty patterns, turn them into egg-people, or roll them in glitter! This Brit + Co article shares some cracking ideas to get you started.


If you’ve hollowed out your eggs for decorating, don’t waste what’s inside! The Easter weekend is the perfect opportunity to don your finest apron and get your bake on. Why not make something Easter-related, like hot cross buns or Easter biscuits? Or, if you’ve amassed a small mountain of chocolate but don’t think you can stomach all of it, why not use it to make some chocolate cornflake cakes or nests?

Get out.

If you plan to indulge this weekend, that’s fine, but you should try to balance it out with Go Ape Tarzan Swingsome exercise otherwise you’ll end up feeing overfull and lethargic. So get outdoors, stretch those legs and enjoy springtime in all its glory! The clocks also go forward on Sunday, meaning we get to enjoy an extra hour of sunlight in the evenings.

Forests are great places to be during springtime as they burst into life – bees buzz, birds sing, flowers bloom. This Easter, there are plenty of events taking place in forests across the UK. For instance, Haldon Forest Park is holding an Easter Family Fun Day with craft making, marshmallow toasting and a treasure trail, while Delamere Forest is hosting an Easter Bunny Dash 5km Fun Run (Easter Bunny fancy dress not compulsory, but strongly encouraged). You can search for forest events near you via the Forestry Commission website.

Go Ape.

If you’re planning some forest fun this Easter, why not swing by Go Ape with your tribe? Not only are our award-winning Tree Top Adventures mega fun, they’re also a great way to get some exercise! Completing the course burns around 510 calories in women and 660 in men – that’s basically an Easter egg! Book now.

A Four Day Weekend? Now There’s A Reason To Celebrate!

Celebrate Adventure this Bank Holiday Weekend

Well, school’s out, spring is here, and on top of all that, it’s Easter this weekend! The arrival of Good Friday and Bank Holiday Monday means a four-day weekend for many of us, and we can’t help but feel eggstremely eggcited about it! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist).

Besides from eating enough chocolate to sink a small ship, what other Easter plans do you have? You need to get out there and celebrate that four-day weekend, it only comes once a year! If you’re scratching your head for things to do, here are some suggestions:

Eat chocolate

This four-day weekend is the perfect opportunity to (over)indulge on chocolate. It’s the only time (bar Christmas) when it’s OK to gorge out on sweet treats any time of the day, so sub those scrambled eggs for chocolate eggs! (OK, maybe not…).

Burn it off

Chocolate cramps – they’re actually a thing. And you’ll no doubt find that out this weekend. It’s important that you balance your indulging with some healthy exercise this Easter. Why not head out for a few afternoon walks, or round-up the tribe for a bike ride or two?

Another fantastic way to burn off those surplus calories is by clambering up in the trees to take on one of our obstacle courses! Completing the course can burn up to 510 calories in women and 660 calories in men – that’s the equivalent to a standard sized chocolate egg! And once you’ve tackled the course, you can cool off with a stroll around the forest, which looks particularly pretty in the springtime.

Go huntin’

If you’ve got kids to entertain this weekend, nothing beats a good ol’ Easter egg hunt. You could hold one in your back garden, or join in with one of many public hunts taking place across the country. You’re bound to have a cracking time! (Last one, we promise).

In fact, forests across the UK are holding their own Easter-themed events and activities this weekend, and in many of those forests you’ll find one of our Go Ape courses! Get involved with an Easter Egg Hunt at Forest of Dean, or head out on an Easter Clue Trail with your family at Alice Holt.

Mini break

It’s not too late to book a mini break. A four day weekend is the perfect opportunity to get away for a while with friends and family. How about renting a cottage by the sea for the weekend? Or, if the weather’s particularly kind, why not organise a camping trip?


A four day weekend is the ideal time to have your next adventure! Go somewhere you’ve never been, or try something you’ve never tried before! You’ve got four whole days to get out there and live life adventurously – so go for it!

Fancy winning yourself £1,200 worth of Mountain Warehouse kit? Well, just tell us who you’d love to celebrate adventurously with and this weekend just may end up being your best Easter yet!

So, we guess all that’s left to say is, a very “Happy Easter” to you all!

From the Go Ape tribe X

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