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Fancy dress…we’re impressed!


Love to dress up? We certainly do!

If you visit Go Ape and spot a gorilla roaming the forest floor, run for your life! No, don’t really. The great ape is no great ape at all – just one of the Go Ape tribe monkeying (or shall we say, ape-ing?) around!

Our Tree Top Adventure courses are tonnes of fun (if we do say so ourselves). But do you know what makes them even more fun? Fancy dress!

Provided your clobber lets you easily navigate the obstacles, we strongly encourage rocking up to the forest dressed to impress. And if you’re visiting us to celebrate a birthday, stag or hen do, donning fancy dress will make your experience even more memorable!

Sound good? Here are some snaps to inspire you…

Fancy dress 1

These lads and ladies are looking particularly spectacular in Alice in Wonderland attire. Our gorilla pal gives his seal of approval, too. Fancy dress 2

A marvellous mixture of brightly-coloured costumes. These comic book heroes and villains look awesome – just imagine their capes flapping in the wind as they soar through the air via zip wire!

Fancy dress 3

Spiderman in action – and looking ultra-confident as he confronts the stirrups, one of Go Ape’s trickiest obstacles. But hey, it’s Spiderman; he could probably do it blindfolded (now that’s something we’d like to see!).

Fancy dress 4

Hurrah! Looks like Little Bo Peep has found her sheep who went walkabouts in the treetops! Baa-d sheep!

These are just a few fancy dress ideas to get you started – the possibilities really are endless! Come dressed as your favourite animal, singer, or movie character. Dress like the birthday girl or boy; or challenge one another to scour charity shops and buy the most outlandish outfits you can find. Just make sure you wear shoes suitable for trailblazing and canopy exploring!

Oh, and one more thing: make sure you take lots of pictures of you and your tribe in get-up! It’ll give you all a sacred memento to stick on the fridge door and remind you of your Go Ape adventure! And if you do take lots of snaps, don’t forget to share them with us via our social channels – who knows, you may help to inspire the next stag, hen or birthday bunch that swings with us!

It’s National Gorilla Suit Day…and we need your help!


We know that many of you will be happy to see the end of January, but the Go Ape tribe are looking forward to the 31st for another reason altogether: it’s National Gorilla Suit Day!

For you lovely folk, National Gorilla Suit Day presents the perfect opportunity to stroll around town dressed as an ape…and get away with it! If anyone raises their eyebrows (or runs away screaming), just say to them:

“Didn’t you know it’s National Gorilla Suit Day?!”

Pass on the knowledge, and hopefully next year they’ll join in and celebrate too!

Anyway, we’re actually after your help. We’ve decided it’s time to refresh our wardrobe. As you can imagine, we get through our fair share of gorilla suits. So we’ve decided to treat ourselves to some new furry finery… a gift to us, from us!

We’ve scoured the web for some new suits and have narrowed it down to five options. Your opinions, please…

Option 1

Go Ape Gorilla Costume Option 1

A classic choice, and not too different from our current clobber (though this guy does look a bit possessed, sort of like Frankenstein’s monster, don’t you think?). The question is: do we go with what we know, or mix it up a little this time…?

Option 2

Go Ape Gorilla Costume Option 2

Dressed in this neon suit, there’ll be no more blending in with the forest! And that means no more creeping up on visitors and surprising them when they least expect it (boo!). We dig pink, but we can’t imagine it staying this colour for long in the forest.

Option 3

Go Ape Gorilla Costume Option 3

Woah! What is this? A freshly-shaved gorilla? We’re sure it’d be easier navigating one of our Tree Top Adventures courses with this sleek suit on, but it lacks authenticity. It won’t be as snug as the furry alternatives either, meaning we might get chilly when swinging from tree to tree. And are we the only ones who find it kind of creepy?!

Option 4

Go Ape Gorilla Costume Option 4

Another realistic gorilla suit and we think this guy looks much more cheery than option 1! Oh-ah-ah, or oh-ah-na?

Option 5

Go Ape Gorilla Costume Option 5

Oh no! One of the Go Ape tribe members has been captured by a gorilla! We’re sure this suit will get some laughs, but that big cage on the front might not make it the most practical of options!…And there we have it five choices for Go Ape’s new gorilla suits.

Which one would you like to see us monkeying around in the forest in? Tell us on Twitter @GoApeTribe