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Segway polo? What you need to know

UK Segway Polo

You’ve heard of polo, right?

No not the refreshing white mint! We’re talking about the team sport played on horseback, where riders try and score by driving a small white ball into their opponents’ net using long-handled mallets. Know the one?

Well, there have been many variations of the sport over the years. The US invented auto polo, where (as you can probably guess) four wheels take the place of four legs, as players buckle-up and ride around in cars. Then there’s cycle polo, motorbike polo, elephant polo (played in South Asia), and yak polo (played in Mongolia)!

But there’s one more take on traditional polo that we’ve so far failed to mention and this one definitely gets our vote: Segway polo!

We scoured the web (thanks a lot, Wiki!) and found some facts and stats on the sport…

  • Origin: The US
  • Rules: Adapted from a mix of bicycle and horse polo
  • Regulation field size: 61 metres x 39 metres
  • Goal size: 2.4 metres wide x 1.5 metres high
  • Match duration: 4 x 8-minute quarters, known in polo as “chukkers”
  • Countries played: Inc. US, UK, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Barbados, Lebanon
  • Established in the UK: 2014
  • Official governing body: The International Segway Polo Association (ISPA)
  • World championship: The Woz Challenge Cup
  • Our fave fact: The 2017 Woz Cup will be played in London this year, from 27 July to 30 July!

We bet you’re hoping that Segway polo comes up as a category in the next pub quiz, right? We sure are! In the meantime, how would you like to have a go on a Segway yourself?

Forest Segway Wood

In many of our locations across the UK, you can choose to embark on a Forest Segway Experience! You won’t be able to play any polo (sorry), but you will be able to get off the beaten track for an hour’s worth of exploration with your tribe.

Actually, thinking about it, you could always invent your own game of forest polo if you like pick up a long stick to use as a mallet, and a pine cone as your ball. But Segway-ing does require your undivided attention, and we wouldn’t want any passers-by to be struck be an airborne pine cone – ouch!

Segways are a great alternative to walking, running or biking the trails. They’re a chance to put your feet up and enjoy a leisurely cruise weaving in and out of the trees as you go!

A Forest Segway Experience costs just for 60 minutes and includes a safety demo, practice session (so you can master the art of balance), and a truly unforgettable experience in the heart of the forest. When your adventure is over and you roll back to base, you’ll receive a certificate as a memento that you can stick on the fridge.

Who knows, you might enjoy a Forest Segway Experience so much, you’ll want to find out if there are any local Segway polo teams in your area!

If you plan on rolling with us, make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment. We hope to see you in the forest very soon!

The forest floor is calling…

Forest Segway Go Ape

What’s that?

Can you hear it?

It’s the forest floor…calling your name!

Think back to the last time you visited a forest what did you do? Did you hit some mountain bike trails with your buds? Did you build a den with your kids? Did you take a leisurely stroll through the trees, soaking up the sights, sounds and smells of your surroundings?

The forest is a fantastic place to be. Yes, we’re biased, but we love nothing more than to escape to a woody retreat. Forests are natural sanctuaries; they provide a peaceful place to take some time out from our hectic lives and just be.

Modern-day life moves fast, but we all need to slow down every once in a while. And there’s really no better place to take it easy than in the depths of the forest, where the air is clean and crisp and there isn’t an electric socket in sight!

So, now that we’ve sold a trip to the forest to you, here’s another suggestion: when you visit, why not explore the wonders of the woodland in a brand new way? Leave your bike at home, give your legs a rest, and instead hop aboard one of our all-terrain Segways!

The latest in green technology, our electric Segways will take you off the beaten track for an hour’s worth of exploration with your tribe. After a quick how-to from one of us, you’ll be free to roam and immerse yourself in the forest.Go Ape Segway Experience

You’ll find yourself navigating everything from simple, flat paths to more testing, rugged trials. You’ll skilfully weave yourself in and out of the tree trunks. You’ll climb hills and descend them. You’ll feel the crunch when you roll over bracken and twigs, and hear the slush when you roll through mud.

Now, if you’re a Segway newbie, it’ll take you a few minutes to get to grips with the machine. It could feel a little strange to begin with, but you’ll soon get into the swing or shall we say, roll? of things. You’ll quickly master the art of balance; and when we’re 100% certain that you have, we’ll send you on your way!

A Go Ape Forest Segway Experience costs just £35 and is available at select courses across the UK. Riders need to be at least 10 years old and a minimum of 7 stone. Make sure you wear flat, closed-toe shoes for your adventure, and be sure to pack some gloves if it’s chilly!

The forest is calling your name…come on down and cruise its floors!


Tackle the trails…

Group Segway

Go Ape is most famous for its award-winning Tree Top Adventure courses, but that’s not all we’ve got to offer, oh no!


Perhaps you’re a regular visitor to the tree tops and quite fancy trying out another forest-themed activity. Or maybe a sky-high obstacle course isn’t your thing and you prefer your adventure to be a little closer to the ground. If either of these sound like you, then we’ve got the perfect solution: book a Forest Segway Experience!

Rolling around the forest sounds pretty blissful, right? The hour-long experience will take you right into the heart of the woodland, where you’ll get to immerse yourself in the sights, smells and sounds of the forest.

You can expect to cover a lot of ground as you roll over all types of terrain, from level paths to more testing trails. You’ll lean, twist and turn your way in and out of the trees, so you’ll need to master the art of balance. But don’t worry, one of the Go Ape tribe will teach you some tricks and tips before you roll off into the sunset.


What our tribe has to say…

SegwayWe’ve received a lot of rave reviews about our Forest Segway Experience recently – some of them include…


‘I didn’t want to get off the Segway at the end!’ – Sharon

‘A fun experience in a beautiful setting. Great way to spend a bank holiday weekend!’ – Rittu

‘I loved every minute, my only gripe was that I wanted to continue after our time was up!… I would fully recommend, you won’t be disappointed!’ – Anthony

‘Thank you @GoApeTribe @moorsvalley for the most fun way to see the New Forest #forestsegway’ – Roberta


Trust us when we say, you won’t want to hop off the Segway when your adventure comes to an end! When you roll back to base and collect your certificate, we bet you’ll already be pondering when you can come and cruise the forest floor again!

To be able to enjoy a Forest Segway Experience you need to be aged 10 and up, over 7 stone and under 19.5 stone. If you fancy treating your kids to a new adventure this half term, one adult can supervise up to three 10-15 year olds (just in case they want to invite their mates).

We’ll kit you out with a helmet once you get here, but make sure you wear flat, closed shoes to the forest (high heels aren’t practical when trying to navigate a Segway). Dress in comfy clobber and don’t forget some change for parking!


So, are you ready to roll? A Go Ape Forest Segway Experience costs just £35 and is available at 11 locations across the UK. We hope to see you soon!

Over 60 hours a week, what’s stopping you?

Tarzan Swing

Right – hands up who’s ever used the excuse, Sorry; I don’t have the time to get out of something?

Perhaps a friend called to see if you wanted to play 5-a-side, a family member asked if you’d run an errand for them, or a colleague needed help with a project at work.

We all have busy lives but its important not to fall into the (lazy) habit of constantly using time as an excuse not to do things! Sure, work saps up a lot of our waking day, but there are still plenty of hours in the evenings and weekends to let your hair down and have some fun!

Time for Go Ape!

Call us clever, call us smart, as the Go Ape folk have been doing some calculations without a calc. Our sites are open for an average of 9 hours a day, which over the course of a week means were open for 63 hours. That’s over 60 hours of forest-themed, Tarzan-inspired fun that you and your tribe could be getting involved in!

Why wait for a bank holiday weekend?

Instead of spending your weekday evenings watching TV and daydreaming about the weekend, swing by Go Ape for an adventure in the tree tops. It’s important to make the most of these lovely light evenings before summer ends and the nights start drawing in (lets not think about that yet).

If you embark on a Tree Top Adventure, you’ll take on a whole host of exciting obstacles, from bridges and tunnels to stirrups and tight ropes. You’ll leap off platforms and into giant nets, and you’ll feel the evening breeze in your face as you fly through the air on a zip wire. Sounds pretty awesome, huh?

If you’d prefer an adventure that’s a little closer to the ground, you could hop aboard one of our all-terrain Segways and cruise the forest floor.

With our Forest Segway Experience, you’ll roll across simple pathways and trickier trails as you weave your way in and out of the trees, soaking in the sights and breathing in that fresh forest air as you go! Arguably the best way to unwind after a hard days work!

And then, we have the weekends – two whole days to do whatever you like!

Not seen your best mate in a while? Call them and see if they like to catch up in the tree tops. Fancy arranging an alternative first date? Unleashing your inner Tarzan as you tackle sky-high obstacles is bound to impress! Want to treat your kids before they head back to school? They’ll love monkeying around on a Tree Top Junior course!

See you soon!

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