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Segway polo: the next big thing?

UK Segway Polo

Go Ape Segway ExperienceFirst and foremost, Go Ape is a specialist in sky-high adventures. But, we also offer forest adventures with a down-to-earth twist, courtesy of our all-terrain, self-balancing Segways.

After soaking-up the sights of the forest from way up high, what better way to continue your Go Ape adventure than by swapping two legs for two wheels to cruise the forest floor? A Go Ape Forest Segway Experience lasts around an hour and includes a safety demo, practice session, and a totally unforgettable forest trail experience.

Segways are a great way to explore the forest and offer a fun alternative to cycling or walking! Plus, rolling around can be a real relaxing experience, so long as you’re able to navigate your way through the trees whilst staying upright. But, aside from being your forest tour guides, do Segways have another purpose?

Enter Segway Polo. Tipped (by us) to be the next big thing in the sporting world, Segway Polo is exactly what it says on the tin: polo, played on Segways instead of horseback (or on bicycles, which is another popular variation of the sport).

They might not say ‘neigh’ and they don’t come with reins, but Segways most certainly do have horsepower! Similar to riding a horse, the rider must be able to tame the beast – a tricky task when they’re simultaneously trying to thwack a ball into a goal with a mallet!

How did it all come about?

We have our friends across the pond to thank for Segway Polo. It all started not so long ago in 2003, when a version of the sport was played in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome at a Minnesota Vikings halftime show.

It was only really a year later when Segway Polo started to become popular, after members of the Bay Area Segway Enthusiasts Group (SEG) tried out the sport, fell in love with it, and developed it further.

Fast forward to today and there are European and international Polo Segway Championships and teams in countries across the globe, from Germany to Barbados; and from Sweden to New Zealand. The UK joined in 2014 with its own team and hosted its first-ever international tournament in April last year, with Germany’s Balver Mammuts taking the trophy.

Now a well-recognised sport, the International Segway Polo Association (ISPA) has been established as the official governing body.

Fun for everyone

As the UK Segway Polo website explains, Segway Polo is a ‘sport of equals’ – it doesn’t matter how fit you are, how old you are (within reason), or how much experience you have in playing Polo or other sports. All you need to know is the rules of the game, and all you need to do is master the arts of balance and control! (You could always get some practise in at Go Ape first!).

Now we know all about Segway Polo, we’re itching to give it a shot. We’re just wondering whether the forest floor would make a suitable pitch…

International Day of Happiness: how will you be spending it?

Forest Segway At Go Ape

‘Friendly’ and ‘happy.’ These two words are used a lot by our customers when describing members of the Go Ape tribe.

It’s extremely rare to spot one of the tribe without a smile on their face, and that’s because we’ve got a lot of reasons to be happy! We get to work in the great outdoors surrounded by nature and wildlife. We get to meet new, friendly faces every single day and introduce them to our wonderful forest adventures. And seeing our customers smiling and hearing them laughing when they’re in the tree-tops makes us incredibly happy!

We believe that happiness is contagious – being positive inspires others to be positive, too. And there really is no better day to be happy than Sunday, 20th of March, aka, International Day of Happiness!

What’s it all about?

Co-ordinated by the charity Action for Happiness, International Day of Happiness is celebrated across the globe with the aim of promoting positive social action to help create a happier and more caring world.

The charity points to the fact we’re no happier now than we were 60 years ago, even though our economy has significantly improved. What this shows is that we’re not prioritising happiness, but we really need to!

Being happy has less to do with money and possessions and more to do with attitudes and relationships with other people. International Day of Happiness is a chance for you to do things that make you happy, but also things that make other people happy.

The pledge is simply this: “I will try to create more happiness in the world around me.” Here are some ways you can inspire happiness:


‘If you want to feel good, do good.’ Doing something for another person will make them – and you – feel great. It’s a selfless act that can help build bonds and lead to stronger connections. For example, you could offer to cook for your parents or babysit for a friend so they can enjoy a night out.


Everyone appreciates an honest compliment. Tell the people you love what you love about them and you’re bound to make them smile.


If you know someone who’s having a tough time, offer your support. Listen to them, give them advice, or take them out and cheer them up. Above all, let them know you’re there for them.

Make time.

Sometimes, our lives are so busy we find ourselves spending less and less time with the people who mean the most to us. If this is the case, make International Day of Happiness all about your friends and family.


In an increasingly-connected world, we’re starting to lose the most valuable connection: the human connection. International Day of Happiness is a chance to re-connect with what’s important. Catch-up with a friend you haven’t seen in ages, talk to a neighbour you’ve never spoken to before, or pay a stranger a compliment.


The body and mind are closely intertwined (rhyme not intended), so if you feel good about yourself, you’re bound to have a more positive mind-set. Exercise is the ultimate pick-me-up and you needn’t run a marathon to feel the benefits. A walk to your mate’s house or a jog around your local park can boost your mood and make you feel happier.

Happiness at Go ApeBe aware.

We all need to take time out from our busy schedules to take a few breaths and appreciate what’s around us. Instead of scrolling Facebook on the sofa, step outside: see the trees blooming? Smell the fresh, spring flowers? Hear the children laughing? Don’t let these little magical moments pass you by.

If you’re searching for an apt International Day of Happiness activity, we’ve got an idea: Go Ape! Our adventures enable you to connect with nature and spend some quality time with the ones you love. Our Tree Top Adventure is also great for calorie-burning, but you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realise it! What’s more, our Forest Segways are raring to go and ready for a new season of adventures.

Whatever you end up doing to mark International Day of Happiness, make sure you tell the world by sharing your adventures on Facebook and Twitter using #InternationalDayofHappiness.


Start Making Tracks…

Family Forest Segway

The combination of warmer days and lighter evenings can only mean one thing: spring is in the air!

The signs of spring are all around us – we can see them, sense them, smell them and hear them. We’re looking forward to March not just because it’s the start of spring, but because it marks the return of our Forest Segway Experience!

Our all-terrain Segways have been hibernating through the winter but they’ll soon be unleashed out onto the forest floor once again. Our Forest Segway Experience is perfect for people looking for an awesome adventure with a down-to-earth twist, or for people who have booked-in for a Tree Top Adventure and want to carry on the fun!

Go Ape Forest Segways… And what better time to cruise the forest than with your family or buddies rolling beside you?

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and you’ll (hopefully) have the mild, spring sunshine beating down on you.

It costs just £35 for an hour of off-road fun – that includes a safety demo from one of the Go Ape tribe plus a brief practice session (if you’ve never hopped aboard a Segway before, it might take you a couple of minutes to find your balance). Then, once we’re confident you can ride solo, you’ll be free to roam!

Your Segway adventure will take you right into the heart of the forest.

You’ll navigate around the trees via simple pathways and some testing trails that’ll require good balance and full concentration. Don’t forget to stop (or at least slow down) to appreciate what’s around you. And if you’re quiet enough, there’s a good chance you’ll spot some wildlife!

When your adventure is up, you’ll cruise back to the Segway base where a certificate with your name will be waiting for you. And then what? You could move from rolling around to monkeying around in the trees for a couple of hours on one of our Tree Top Adventure courses. Or if you prefer to be a little closer to the ground, you might chose to explore more of the forest by foot or bike (we hire mountain bikes at our Black Park Country Park site).

There are just a few rules for our Forest Segway Experience: riders must be aged 10 or up, weigh more than 7 stone and less than 19.5 stone. Kids aged between 10 and 15 years old must be supervised by an adult. We also ask that you dress appropriately for the forest adventure; wear closed-toe, flat shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting muddy, which is a high possibility in this weather!

Our Forest Segway experience is available at eleven Go Ape sites across the UK. For more information, or to book your adventure, head over to the Forest Segway page.

Make more of your weekends…

Go Ape Zip Line

Autumn SegwayIt’s not exactly breaking news, but we’re going to say it anyway: weekends are awesome.

Yes, those 48 magical hours at the end of the working week where we can kick back, switch off and do whatever we darn well please.

Now that winter’s well and truly here, it’s all too easy to hibernate with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and back-to-back episodes of the latest American sitcom. While we agree that a bit of downtime is important, if you’re guilty of slobbing around ALL weekend, you’re probably finding that come Monday morning you don’t feel all that refreshed; you certainly wouldn’t describe your weekend as “incredible”, and when workmates ask what you’ve been up to, you have to rack your brains to think of exactly what it was that you accomplished. So, with this in mind, here are some top tips to really make the most of that all-important two-day break.

Plan ahead

Although a bit of spontaneity is good from time to time, it’s always wise to have a rough idea during the week of what you’d like to do at the weekend – if you don’t have any plans, you could very well end up doing nothing! Things get booked up pretty quickly on Saturdays and Sundays (and so do your friends!) so a bit of forward-thinking is sometimes necessary.

See your mates

Talking of friends, spending time with them at the weekend is a guaranteed way of boosting your happiness. The main reason we don’t see our mates as much as we’d like is because we forget to organise anything – so bite the bullet and set up a group on WhatsApp or Facebook to organise a Saturday bike ride or a Sunday stroll.

Switch off the TV

Watching the TV for hours on end might seem like a good way to relax, but several studies have found, in fact, that heavy TV viewers report lower life satisfaction, as well as higher material aspirations and anxiety. It may seem like an easy, convenient option on a rainy Sunday afternoon, but if you wrap up in your waterproofs and get out in the great outdoors, we promise you’ll be glad you did!

Find a hobby

Many of us have a work routine from Monday to Friday, so the weekend is a time to shake off this monotony and treat your brain to something different. Whether it’s a game of tennis or a piano lesson, a hobby can be a great outlet for stress.

Go Ape

Finally, what better way to spend a weekend than zipping through the trees and leaping off Tarzan swings amongst some of the most breathtaking scenery in the UK? We now have 28 Go Ape locations dotted over the country, so simply choose where you’d like to have your adventure, book to secure your session and gather your tribe. You’ll be returning to the office on Monday morning saying your weekend was EPIC – trust us!

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