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Gifts You Won’t Want To Give

Go Ape Gift Experiences Christmas

What’s the absolute worst Christmas present you’ve ever received? A novelty tie? A pair of gloves that were quite obviously a last minute purchase from the petrol station? Some suspect-looking chocolate liqueurs, perhaps?!

Now, we don’t wish to sound ungrateful or anything – and obviously Christmas is all about the giving, not the receiving – but sometimes the gifts lovingly presented to us by our friends and family are…well…disappointing, at best – and downright disturbing, at worst!

As the Christmas shopping season rears its Santa-hat-adorned-head once again, we thought it would be fun to step back from all the madness and appreciate just how wrong people can sometimes get it. Let’s take a look back at the Christmas of yesteryear to see some of the worst offenders…

Desktop Drum Kit

As if it wasn’t bad enough that you have to sit your desk all day at work, imagine if your co-worker rocked up after the festive break with their very own drum kit to keep on their desk? We can’t quite work out when or why this would be useful thing to have, and we’re pretty sure it was designed purely to get on other people’s nerves.

Mewgaroo pet pouch hoodie

Yes, you read that right, Mewgaroo…as in, miaow/kangaroo…do you get it? This simple (yet still somehow unbelievable) design lets you sit on the sofa with your cat snuggled up in the hoodie’s fleece-lined pouch, like a feline kangaroo. No more worrying about disturbing your cat if you need to go make a cup of tea – or if you ever want to have a social life again!*

*We’re fully aware that some of you cat-lovers out there (you know who you are) will actually think this is the best gift ever.

Beard baubles

Once again, yep, you read that correctly. A strange new craze emerged last year, where bearded chaps throughout the country decided it was a good idea to festoon their beards with tiny, multicoloured, shimmering baubles. And for those who didn’t? They probably received one as their Secret Santa gift – which got accidentally ‘misplaced’ afterwards…

Wireless eye massager

Just when we thought we didn’t have enough gadgets and gizmos, along came the wireless eye massager (because a wired eye massager would just be silly, right?) This frankly terrifying invention massages “your entire ocular region” and features pre-recorded “soothing nature sounds”. What ever happened to good old-fashioned sleep and fresh air?

This Christmas, don’t even think about getting anything from this list! If you’re looking for that perfect present and don’t want to risk getting it wrong, why not give the gift of adventure with a Go Ape voucher?

Gift Vouchers Go Ape

They can use their voucher for a day in the trees they’ll never forget. Even better, for a limited time only we’re giving away an awesome virtual reality headset (and accompanying app) with every gift voucher purchase – so they can relive the Go Ape experience again and again!

Give the gift of adventure this Christmas!

Go Ape Gift Vouchers this Christmas

We all have that someone in our lives who (even though we love them very much) is extremely difficult to buy presents for.

Go Ape Gift Voucher Free GiftIt happens every Christmas. We ask them for ideas and they say “I’ll have a think” – but never get back to us. Or they say those dreaded words: “Just surprise me!” So we end up buying some out-of-the-box gift; and as they pull it out of the wrapping paper, they say “I love it!” in that strange, high-pitched voice. They’re lying – and we have failed, again. What’s worse is that we’ve lost the receipt, so we can’t even offer to take it back.

Right…it’s time to put an end to this!

No more wasting money on presents that never see the light of day once Christmas has passed; presents that get sold for next-to-nothing at a car boot sale, or get shoved under the bed and forgotten about.

It’s time to surprise that special someone with a gift they will actually appreciate and use! A gift they won’t have to pretend to like when they open it on Christmas day. They’ll tell you that they love it, and actually mean it!

We are, of course, talking about the glorious gift of adventure!

Just imagine their face upon finding out that they’ll soon be swinging through the trees in an Ape-like fashion?!

In fact, with a Go Ape gift voucher, you can pick an adventure that best suits them. Would they like to climb high into the tree tops to tackle everything from bridges and tunnels to swings and stirrups? Or, would they rather cruise around the forest on-board our all-terrain Forest Segways?

Our Tree Top Adventure courses are hibernating for winter, but they’ll be back open for monkey business come spring. So, that leaves plenty of time for that special someone to get psyched up about their one-of-a-kind forest outing!

If that ‘special someone’ is a little monkey, you could buy them a gift voucher for a Tree Top Junior adventure, with courses remaining open year-round (so long as the weather is OK).

Experience Virtual Go ApeOh, and if you need any more persuading…for a limited time, we’re giving away a FREE virtual reality headset with every postal gift voucher!

By downloading the Go Ape 360 app, the giftee will get a taste of what Go Ape is all about before their big day. Donning our monkey-inspired headsets, they’ll be able to swing through the trees whilst sat on the sofa, and zip around the forest whilst tucked up in bed!

Time’s ticking if you want to get your furry mitts on this great gift – so go, go, go!

Buy Go Ape Gift Vouchers Now!

It’s not too late…give the gift of adventure!

Go Ape Gift Vouchers - Gift Adventure

It’s never too late to give the gift of adventure – but, according to the Royal Mail, Monday 21st December before 1pm is your best bet.

If you order after that, your Go Ape gift vouchers may not arrive before Christmas! That means you have only a few days left to order your vouchers online and have them posted to your address (postage is free, FYI!).

But if you miss the postal deadline, have no fear: our digital monkeys can work their magic and send them across to you via email.

If you’re a last-minute kind of guy or gal, you may be wracking your brains right now, trying to think of what that friend or family member would like this Christmas. What do you get the person who has everything? Well, the gift of adventure, of course! When it comes to Christmas prezzies, we like to live by the mantra:

‘Have less. Do more. Be more’.

Collecting memories is so much better than collecting things. When that little sleek Go Ape envelope is opened on Christmas Day, the lucky recipient will be thrilled – they will have something AWESOME to look forward to in the New Year and they can prepare for their exciting adventure that lies ahead!

So, what can they expect from their Go Ape adventure?

Well, they should be prepared for a lot of monkeying around – and a lot of laughs, to boot. They can expect to zoom down super-fast zip wires, leap off Tarzan swings, tackle our high ropes obstacles, feel the wind in their faces – and possibly come away with a little bit of woodchip in their pants, as a little extra memento.

Or, if they want to enjoy the forest on terra firma, why not treat them to a Segway Experience gift voucher? Our self-balancing electric Segways allow them to have a whole hour of off-the-beaten-track fun – and this experience is now offered at 11 of our UK Go Ape sites!

Ordering your vouchers online couldn’t be easier – just click here and choose the type of voucher you’d like, personalise it (for that little extra touch), select your FREE delivery and wait for it to pop through your letterbox after 2 to 5 working days. Simple!

Vouchers are valid for a whole year and can be used at any of our UK locations. So, don’t delay the Go Ape experience any longer; there are seven days in a week, and “someday” isn’t one of them.

Adventure awaits!

Go Ape Gift Vouchers

What we’re wishing for this Christmas…

Alternative Christmas Gifts

The gifts that bring the biggest smiles to our faces are the ones that really mean something to us.

Reindeer MittensWe’re talking personalised, thoughtful and unique. Where to go for personalised, thoughtful and unique gift inspiration? Pinterest, of course! Whether you’re searching for an unusual present for that someone special, or you’re looking for things to subtly add to your wish list, we’ve scoured everyone’s favourite online pin board and have fallen head over heels with the following…

Knitted reindeer gloves

Is your gran an avid knitter? If she’s always on the hunt for a new pattern, see if she’s willing to try her hand (gettit?!) at knitting these fab reindeer mittens!

Homemade cookies in a special ‘tin’

We love a good homemade cookie – all gooey and decadent. But how about this recycling-friendly idea? Wrapped Pringle tubes in sparkly gift paper, full of homemade biccies? Something tells us that once we pop, we just won’t stop!

Transparent book weight

As you Clear Book Weightmay have guessed, we love being in the great outdoors! But sometimes, when we’re really into a good book, the flapping pages in the wind can be a tad frustrating. Enter: the see-through book weight! Why didn’t we think of this sooner?!

Personalised pebbles

How cute are these beautiful name stones? We’d love to receive these, but we’d also love to make them – choosing our favourite pebbles as we stroll along the beach would be the best bit!

Map art

We would love to receive this gift! Combining artwork for the walls with memories of countries we’ve visited on our travels… pure genius!

Homemade Twig HeartTwiggy heart

This is technically classed as a Christmas decoration, but we think it would hang proudly in our home all year round! Such a clever way of collecting and using twigs and branches (as you can imagine, we come across many of these here at Go Ape!).

Shark and mermaid blankets

Ok, these are probably designed with children in mind, but our inner kid is screaming out for these cool mermaid/shark blankets! We’d certainly be the envy of all our friends come camping season!

Silhouette pictures

These silhouette pictures are not as tricky to achieve as they look, and would make a classy and unique addition to any home (our home, hopefully!).

So, there you have it – a few special gifts we would love to receive. If you’re looking to buy that someone special in your life a prezzie to remember, then how about treating them to the gift of adventure with Go Ape gift vouchers? Allow them to release their inner Tarzan, while at the same time giving them memories that will last a lifetime! Head over to our gift experience vouchers page where you can quickly and easily purchase our gift vouchers, now with free delivery!

Go Ape Gift Vouchers

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