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An adventurous gift for the daredevil in your life!

Go Ape Gift Vouchers this Christmas

Do you know someone who grabs life by the horns, lives every day to its very fullest and embraces any adventure or challenge that’s thrown their way?

If you do and their birthday’s coming up we’ve got the perfect present idea: give them the gift of adventure!A box of choccies last a couple of days (or a couple of hours if you’re anything like us), a pair of socks lasts a year and a book will be read in a week.

But the gift of adventure will create memories that’ll last a lifetime!Go Ape vouchersWe’re big believers in gifting memories, not things, which is why we offer Go Ape vouchers for four of our adventures!

Think the self-confessed daredevil in your life will enjoy monkeying around in the treetops? If so, you could treat them to a Tree Top Adventure, or a Tree Top Junior if they’re a mini Tarzan. The courses will have them climbing nets, crawling through tunnels, wobbling across bridges and whizzing through the air on zip wires!

Zip Trekking Adventure



Speaking of zip wires, if the birthday boy or girl lives near The Lakes (or wouldn’t mind travelling there), you could treat them to our one-of-a-kind Zip Trekking Adventure! No other obstacles just zip, after zip, after zip, after zip (seven in total, in fact).

We’ve basically made human flight possible with this sky-high adventure, which covers a whopping 3km!

For a more down-to-earth activity, there’s our Forest Segway Experience, which is a good alternative if the gift has already tested their Tarzan skills in the trees. On a Segway, they’ll get to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and smells of the forest in a totally unique way, as they roll over simple pathways as well as more testing trails.

Gift vouchers can be used at any of our 31 locations across the UK and are valid for a year. If you want, you can load the card with the amount of your choice, so that the recipient can pick their own activity.

Our vouchers can also be used to buy Go Ape gear. From branded tees, beanies and hoodies to handy lanyards and water bottles, our clothing and accessories are available to browse and buy from the on-site Go Ape cabin.

A Go Ape voucher is a gift the daredevil in your life will use and cherish. They won’t need to pull their pretend ‘I love it!’ face when they open the envelope, because they actually will!

You can expect to earn mega brownie points, and the added bonus? There’s no wrapping involved!

Get Ahead This Spring Bank Holiday

Tree Top Junior Southampton

Bank holiday season is upon US!


We’ve already been treated to three bank holidays recently thanks to Easter, and May Day and before we know it Spring Bank Holiday will be upon us and then we have to wait until August for another!

Have you penciled your plans into the diary yet, or does it leave a Monday-shaped hole in your calendar? After three you should be well rehearsed but fear not its not too late to take the time to start making preparations‚ take a look at these handy tips for making the most of your long weekend!


Write a list


A bank holiday means you have 50% more time to do the things you’ve been nagging yourself to do, but haven’t got around to. There’s nothing more satisfying than striking a line through that dreaded chore you’ve been putting off for ages. Once it’s done, it’s done, and you can enjoy the rest of your extended weekend guilt-free. Tidy the shed‚ tick! Take that old bookcase to the dump‚ tick! Practice your chest-pounding skills‚ okay, maybe that one’s just us…


What’s on the menu?


Life can get so hectic that sometimes, eating becomes a necessity rather than an indulgence. This is a travesty in our opinion! Why not plan ahead for the upcoming bank holiday by considering what treats you could have in store? The range of ideas out there these days are vast, and vloggers are making recipes even easier to achieve. For the more health-conscious, these goodies needn’t be high in naughtiness, as long as they are something you can look forward to! So start favouriting those online tutorials you usually scroll past longingly, sighing that you’d “love to try this out but never have the time…” Well, now you will!




Why not use your extra time to declutter your home, and at the same time, make some extra pocket money? Start gathering your preloved particulars ready for that bank holiday boot sale/auctioning website/free ads forum and watch your finances flourish. Perhaps your little monkeys have a mountain of toys they don’t play with anymore? Maybe your wardrobe could use a clear-out? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, after all.


Plot in time with your loved ones


It may seem like an obvious one, but if your lives are half as busy as ours, you’ll know that time is precious and we must grab the opportunities to spend time with our family and friends as often as we can. Eat together, play together, take a walk in your local park‚ anything that brings you closer and allows you to spend some quality time with one another. So book in some bank holiday bonding time with your favourites today, before anyone else does!


For a truly great experience with your nearest and dearest, a trip to Go Ape could be just the ticket! There are just a few days left until the Early May Bank Holiday‚ so make sure you get in early by booking a session at one of our fantastic Tree Top Adventure courses. Make this year’s Spring Bank Holiday the most memorable yet!

Gifts You Won’t Want To Give

Go Ape Gift Experiences Christmas

What’s the absolute worst Christmas present you’ve ever received? A novelty tie? A pair of gloves that were quite obviously a last minute purchase from the petrol station? Some suspect-looking chocolate liqueurs, perhaps?!

Now, we don’t wish to sound ungrateful or anything – and obviously Christmas is all about the giving, not the receiving – but sometimes the gifts lovingly presented to us by our friends and family are…well…disappointing, at best – and downright disturbing, at worst!

As the Christmas shopping season rears its Santa-hat-adorned-head once again, we thought it would be fun to step back from all the madness and appreciate just how wrong people can sometimes get it. Let’s take a look back at the Christmas of yesteryear to see some of the worst offenders…

Desktop Drum Kit

As if it wasn’t bad enough that you have to sit your desk all day at work, imagine if your co-worker rocked up after the festive break with their very own drum kit to keep on their desk? We can’t quite work out when or why this would be useful thing to have, and we’re pretty sure it was designed purely to get on other people’s nerves.

Mewgaroo pet pouch hoodie

Yes, you read that right, Mewgaroo…as in, miaow/kangaroo…do you get it? This simple (yet still somehow unbelievable) design lets you sit on the sofa with your cat snuggled up in the hoodie’s fleece-lined pouch, like a feline kangaroo. No more worrying about disturbing your cat if you need to go make a cup of tea – or if you ever want to have a social life again!*

*We’re fully aware that some of you cat-lovers out there (you know who you are) will actually think this is the best gift ever.

Beard baubles

Once again, yep, you read that correctly. A strange new craze emerged last year, where bearded chaps throughout the country decided it was a good idea to festoon their beards with tiny, multicoloured, shimmering baubles. And for those who didn’t? They probably received one as their Secret Santa gift – which got accidentally ‘misplaced’ afterwards…

Wireless eye massager

Just when we thought we didn’t have enough gadgets and gizmos, along came the wireless eye massager (because a wired eye massager would just be silly, right?) This frankly terrifying invention massages “your entire ocular region” and features pre-recorded “soothing nature sounds”. What ever happened to good old-fashioned sleep and fresh air?

This Christmas, don’t even think about getting anything from this list! If you’re looking for that perfect present and don’t want to risk getting it wrong, why not give the gift of adventure with a Go Ape voucher?

Gift Vouchers Go Ape

They can use their voucher for a day in the trees they’ll never forget. Even better, for a limited time only we’re giving away an awesome virtual reality headset (and accompanying app) with every gift voucher purchase – so they can relive the Go Ape experience again and again!

Fun ways to wrap your Go Ape gift this Christmas

red christmas present secret santa

So, you’ve made the (incredibly wise) decision to buy your loved one a Christmas gift they’ll never forget: a day of fun and adventure exploring the trees and their own bravery at one of our Go Ape forests!

But how to present it to them? A thoughtful and exciting gift such as this deserves to be presented in a thoughtful and exciting way – wouldn’t you agree? Just because you’re giving somebody a gift voucher, doesn’t mean you have to shove it in a boring white envelope and be done with it. Good monkeys, no! This year, we’re giving away FREE virtual reality headsets with our postal gift vouchers – so there’s even more reason for you to put in that extra bit of effort!

Use this opportunity to set the scene for their experience, wet their appetite for adventure – or just put a massive grin on their face before they’ve even seen what’s inside! Here’s some fun ideas for adding a little natural flair to your cards and gift wrapping…. Go Ape style!

Leaf printing

Showcase Mother Nature’s beauty by using natural materials to make your very own cards and wrapping paper. Head outside and collect the most interesting leaves, flora and nettles you can find. Back home, roll out some Kraft brown wrapping paper, get your paints ready (keep things natural with greens, browns and oranges, or go festive with reds, white and gold) then paint the veiny side of each leaf, before flipping (carefully!) onto the paper. Once dry, it’s ready to use! You can do the same on plain white card to make a Christmas card that’s truly unique.

Potato printing

If you’re feeling crafty, you can always give good old-fashioned potato printing a try! Simply cut a potato in half down the middle, then carve the cut end into a basic shape – we’d go for a tree theme, obviously – then use it as a stamp to create your own bespoke designs! We think a classic Christmas tree shape would work well, but you could also try carving an oak tree, a maple leaf, a Horse-chestnut leaf, an acorn…we could go on and on!

Cheeky monkey

Buying a voucher for a little monkey to try out our Tree Top Junior course? Make it even MORE fun by nestling the envelope in the arms of a cuddly toy monkey – perhaps with a special note from the monkey itself! For example: “Hello! I’m Mikey the Monkey – will you be my new friend?” or “My name’s Martha the Monkey and I can’t wait to play with you!” They get a physical present to keep and something awesome to look forward to – win-win!

Tree seedling

Another way to give a physical gift with your gift voucher is to tie the envelope to a tree seedling, or grow-your-own tree kit. Your giftee will be wondering why on Earth you’ve bought them a tree – until they open their actual present and realise the connection! Even better, once they’ve planted their tree they’ll always look at it and think of you. Say it with us now Tarzans: “arrrghhhhh!”.

Festive foliage

If you’re buying a gift voucher for your partner, or perhaps an older relative, you might want to tone down the packaging a little. Try wrapping your gift in a simple, sophisticated design of your choosing, then add some freshly cut foliage for a naturally festive touch. You could use holly leaves (just watch out for those prickles!), mistletoe, pine cones, pine tree cuttings, eucalyptus or wild berries. You can even use ingredients from your kitchen, such as rosemary sprigs and cinnamon sticks!

We hope we’ve inspired you think outside the (gift) box this Christmas! Have you bought your gift voucher yet?

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