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Beat The Christmas Rush

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Do you live life on the edge? Do your hobbies include the likes of skydiving, paragliding or rock-climbing? Or, is your adrenaline-packed activity of choice leaving your Christmas shopping until the last minute?

Don’t get us wrong, our tribe here at Banana HQ love to live life adventurously. However, our idea of a daring day out involves more swinging through trees, and less fighting fellow unorganised individuals to get the last of the Christmas goods.

We don’t mean to be a Scrooge about your shopping habits. After all, Christmas can be hard if you’re not one of the thousands who crack out the eggnog and surround their houses in fake snow by the 10th of November. Not all of us can be like the early birdies who begin hoarding gifts as soon as the January sale starts, nor can we be the ones who sensibly stagger their shopping. Besides, Santa left his shopping to the last minute, so why can’t you?

The true meaning of Christmas

Well, if you fall into this category, it sounds as though you need a yuletide intervention to help teach you the true meaning of Christmas! While we can’t force you to get wrapped up in the holiday magic, we can point out a few of the serious perks of being prepared.

For starters, not even Black Friday can come close to the chaos of shopping on Christmas Eve. The elbows come out and pleasantries disappear, while the stressed-out shop assistants get an earful because all the shelves are empty. How will you possibly find anything – let alone a gift your loved one would actually like? Socks it is…again!

The whole point of Christmas isn’t the adverts or objects; it’s about coming together and making memories with your friends and family. It’s not what’s under the tree or how many presents you have, it’s the atmosphere and the opportunity to show people you care. And try as you may, the kind of gift that makes someone feel all warm inside can’t be found at 5:55pm on Christmas Eve.

So, whack out that list and start checking it twice. Write down the names of everyone you want to spoil and start thinking of what they’ll love. It could be a humorous gift that draws on a fun time you shared, a beautiful edition of their favourite book, or maybe a bunch of art supplies so they can kick 2018 off to a creative start.

Once you have a plan of action, it’s time to brave the cold and beat the crowds – and who knows, maybe even catch some festive cheer! Plus, by starting early, you’ll get the pick of the bunch and first dibs on the year’s best gifts. Not to mention brownie points to tide you over until at least next year!

Give them a gift they’ll never forget

If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t panic! There are plenty of awesome presents still to be found, and who says they need to be physical objects? We believe that the best gifts aren’t things, they’re experiences.

That’s why we think a Go Ape voucher makes such a perfect gift. Whether you’re clambering through nets, zip-wiring through the forest or facing your fears on one of our vertigo-inducing platforms, a day spent up in the canopy is a very good day indeed (and as you can buy them online, you can avoid the shops altogether – what’s not to love?!).

Give the gift of Go Ape this Christmas and watch your loved one go bananas!

Check ’em out! Our new gift vouchers have arrived…

Gift Voucher
Want to know a sure-fire way of scoring some serious brownie points with your friends and family this Christmas? It’s simple: give them the gift of adventure!

A pair of socks will only disappoint, a box of choccies may please, and a DVD or music album could excite. But nothing – no, nothing! – beats a present that’s based on experiences and making memories that’ll last a lifetime. That’s our opinion, anyway!

Ready, steady, wow!

If you want to make someone’s Christmas very merry this year, why not give them a Go Ape gift voucher? They can be used on all of our adventures, whether you think the giftee would love to get their Tarzan on in the treetops, cruise the forest floor aboard a Segway, or sample human flight on our one-of-a-kind Zip Trekking Adventure. The choice is yours – or, leave it to them by loading up the voucher with cash instead.

All about the present(ation)

Who likes wrapping presents? Not us! With a Go Ape voucher, there’s no getting frustrated with folding, or constantly losing the end of the sellotape. If you want the voucher to be delivered directly to you, our tribe of furry elves will send it to you free of charge, snazzily presented in one of our wallets. You just need to make sure you order before midday on 20th of December to receive your delivery in time for Christmas!




Or, there’s another option. If you don’t want to wait around for your vouchers, you can download and print them digitally at home. It’s as easy as 1-2-3; and for a bit of fun, we’ve created four, free envelopes you can pick from and print yourself! Very basic origami skills are required (plus a printer and piece of paper).

We reckon instant e-vouchers are a smidgen more personal, allowing you to choose your design and create the envelope yourself. This means that you can proudly declare “I made that!” when handing over the envelope to that special someone on Christmas day.

Whichever voucher option you go with, you’ll be able to personalise it with the recipient’s name and a little message from you to them. It’s a great opportunity to let them know how much they mean to you, to thank them for all they’ve done for you this year, or to simply wish them a merry Christmas.

So, what are you waiting for? Tick another pressie off your to-buy list today by purchasing Go Ape vouchers!

A shout out to adventurous Dads

Go Ape Gift Vouchers this Christmas
It’ll soon be that time of the year again. The day where silverbacks all over the UK get to put their feet up, unwrap a thoughtful pressie, and legitimately put off mowing the lawn until another day. Yep, Father’s Day is THIS Sunday, 18th June.

Here at Banana HQ, we’ve compiled a list of five things we can thank our dads, step-dads, grandads and uncles for. We bet at least one of these rings a bell…

1. Thanks for… being our personal taxi drivers

Shelley’s house, then Priya’s house, then Jen’s Nanna’s. Then to the cinema on the High Street, please. Oh, there’s a new one-way system, by the way. Yeah, probably should have mentioned that earlier. Can you reverse?

Gift inspo: why not get him a bottle of something smooth and aged, with a posh label. Or perhaps just his trusted favourite. Someone else can be designated driver for a change.

2. Thanks for… letting us climb the tall trees

Looking back, we’re sure there were many hours of anxious curtain-twitching and phone-checking while we were out exploring our local jungles. Thanks for resisting wrapping us in cotton wool. We learnt something from every single bump and scrape, and we’ve got the precious lifelong memories to prove it.

Gift inspo: why not relive childhood summers by treating your silverback to a Tree Top Adventure? Swing-side-by-side through the forest canopy and see who can Tarzan call the loudest.

3. Thanks for… being the Easter Bunny, Father Christmas, and the Tooth Fairy

OK, so although it was technically a decade-long deception, thanks for hiding those eggs under the geraniums, nibbling Rudolph’s carrot, and sneaking those pound coins under the pillow. We know it was you, and we love you for it.

Gift inspo: let Dad be himself this Father’s Day by buying him a smart shirt from his favourite store. He deserves it after all those Christmases in the Santa costume…

4. Thanks for… letting us listen to our terrible teenage music

Slaves to the charts, we’re fairly sure we made you endure more than anyone’s fair share of white-suited boy bands, neon-haired pop princesses, and novelty one-hit wonders (Crazy Frog, anyone?).

Sound familiar? Gift inspo: make Dad a playlist of stuff he actually enjoys listening to. Maybe he was right, after all. We’d much rather listen to Blur than Blazin’ Squad these days.

5. Thanks for… the epic BBQs

Although it was pretty clear the kitchen wasn’t your natural habitat, you were always first out with the lighter fluid on a clear day. Bravely risking burnt eyebrows, backseat chefs, and an incinerated shed, you made sure we all enjoyed the sunshine with full bellies. Thanks for your commitment to the marinades – they were awesome.

Gift inspo: why not coax your culinary hero indoors with a good cookbook? It might just persuade him that not all food has to be prepared over hot coals.

Whatever you have to thank Dad for, why not treat him to some family tree-time? We’re sure he’ll love the Tarzan swings and zip lines, but we’re willing to bet his favourite bit will be spending quality time with you.

Dads – looking for a (not so) subtle way to hint at an adventurous gift? Maybe a cheeky retweet might do the trick…

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