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5 Reasons Adventure Is Good For Your Health As You Get Older

Tarzan Swing

If you thought adventure was just something for the young ones to get excited about, think again!


The silverbacks of the tribe have just as much – if not more – of a reason to embrace adventure and push themselves out of their comfort zones now and again!


Yes, it might feel like you’ve ‘been there, done that,’ but take it from us – there’s always something new to try or somewhere new to go. It’s a big ol’ world out there and you’re never too old to go out and discover it!

Here are five reasons why an adventure (like the sort you can find at Go Ape) is good for your health as you get older:


  1. You’ll get that blood pumping

It’s all too easy for physical activity to drop to the bottom of the to-do list; after all, that comfy sofa and latest boxset is oh-so appealing! But the effects of a sedentary lifestyle can really catch up with you. We don’t want to be downers but weight gain, heart disease, insomnia, aches and pains – these are all symptoms which can take hold if you don’t get that blood pumping. And there’s no better way to get your daily dose of exercise than by swinging through the trees or taking a stroll around a beautiful forest…


  1. You’ll be less stressed

Trying something new and taking adventure by the horns provides a massive mental boost. Suddenly, instead of stressing excessively about silly little things like who’s nicked your recycling bin, you’ve got amazing new experiences, challenges and achievements to fill your mind and energise you! It’s all about your perspective – and life looks rosy from the treetops!


  1. You’ll be happier

Adventure stimulates your mind and gets your body moving, so you can expect a boost in mood to follow as the endorphins let loose. Adventure might be nerve-wracking in the run up to the event, but the boost you’ll feel after tackling the challenge head-on will give you a buzz lasting for days!


LiveScience reported research that revealed people who enjoy life tend to maintain better physical function than those who don’t in daily activities as they age. Plus, the unhappiest people in the study were 80% more likely to develop impairments in daily functions. We know which tribe we’d rather belong to!


  1. You’ll sleep like a baby

You don’t get this far in this funny old journey called life without learning a thing or two along the way. So we imagine you’re pretty well-versed in the fact that fresh air and exercise helps you sleep better. An adventure in the great outdoors will have you sleeping soundly come nightfall – mark our words!


  1. You’ll boost your self-esteem

Whilst physical health is important, mental health shouldn’t be overlooked. Self-confidence and self-esteem can melt away if you don’t prove to yourself that you’re capable of trying new things every now and again. At Go Ape, we have a range of activities to suit all ages and abilities – the only limits are those you impose on yourself. And we’re there every step of the way to help you overcome those fears and get that boost you deserve!


We welcome all tribal elders to try our courses on for size! Give us a call today…we’re waiting!

You had me at avocado – healthy lunch recipes

healthy couscous

Trying to eat healthily this year but already find yourself teetering on the edge of that wagon? Join the club! If you’re sick of soggy salads and sad sandwiches at lunchtime, allow us to give you a little inspiration…


We asked a few members of our tribe for their favourite healthy lunch recipes – we don’t just run on bananas you know, and trust us when we say our gang needs all the nutrients and energy they can here at Banana HQ! Healthy eating isn’t a mystery; just remember to keep things natural and fresh, and that it’s all about balance – which, as it happens, is also an important skill when you’re navigating our tree tops!


Ready to liven up your lunchtime? Take a look at these tasty healthy lunch ideas…


Moroccan couscous

Stuck having your lunch al-desko? With just a few spices and dry ingredients, you can get a real taste of the exotic! Just prepare some couscous according to the packet instructions, then in a separate pan, toast a spice mix of ground cumin, ground coriander, ground cardamom and mixed spice, before adding oil, sliced red onion, red pepper and courgette. Throw in some sultanas, chickpeas and pistachios, then stir it all into the couscous with some chopped fresh mint. If you like, add grilled chicken breast for extra protein.


Loaded sweet potatoes

If you tend to crave something warm at lunchtime, this nutritious take on a jacket potato will do the trick. Sweet potatoes are packed with antioxidants, vitamin A, bet-carotene and fibre ΓÇô and they’re oh-so-tasty! Just cook a whole sweet potato for 40 minutes in the oven, then cut in half and stuff with anything you fancy. You could try cottage cheese; feta and roasted veggies; spicy chicken; tuna and red onion; or houmous and spinach.


Spicy bean burrito bowl

Arriba! Fire up your taste buds with a spicy Mexican bean bowl – so yummy you won’t even notice it’s good for you! Cook a grain of your choice (such as quinoa or bulgar wheat) then stir in chopped onion, garlic, chilli, smoked paprika and cayenne pepper. Mix through black beans, red kidney beans and sweetcorn. Divide into portions, then pile each one onto a bed of chopped iceberg lettuce. Top with salsa, chunks of avocado and a dollop of yoghurt.


Funky frittatas

Frittatas are a great lunchtime choice ΓÇô they’re cheap, versatile, easy, and you can make a few portions in one go! To make a basic frittata, cook your chosen fillings in a large, oven-proof frying pan (try chorizo and red pepper), then add 5-6 eggs beaten with milk, and cheese such as goats cheese, cheddar or feta. Cook for 10-12 mins until set, then flash under a hot grill to cook the top and turn it golden brown. Cut into three or four portions and serve with a crispy green salad.


Wholesome banana muffins

OK, we couldn’t help include one banana recipe! What can we say, we’re bananas about them! Whip up a batch of these beauties on a Sunday evening, and you’ve got lunchbox puds for the whole week. Take 250g flour (use a 50/50 mix of white and wholemeal) and combine with cinnamon, ginger and baking powder. Stir this into a mixture of three mashed bananas, two eggs, brown sugar, honey and vanilla extract, and mix until blended. Pour into muffin cases, sprinkle with oats, then bake for around 25 mins.


So there you have it! Some healthy ideas to keep you full up and fuelled up. And if you’re making a packed lunch, why not bring it to one of our forest locations to fuel a day of fun and adventure? We promise to help you work up an appetite!