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Spend Little, Live Large


You say “I can’t afford to live life adventurously,” we say “rubbish!”

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be adventurous. Sure, if you’ve got dreams of travelling the globe for a year, then you’ll certainly need to save up some money. But, adventures needn’t be year-long or expensive: anyone can live life adventurously, whatever their budget.

We read an interesting article the other day that summed-up adventures perfectly as “something enjoyable, unique and a departure from your routine.” You don’t need to travel halfway across the world to ‘depart from your routine.’ The best adventures can be had a little closer to home, and for little or no cost.

Living adventurously is living spontaneously. Being adventurous means embracing randomness, breaking from your routine and doing things you wouldn’t normally do. Adventures aren’t just adrenaline-fuelled activities like bungee jumping, white-water rafting and skydiving. Adventures can be as small as taking up a new hobby, trying to cook a new dish for your loved ones, or visiting somewhere new. Here are some ways you can start having more mini-adventures…today!

Make a list

Grab a pen and some paper and start writing down all the things you want to try; whether you want to visit a distant relative, learn a new language or climb a mountain (or all three). Then, one by one, make them happen!

You can add to your list whenever you think of a new thing you want to try; it will become your go-to guide for all things adventure.

Step out of your comfort zone

We like staying within our comfort zone because, well, it’s very commutable there. But, your comfort zone prevents you from trying new things. By never stepping out of it, you’ll find it extremely difficult to live an adventurous lifestyle.

Tear down your comfort zone and, in the wise words of Baz Luhrmann, “do one thing every day that scares you.”


Joining a club or organisation is a great way to try something new. If you’ve always wanted to play netball, see if there’s a local club you can join. Or, if you’ve always been interested in arts and crafts, how about having a go at making your own pottery?

It doesn’t matter what you are interested in, there will always be a club out there that you can join. They are a great way to experience new things, and you’re likely to make some good friends there, too.

Be a ‘yes’ personGo Ape - Mini Adventures

Are you constantly turning down offers and invites from friends and family? Well, stop! You need to change from a ‘no, thanks’ person to a ‘yes, please’ person – doing this will open the door to endless new opportunities and experiences.

Act NOW!

So, you’ve got your list, you’ve done a little research; when do you start? Now! Organising your next adventure will only take a few minutes, so act now!

Is a Go Ape Tree Top Adventure on your list? If it’s not, then it should be! Our forest doors open on the 14th of February, so book your next adventure with us today.

Start Filming Your Adventures!

Film Your Adventure - Love Adventure - Go Ape

If the Internet has taught us one thing, it is that people love taking – and sharing – photos. From poolside holiday shots to (those really interesting) pictures of what we ate last night, nothing – and no one – is safe from being snapped.

There’s no doubt that smartphones have created this snap-happy culture; built with high-quality cameras, a photo-opportunity is only ever an arm’s reach away. But, when it comes to documenting your adventures, live-action beats still shots every time. Videos are great for re-living your expeditions and sharing your experiences with friends, family, and fellow YouTubers. If you’ve got a half-decent camera on your smartphone, you could use that to film. Or, if you’re really keen, you might consider going-pro with a GoPro action camcorder.

So, what to film? Our answer would be anything adventure-related: mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing or surfing (waterproof cameras needed). You could even record you and your friends tackling stirrups, high ropes and Tarzan swings as they take on one of our Tree Top Adventure courses.

But, before you hit the big red button, here are a few tips to consider:

Become the camera

Try attaching the filming device to you so that you literally become the camera. In film speak, this means that you’ll be filming a ‘point-of-view shot,’ where anything you see, the camera also sees – and records. Accessories can be bought to help attach the camera to you; Go Pro, for instance, has optional straps which allow you to mount the camera onto a helmet.

Film the bad bits

Schadenfreude: taking pleasure out of the misfortunes of others.‘ There’s no denying that trips, falls, bumps, scrapes and scuffs make fantastic footage, so make sure you get them all on film (and don’t forget to help your friend back onto their feet afterwards). If you fall, you’ll be sore for a couple of days afterwards, but that will be compensated by the possibility of becoming a YouTube sensation.

Cut it out

No one wants to watch 10 minutes of you walking the forest floor, no matter how ‘metaphorical’ you think it looks. So, when you come to edit your footage, make sure you get rid of all the boring bits.

Sentimental shots

While it’s good to bin the boring bits, it’s important to capture some footage of before and after your adventure. If, after a day’s hiking, you and your tribe are all sat around the (slightly clichéd) campfire tucking in to a hearty feast and sharing stories, make sure you get some of it on film. If it means something to you, it’s important to keep it in there when editing your footage.

Add some music

Whizzing down a mountain bike trail or surfing a mega-wave can look extra impressive when the footage is cut to some music. Then again, you need to match music to what it is you’re filming: a slow-paced, soppy Céline Dion song may not fit well with a video of you hurtling down a trail; but it might go nicely with footage of you reaching a mountain summit and gazing at the view.

If you’re looking for your next adventure to film, how about Go Ape? All our courses are set in huge, beautiful forests: you could combine a morning in the tree tops with an afternoon testing the forest’s mountain bike trails. And don’t forget to share your videos with us on our Go Ape YouTube channel when you’re done!

Looking for inspiration? Check out this video by Laura Hitchcock from her visit to Moors Valley last year:

Happy filming!


8 reasons to get outdoors in January


We love January: It’s a fresh start, a chance to start new things, and most importantly plan your year’s adventures.

So why get outdoors in one of the chilliest months of the year?

1. It’s beautiful out there

Trust us, those frosty mornings and snow capped tree tops make for the most spectacular of walks (or runs!)

2. Fresh air feels good

You feel a little lethargic, it’s nothing that a good dose of fresh air can’t sort!

3. Get that vitamin D inside you

Vitamin D is essential for keeping bones strong and healthy and you can get your fair share just by going outside.

4. It makes you happier!

Getting out of the office when you’ve been cooped up inside is sure to put a smile on your face.

5. You’ll burn more calories

With a chill in the air, you’ll definitely burn more calories outside than in the gym!

6. You’ll sleep better

Fresh air is tiring, so spending time out there will mean that when your head hits the pillow you will get a great 8 hours sleep.

7. You won’t get ill!

Spending time in the great outdoors strengthens you immunity – FACT.

8. You’ll feel less stressed

Away from your desk and with nothing but open fields, you can’t help but feel less worried about life.

So wrap up and head to the great outdoors!

February is just around the corner and that means one thing in our world. Forest doors across the UK will be opening for the 2015 season! Book your next adventure now.

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