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Meet the UK’s Modern Day Adventurers

Modern Day Adventures

There’s not much we humans haven’t done in the name of adventure.

We’ve scaled the highest mountains, crossed the wildest rivers and trekked the loneliest of deserts. We’ve walked on the moon and explored the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean. You’d be forgiven for thinking that there aren’t many adventures left to be had.

…But oh how wrong you’d be! Adventure is still very much alive and well (“long live adventure!”), it’s just the concept that’s changed a little bit. Whereas before adventure used to be about exploring the world and putting uncharted territory on the map, now it’s about exploring the world and testing our physical limits to see what we’re truly capable of. It’s about revisiting old adventures and doing them, well, better!

In our opinion, the following Brits epitomise what a modern-day adventurer should be – willing, courageous, committed, slightly crazy, etc. You may not have heard all of their names, but we guarantee you’ll be impressed (and perhaps inspired) by their stories.

Ed StaffordEd Stafford

The mighty Amazon Rainforest is around 4,000 miles long. It twists and turns through mountains, rainforests and miles upon miles of unexplored terrain. Back in 2008, ex-British Army captain Ed Stafford started walking down the river and didn’t stop – for over two years.

Stafford’s amazing feat landed him a spot in the Guinness World Record book as the first human ever to walk the length of the river. He met with anacondas and crocodiles, contracted severe illnesses and at one point was captured by a tribe, all in aid of raising global awareness about deforestation.

Rob Gauntlett and James Hooper

School friends Rob Gauntlett and James Hooper became the youngest Brits to climb Mount Everest in 2006, aged just 19 at the time. A couple of years later, the National Geographic Society crowned the duo ‘Adventurers of the Year’ after they completed a 22,000-mile journey from the North to South Pole using only human and natural power. They travelled by bike, dogsled and sailboat, and cycled parts of their journey. Rob Gauntlett sadly died after in 2009 after falling while ice climbing in Chamonix.

Mollie HughesMollie Hughes

Back in May 2012, Mollie Hughes joined the likes of Gauntlett and Hooper to become one of the youngest Brits to summit Mount Everest, aged 21. Described by King Adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes as a ‘unique young lady with a genuine passion for adventure and achievement,’ Mollie is returning to Mount Everest next year when she will attempt to become the first British woman to climb the mountain from both sides.

Tom Avery

Less than ten people in the world have completed the polar trilogy (the South Pole, North Pole and Greenland crossing), and Tom’s one of them. In 2002 and aged just 27, Tom became the youngest Brit to reach the South Pole on foot in a gruelling 700-mile journey that took him and his team 45 days and 6 hours to complete.

Since then, Tom has broken a number of world-records. In 2005 Tom and his team became the fastest team in history to reach the North Pole and in May this year, they set the record for the quickest coast-to-coast crossing of Greenland. They beat the previous record by a more than a week. Impressive stuff.

Reuben Wu

Reuben Wu is a British music producer and film-maker. Wondering why he made our list? Well, Reuben also travels the world taking photos; on his website he claims that he is driven by ‘a desire to explore new places as if they were unknown territory, constantly open to serendipity and with an eye for the unnoticed and the hidden.’ Sounds like the words of an explorer to us. Check out his ‘An Uncommon Place’ collection and prepare to be amazed.

Inspired? Ready for an adventure? Check out #ShareAdventure and discover more real-life adventures from people all over the UK. Plus, by simply sharing an adventure with your friends you will win a prize! We’ve got goodies from Cotswold Outdoors, Forest Holidays, Salomon, Sunnto and more to help prep you for your next great adventure.

#ShareAdventure and win now.

Sssh! 5 stunning secret places you need to stay

Canopy & Stars Secret Locations

This summer we want you to be inspired and make 2015 your year of adventure.

To help, we put together www.shareadventure.co.uk, an inspirational adventure portal full of ideas from people across the UK. What’s more, there’s amazing prizes up for grabs, including a family glamping break from Canopy & Stars.

As the experts in quirky accommodation, we asked Canopy & Stars to reveal five secret places you simply have to visit, here’s what they told us…

“Here at Canopy & Stars we pride ourselves on going off the beaten track to find quirky and unique outdoor hideaways. Sometimes it can lead to standing in a field, scratching our heads and wondering exactly how we got lost, but we usually find ourselves uncovering hidden gems to add to our collection of special spaces. Amongst the treehouses, wagons, cabins and even iron age roundhouses, there’s one thing in common… a chance to escape and a chance for an adventure. Here’s five of our most secret spots.

1. Wild hilltop hideaway – Wanderoo, Brecon Beacons, Wales

At the top of a steep hill, within the Brecon Beacons and directly on the side of Fan Frynach, this converted horsebox is parked in a seriously stunning spot. There are miles of outstanding hiking trails all around, but if you want to stay rooted after finding this gem then fear not, Owner Kathryn provides an enticing breakfast hamper and can even deliver dinner.

Canopy & Stars Wanderoo

2. An adventurous all-inclusive weekender – 7th Rise, Cornwall

The only way to access this isolated adventureland is to park up on the side of the road and wend your way down through fields to the ancient Cornish oak woodland where you’ll find a traditional Cornish cottage, a quirky patchwork treehouse, an old-school hunting lodge and an extended greenhouse. There’s space for up to 16 to sleep making this the perfect location for group adventures; enjoy wild cookery, bushcraft, canoeing, and river swimming! There’s even an digital detox, 7th Rise ask you to hand in phones, watches and iPads when you arrive to ensure it stays a truly secret spot!

Canopy & Stars 7th Rise

3. Sheep and solitude on the Isle of Skye – The Black Shed, Isle of Skye

This might be called a shed, but is most definitely not your common or bottom-of-the-garden variety. It sits on the side of a remote hill, and outside, free-range chickens and Hebridean sheep strut their stuff under a vast sky with Loch Dunvegan shimmering below and Macleod’s Table rising to the south. Visit in winter and have the island to yourself; you might even see the Northern Lights!

Canopy & Stars Black Shed

4. See wilderness in widescreen – Cabane de Salagnac Two, Limousin, France

On arrival at the Cabanes de Salagnac, you’ll be led through the woods to your modern and minimalist treehouse. Build campfires in the meadow and picnic by the stream, before returning to admire the spectacular panoramic views from the large glass windows. If you don’t want to go out for food, there’s always the option of ordering a picnic basket of regional specialities, including a personalised selection of charcuterie, local cheeses, terrines, dessert and a choice of local wine.

Canopy & Stars Salagnac

5. Tassels, trinkets and tons of charm at this tin tabernacle – Angels, Monmouthshire

Although Hay-on-Wye is well known as the UK’s mecca for bibliophiles (that’s book lovers to you and us), it’s also home to this secret hideaway spot. In addition to this picturesque tin tabernacle you’ll find a hobbit-like roundhouse, a wooden cabin with an outdoor bath and a wagon with breath-taking mountain views. A place of peace and beauty, where you can unwind and relax, enjoy long lunches in the sun and starlit suppers on the big deck. Canopy & Stars Angels

Shhh. You can find Canopy & Stars full collection of special outdoor hideaways on their website – keep it secret though, we can’t have too many people finding out!


Why You Should Share Your Adventures

Share Adventure

“Happiness is only real when shared.” – Chris McCandless

Throughout the day at Banana HQ conversation often drifts away from our amazing forest adventures, and the most common topic of conversation? Yep, you guessed it – more adventure!

We Go Ape folk eat, sleep and breathe adventure, and it seems like we talk about it an awful lot, too. And why not? It’s exciting to learn what the tribe have been getting up to in their spare time. Big or small, short or long, tame or devilishly daring and death-defying, we believe that all adventures should be shared!

We’ll be the first ones to admit that we sometimes feel quite smug when talking to people about our adventures. Even more so when they respond with comments like “Whoa!”, “Cool!”, “You’re so brave!” or “I can’t believe you did that!” If you’ve done something new and exciting, conquered a fear or accomplished something you thought you could never accomplish, then why shouldn’t you shout from the rooftops about it?!

There’s also another good reason why you should share your adventures: because it inspires people! Adventure is one of the very few things in life we don’t mind being contagious. By sharing your exciting experiences with other people you will encourage them to get out there and start living life adventurously, too.

Every one of us knows that a life lived adventurously is a life better lived.

There are many different ways you can share your adventures. Some of these include:


WOM (aka word of mouth) is no doubt one of the best ways you can share your adventures with friends and family. This is your chance to tell people your unique story; perhaps you’ve got a few good snaps to show them, too?


Thanks to the wonderful World Wide Web, we’ve got access to thousands of awesome adventure blogs, many of which turn us greener with envy the more words we read. If you’re interested in sharing your adventures with the world, then blogging is a great way to do just that. It’s relatively simple to set up, so you’re bound to get the hang of it in no time at all.

Get social

The likes of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are useful tools for sharing all kind of things (not just photos of what you ate for dinner last night). These sites are effectively an online scrapbook and you can use them to upload pictures and write about your adventures to your friends, family and even the wider community.


Yes, that’s right. If you have an adventure to share, then why not share it with Go Ape? This summer sees the launch of our #ShareAdventure campaign, designed to inspire our customers to go on adventures in the UK with friends and family.

Our aim is to create what is effectively an inspiration adventure portal (or as our Chief Gorilla likes to call it, an Inspirator). You can discover adventures from people all over the UK and get inspired for your next exciting adventure – plus there’s amazing prizes up for grabs too from our friends at Cotswold Outdoors, Enid Blyton, Forest Holidays, Forestry Commission, Salomon, Canopy & Stars, Sunnto AND of course, Go Ape.

Alternatively, if you’ve got an adventure to share, get involved! In 250 words, we want you to inspire others to get out there and discover adventure in the UK. The choice is yours on what story to share; whether it’s the story of your very first adventure, your most impressive adventure or your most favourite adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the share your adventure page now!

Looking For A Summer Adventure?

Share Adventure This Summer

“ I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen”

Adventure, in our leafy world, is the central core around which everything else is built. It encompasses that rich feeling of elation, a sensation of freedom and a devotion to experience something new!

But an adventure isn’t the same when you have no one to share it with.

Whatever name you give it – bonding, team building, family time, camaraderie (it’s tribe in our case) – a shared adventure is plain good fun.

“Say yes to new adventures”

We live in a land packed with the ‘a’ word. You might not know it yet, but it’s there. And it’s our mission to help you find it.

We want to inspire the whole of the UK to share adventure and live life adventurously. Lashed together with ropes and wire, we’ve built this rather splendid adventure generator – or as the Chief likes to call it – an inspirator.


It’s a portal for you to get inspired, a foundation for you to create, a hub for you to WIN good things and a base for you to share your adventures!

Intrigued? Go on, click INSPIRE ME and #ShareAdventure.


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