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The Best Memories Are Outdoor Memories

Share Adventure with Forest Holidays

Have you been sharing adventure and making memories this summer? Forest Holidays joins us to talk about why outdoor memories are the best!

“Think of your best memories. The times you felt happy, free, exhilarated even. The moments that have left a lasting imprint on your heart.

Chances are those memories were made out in the open air, in a natural environment.

Canoeing With Forest HolidaysThose were the days

At Forest Holidays, our customers tell us time and time again of how the outdoor freedom of our locations evokes nostalgic memories of the long carefree days of their childhood.

From simple pleasures such as building dens and making daisy chains to high adrenaline adventures such as river canoeing and mountain climbing, our cabin holidays have at their heart an opportunity to step away from busy lives and reconnect with each other and with nature. And that means making memories.

Remember when…?

Memories are made all the more special when you have someone to share them with. Someone to whom you can say “Remember when?” and spend a satisfying afternoon reliving the details. Many of our guests come with extended family; grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and uncles. Or as groups of friends looking to share adventure-filled weekends. They book large cabins, sleeping up to 10 people or 2 or 3 smaller cabins close together.

The experiences they share can be small: barbecues beneath the trees, spotting a deer or skimming stones on the loch at Ardgartan Argyll. Or they can be big: a Night Vision walk into the inky blackness of the forest, a woodland wedding celebration or a honeymoon in a Hideaway cabin.

Memories and feelings

When you reminisce, or the children grow up and look back, you and they might well remember the archery competition that you had in Sherwood Forest, or the time you fell out of your canoes on the river Wye in the Forest of Dean. You might remember the thrill of a Tree Top Adventure at Go Ape (every Forest Holiday location is near to a Go Ape) or reaching the peak of Ben Ledi at Strathyre. These are memories that will stay with you forever.

Den Building With Forest HolidaysYou might not recall the little things; the long family walks, the shimmer of sunlight through the forest canopy, feeding the blue tits who visit your cabin decking. But even as memories of the details fade, the memory of how you felt lasts. The warm fuzz of that feel-good factor will be what you will take away and keep with you – maybe that is the very essence of nostalgia.

On the flipside, what you definitely won’t remember, or won’t want to remember, is long days at the office, evenings in front a screen or wet weekends watching the rain slide down the window…

Make your memories

In short, time spent outdoors sharing adventures and experiences with friends and family will leave you with positive memories and good feelings, your own “nostalgia bank” to draw upon in the future. And nostalgia, scientists now believe, is good for us. With that in mind, maybe it’s time to get out there, share adventures and make memories.”

For inspiration on outdoor adventures visit www.shareadventure.co.uk. It’s packed with real-life adventures from people across the UK, plus you can win incredible prizes!

10 Easy Ways to Share Time This Summer

Share Adventure with Go Ape

In our opinion, time shared = time better spent.

But when we talk about ‘sharing time’ with one another, we don’t mean being sat in the same room, glued to our smartphones and tablets with the TV on in the background. Oh no. Sharing time is all about setting quality time aside to spend with your loved ones – your kids, partner, parents or your best buds. It means switching off all of those distractions and sharing some awesome experiences with one another.

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and share some quality time with the people you love. Stuck for ideas? Here are 10 suggestions:

  1. Ghyll scrambling

Ghyll scrambling (also called gorge scrambling) is a wet ‘n’ wild outdoor activity perfect for thrill-seeking families, couples and groups. Hop across boulders, clamber up waterfalls, slide down natural rock chutes and plunge into pools of water. What’s not to love?

Gyhll Scrambling

  1. Hot air balloon ride

Round-up the tribe and experience the sunrise in a totally new way – that is, from the basket of a hot air balloon. After your airborne adventure, why not visit a local café for some brekky?

  1. Set sail

Hire a boat and set sail on the Lake District’s majestic, turquoise waters. Take in turns to row and enjoy a picnic with dramatic, rugged mountains as your backdrop.

Lake District Sailing

  1. Get your grill on

A summer BBQ is essential – a time to kick back and relax with your loved ones and tuck into some gorgeous, grilled grub.

  1. Group hike

It’s not all about the views from the top – it’s also about the adventures you have along the way. Don your finest walking boots and head out on a group hike; catch up with friends and family as you climb the hills and enjoy a picnic together when you reach the top.

  1. Back to basics

Go back to basics and set up camp, whether it’s at a local campsite, in your back garden or out in the wild in Dartmoor National Park. Spend your evenings under the stars, sat around a campfire, sharing stories and joking about old times. A truly wholesome experience.

Wild Camping Cooking

  1. Go on a horse ride

Explore Britain on all fours by booking a group horse ride. Choose your location – along beaches, across moors or through forests, etc.

  1. Bike ride

Get on your bikes – and if you don’t have one, hire one! A group bike ride is a great opportunity to spend quality time with one another, whether you’re tearing up the trails, riding through the countryside or taking it easy on a cycle path. Don’t set a destination, just ride until you find somewhere beautiful to stop.

  1. Ride the waves

Hire some wetsuits and surfboards (or bodyboards) and catch some waves as the sun begins to set. And don’t worry if you spend more time in the sea than you do on your board!

  1. Go Ape

Re-connect with nature and take the tribe to Go Ape! Choose to swing through the trees on one of our award-winning Tree-Top Adventure courses, or head out en masse aboard our Forest Segways.

Tree Top Adventure Go Ape

For more more ideas on how to #ShareAdventure this summer, head to www.ShareAdventure.co.uk to read real-life stories from people across the UK – PLUS, you could win amazing adventurous prizes including weekend breaks, camping gear and more.

Five Top Spots For Nature Investigators

Share Adventure Canopy & Stars

This week Canopy & Stars joins us to talk about getting back to nature this summer, starting with going on an adventure in the outdoors…

“In the brilliant business of glamping, we spend a lot of time outdoors and consider ourselves rather knowledgeable in the art. Alongside the marshmallow toasting and sausage grilling, we do like to channel our David Attenborough and you’ll often find us self-narrating an outdoor exploration, loping around in our wellies following a trail of pawprints with a magnifying glass, searching for wild elderflower or desperately trying to identify a lesser spotted woodpecker. No creature too big and no plant too small, we’ve got this nature thing down pat and have written a guide to share it.

The Canopy & Stars Little Book for Nature Investigators is for all budding explorers who enjoy the wild outdoors. There are four packs full of amazing facts, games, puzzles and jokes plus the Nature Investigators Passport to keep track of your progress.

Here are five of our hottest spaces, perfect for getting you started on your exciting Nature Investigation journey the next time you find yourself outdoors:-

Elmley Nature Reserve

Stake out the resident barn owl through long grasses or find your inner twitcher as you sit in one of the designated birdwatching hides at the end of the wildlife trails – Elmley is definitely the ideal space to visit our feathered friends. Alternatively, tuck yourself up among the wool throws in your hut and watch the wildlife from your bed!

Walcot Hall

Can you tell the difference between an ash and an elm tree? Well at this eclectic collection of spaces set in a beautiful arboretum, you’ll be right at home if you’re looking for an adventure under the canopies. Or if you fancy wandering further from Walcot Hall, the Shropshire forests and hills lie panoramic before you, begging to be explored.

Walcot Hall

Knepp Wildland Safaris

Knepp is the perfect place to stay while you brush up on your animal tracks and trails – its wildlife quests offer up the chance to see all creatures great and small from special treetop viewing platforms. From grass snakes to voles and mice as well as roaming cattle, Exmoor ponies, deer and the estate’s own Tamworth pigs. Who needs Africa to go on safari?!


Plas Bach

With seven acres of romantic garden, fields and orchard to explore, Plas Bach has enough to     offer up several days’ worth of exploration. The beautiful box garden is perfect for comparing your daisies to your chamomiles and provide the most gorgeous colourful backdrop full of brilliant blooms.

Plas Bach & L. House

The Wood Life

With eight acres of woodland to explore, The Wood Life is a great all round goodie for a budding Nature Investigator. Search for badger trails, play ‘Meet a Tree’ or visit in May and marvel at the carpet of bluebells in the woodland.

The Wood Life

Download our Little Book for Nature Investigators and start your very own quest to become a fully fledged Investigator!”


There’s a three-night weekend or four-night midweek family glamping break up for grabs for three lucky winners. Simply visit www.shareadventure.co.uk, be inspired and win.

Be more adventurous with #BlytonSummer

Enid Blyton Adventure Day

Enid Blyton BooksHave you had lots of exciting adventures this summer?

Looking for ideas to have even more? Whether you fancy being adventurous in the kitchen or if you want tips on building a den, www.enidblyton.co.uk/adventureday has loads of ideas for great adventures both indoors and out.

Enid Blyton loved adventures and her fantastic Famous Five stories follow the adventures of Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog as they spend their holidays hiking and biking, camping and exploring Kirrin Island. So if you like adventures, you’ll love reading all about The Famous Five!

Make sure you share all your adventures with Enid Blyton on their Facebook page EnidBlytonClub or on Twitter using #BlytonSummer – we always love to see photos!

And if you’re in Dorset on 11 August, don’t forget to visit Corfe Castle for even more fun!

Win Enid Blyton Books

We’ve got 5 prize bundles of 16 amazing Enid Blyton books to giveaway! Visit #ShareAdventure to find out more and win.

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