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Carry on…bonding!

Trees for Cities and Go Ape

Why is it that the Easter holidays and May Day Bank Holiday always seem to be over in a flash?

Well do not fear we have Spring Bank Holiday and the Summer Holidays just on the horizon ….

One day you’re all kicking back in the garden, enjoying a hot cross bun or two (or three); the next you’re sat at your desk, your kids are back at school, and you’re checking your calendar to count the weeks until the summer hols.

Easter and the early May Bank Holiday may be over, but the opportunity to bond with your family isn’t! Chances are, you all got up to some fun things during the break…well, there’s no reason why the fun should stop! In fact, having some fun activities in the pipeline will help to lessen the blow of being back in the office or the classroom.

Spring’s here and the evenings are getting lighter by the day so get out there and make the most of it!

Autumn Adventures at Go Ape

Maybe you weren’t able to hang out with your family that much this Easter. Well, even more reason to start planning some awesome adventures for you to bond over. With a little inspiration from the National Trust website, here are eight springtime family adventure ideas which do not need a holiday to take advantage of:

1. Take a trip to the forest, find the best climbing tree, and appreciate the view from way up high (just don’t forget to hold on tight).
2. Go for a stroll in the countryside, and see who can spot the most newborn baby lambs.
3. Be brave and take a dip in the sea hold hands and all run in together. The UK boasts some truly beautiful beaches; so after your swim, you can spend an afternoon building sandcastles and enjoying ice cream.
4. If it’s a windy day at the beach, bring a kite, and watch it dance and twirl in the breeze (before crash-landing into the sand).
5. Set off at dusk and spend an evening stargazing. Pick a spot with limited light pollution, and look out for shooting stars.
6. Gather together some paper and crayons and sketch some pictures of the springtime blooms. If you have flowers (like daffodils) growing in your garden, why not try pressing them into your artwork?
7. Ready, steady, slow! Ask a few snails if they wouldn’t mind taking part in a race. Placing a piece of lettuce at the finish line will encourage them to keep moving and in the right direction.
8. Unleash your inner Tarzans in the treetops at Go Ape! The ultimate in family bonding, a Tree Top Adventure will see you teaming up to tackle a whole host of sky-high obstacles. You’ll crawl through bridges, swing on stirrups, leap into nets and whizz through the air via zip wire!

With 31 locations across the UK, there’s bound to be a Go Ape near you. Book today, and give you and your family something to look forward to.

London’s calling, meet Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally)!

Go Ape Ally Pally Blog
Go Ape has landed at Alexandra Palace. This latest addition is our 31st UK site, and we think it’s going to be a corker (they do say your thirties are even happier than your twenties).

Our Tree Top Junior course is prepped and ready to go for the big launch on Saturday 18 March; the park’s centuries-old oaks will soon be ringing with the sound of chattering monkeys.

Ally Pally’s Tree Top Junior course brings that up to 19 across the UK – find out about the others here.

Ally Pally will also be the first site to feature our QuickJump Freefall activity, opening as part of our Tree Top Adventure course this summer.

And although we obviously consider ourselves Ally Pally’s star attraction, we’re really just the gem in an already impressively blinged-up crown.

Once you’ve finished swinging through the trees, you can while away the day in the onsite skate park, pitch and putt, Segway rally or year-round ice-rink. There’s also a boating lake and Farmers Market. And once you’re pooped out, you can stuff yourself silly in one of the cafés or grab a drink at the bar.

I know – we didn’t realise Ally Pally was such a hive of activity, either. Here are 4 other things you might not know about the iconic site:

  1. The Palace was opened in 1873 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday. However, it was destroyed by fire just 16 days later. Let’s hope our shiny new course has better luck!
  2. It played a pretty important role in both World Wars. In WW1 the Bijou Theatre was used as a hospital for Belgian refugees, and the grounds as an internment camp for captured enemy soldiers. In WW2, although television broadcasts had been suspended, the BBC transmitters at Alexandra Palace were used in secret to jam the radio signals of German pilots.
  3. Outside of the war years, the Palace and its grounds have had lots of other surprising functions, including as a venue for the 1908 London Olympics, in which the Alexandra Palace Rifle Society went on to win gold, silver and bronze medals for the UK. The grounds also used to feature a popular horse racecourse, colloquially known as the ‘Frying Pan’.
  4. The Park has a whopping 196 acres to explore. We’ll pack our sensible shoes.
  5. Nowadays they host events to suit all personalities and penchants. Upcoming gigs include a festival of railway modelling, tattoo show, and the Maccabees farewell concert. Imagine what that would look like combined?

Amazing. See you there?Go-Ape-Tree-Top-Adventure-Family-Gift-Ideas

The park is within a 40-minute walk of 7 tube and railway stations, or if you’re saving all your energy for the course, the W3 bus drops you off at the Palm Court entrance and the 184 stops at Alexandra Palace Station. Easy peasy.
So, here’s to our new friend Ally Pally – we’re a match made in heaven.

Our favourite summer superstars!

Half term activities for kids

This summer, we asked you to leap from your comfort zones and live life more adventurously with our #TakeTheFirstStep campaign.

We were blown away with your awesome responses to our jungle call, and were thrilled to see adventurers of all ages, shapes and sizes getting out and active in the treetops!

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite summer superstars who dared to try something new this summer, and couldn’t wait to share their experiences with us… welcome to the tribe, guys!

Melvyn Jubb

Melvyn didn’t let the small matter of turning 80 prevent him from doing something that he’d wanted to do for years. After receiving a surprise Go Ape experience from his loved ones, he spent his birthday zooming along a zip wire through Grizedale forest – now that’s a story to tell the grandkids!
Melvyn Jubb at Go Ape

Hollie (@itsokhollie)

Young Hollie shared with us on Twitter an amazing video of her overcoming her fears on one of our Tarzan Swings. Hollie said that she deliberated for a whole minute and six seconds before finally making that leap – don’t worry Hollie, the Tarzan Swing is one of the toughest parts of our course! Well done for stepping off that edge! Click on Hollie’s name to see the awesome video.

Elspeth Rose (@elspeth_rose88)

We loved seeing how much fun Elspeth and her partner had on a sunny day out at our Dalby forest in North Yorkshire. She told us she couldn’t stop grinning and that it was one of the best days she’d ever had – glad we could put a smile on your face, Elspeth!

Elspeth Rose at Go Ape

Chris Eagles and son (@cjeagles)

Littles ones have to make that first step too, and what better way to boost their physical confidence than a day tackling some challenging treetop obstacles? That’s exactly what Chris Eagles and his five-year-old son did in the Forest of Dean this summer, working together to complete the Tree Top Junior course. We hope we’ve inspired a lifetime of adventures!

Chris Eagles and Son at Go Ape

Harry Akers-Butcher

The Akers-Butchers sent us an epic action shot of son Harry whizzing along a zip wire at Moors Valley. Apparently the adults loved it just as much as the kids, and it brought out the whole family’s sense of adventure – great news! We were also chuffed with their comments about our Go Ape team; the family said they were “so friendly” and made them all feel confident enough to head up into the trees – well, that’s what we’re here for!

Harry Akers-Butcher at Go Ape

Kevin (@ke2v1n)

26-year-old Kevin said it was only once he’d climbed the ladder that he appreciated the full scale of the task ahead of him! But once again our team encouraged him to push his limits and complete even the hardest of routes – and how did he feel afterwards? “That sense of accomplishment at the end is unrivalled,” he told us.

Kevin @ke2v1n at Go Ape

As we’ve said before, the greatest journeys start with the smallest of steps. So there’s no more saying “it can wait until tomorrow” or “I’m not ready” – if you want to live life to its fullest, there’s no time like the present!

If you’re ready to have an adventure of your own, take a look at our Go Ape locations all over the country to find one near you!

Did you take the first step?

Take the First Step at Go Ape

This summer, we’ve been inspiring people like you to head out into the great outdoors and live life adventurously. To break out of those boring comfort zones, to face fear, and to embrace the unknown! Did you take the first step?

We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of support for #TakeTheFirstStep, and by the heaps of feedback we’ve received from our lovely customers after they embarked on a Tree Top Adventure with their tribe. Some of the most recent comments include

Great afternoon having family fun [] Kids said lets do more of this stuff! #takethefirststep

#takethefirststep thanks for a great fam day. All tired and achieved lots 2day!

Such an AMAZING day! Cant stop grinning #takethefirststep

LOVED the Tarzan Swing I want to do it all over again! #takethefirststep

10 years of marriage and there are still things where we #takethefirststep #anniversary

Absolutely brilliant time at @GoApeTribe #forestofdean would highly recommend it! So happy to have finally done it #takethefirststep

Over the past few months, some people took their first step to embracing a more adventurous life, while others took the first step to facing their fear of heights. Some people took their first step to leading a healthier and more active lifestyle, while others simply helped their friends, family or colleagues take their first step!

To quote Chinese philosopher Laozi, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

The same can be said of adventure: all adventures no matter how big or small they are begin with just one step.

The first step is the most important step, and it’s also the hardest.

The Feeling of AdventureSay you took the first step to overcoming your fear of heights. Remember how you had the shakes in the car on the way to Go Ape? Remember how your jaw dropped upon first laying eyes on the Tree Top Adventure course? And remember how you turned to your partner/parent/pal when you were stood at Platform 1 and said, I don’t know if I can do this?

But, do you also remember how awesome you felt when you completed the course? How chuffed you were with yourself, and how your confidence was sky-high as you descended the final zip and landed in that soft pile of woodchip with a grin stretching from ear to ear?

Taking that first step requires courage and effort, and it can require time too. But that I did it! Feeling you get once you’ve taken that first step is truly unbeatable!

If you’re yet to take the first step, there’s still time! Summer isn’t over quite yet, so why not make it your mission to get out there and embrace adventure before the crisp, orange leaves of autumn arrive? Prepare to take on a whole heap of sky-high obstacles, including spiders webs, tunnels, ladders and stirrups. Oh, and lets not forget our infamous Tarzan swing, where you’ll leap off a platform and into a giant net!

So, are you ready to take the first step? The trees are waiting!

Book your Go Ape Adventure now.

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