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Add a little sunshine to your January

About Go Ape

January may be a grey month, but it needn’t be blue as well!

If you can’t help but feel a little glum, then it’s time to recognise the positives: January is the start of a brand new year, which means a whole twelve months of activities and adventures to plan and get excited about!

Though the sun may be hibernating behind a mass of thick grey cloud, there are many things you can do to add some sunshine of your own to January. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Organise a get together

One thing you realise during Christmas is that there is such a thing as too much family time (sorry!) But with all the festivities a few weeks behind us, now’s a great opportunity to organise a get together with your loved ones. You could plan a Sunday roast around yours, head out en mass for a crisp winter’s walk or host a girls’ night in. Socialising is a perfect way to banish those blues and brighten your day.

Take a break

You know what they say: sometimes you need a holiday to get over a holiday. This couldn’t be more true after all those tiring Christmas and New Year celebrations. Even if it’s just a weekend away in the countryside, booking a break will give you something to work towards and look forward to. Just don’t forget to pack your woolly hat and gloves.

Spring clean

It might still be winter, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving your home a thorough spring clean! If most rooms in your house remain cluttered by the remnants of 2015, then it’s time to sort out and throw out. A de-cluttered home equals a de-cluttered mind and you’ll feel much better for it, trust us.

Learn something new

January is the ideal month to find yourself a brand new hobby, whether you choose to learn a new language, join your local gym or sports team, or take up a craft. Learning something new gives you something fun and exciting to focus on for the months ahead, and you’re bound to make some new friends in the process.

Ready, steady, cook!

If you’re looking for a rainy day activity, why not don your finest apron and cook up some tasty treats in the kitchen? Instead of opting for sugar-laden cakes and sweets, chose healthy meals that’ll make you feel good. How about a hearty casserole or a winter vegetable soup with home baked bread? Yum.

Embrace the outdoors!

Just because it’s chilly out there doesn’t mean that embracing the outdoors is a no-go! Besides, that’s what raincoats and umbrellas are there for! If you want to keep smiling through January it’s important that you get outdoors and enjoy as many sunshine hours as possible. Go on a morning run with a mate, take a stroll through your local park or better still, come monkey around in the trees with us at Go Ape!

Brr-illiant ways to keep the kids happy this Christmas

Go Ape Tree Top Junior Weekends

Searching for a cure for cabin fever? You’ve come to the right place!

Just because it’s not 25 degrees and blue skies out there doesn’t mean you have to go into hibernation mode and only think of indoor activities to do with the kids. Everyone loves being in the great outdoors, and there’s nothing like getting wrapped up warm and taking your little monkeys outside. No one wants to spend all winter cooped up!

With that in mind, we’ve come up with the following activities to avoid going stir crazy – all of which will get kids (and big kids) super excited during the season of yuletide!

Go ice skating

At this time of year, there’s bound to be an outdoor ice rink near you, promising lots of slippery fun! Around age four or five is a good time for your kids to try skating for the first time. Hold hands and watch as your little one’s confidence builds with each lap. You could even treat the family to a cheeky mince pie afterwards.

Go to the beach

Ok, call us mad if you like, but we think there’s something special about walks along the shore in the winter. You’re guaranteed to practically have the beach to yourselves and, as long as you’re dressed for the occasion, you can still stop to build sand castles and draw your names in the sand with a stick – oh, and don’t forget to warm up with the flask of hot chocolate you’ve brought along with you! The question is: are you brave enough to go for a paddle?!

Go on a bike ride

Winter is a great time to head out on a family bike ride. You don’t have to go far; even cycling along the path to your local pub for a Sunday roast and back again is enough to give the kids a healthy dose of fresh air to perk them up. It’ll no doubt blow away a few cobwebs for you, too!

Go to a Christmas market

As a general rule of thumb, children and Christmas shopping don’t mix. But there’s something entirely different about a Christmas market – unlike the mayhem of department stores or shopping malls, they tend to be full of quirky, handmade items that you can marvel at with your kids. And the cinnamon and clove aromas of mulled wine filling the air, accompanied by the obligatory festive tunes, are bound to put you in the spirit.

Go Ape

There’s nowhere quite like Go Ape: whatever the weather, it has the ability to make you and your tribe feel refreshed, invigorated and raring to go! That’s why we’ve kept our Tree Top Junior courses open this winter. Maybe it’s something to do with the wind in your hair as you zip from the treetops, or the almighty unleash of your loudest Tarzan holler, but a few hours hanging out in the trees with the kids is a sure-fire way of keeping the whole family happy this Christmas! Book now to avoid disappointment!

Dare you…to make the most of half term!

October Half Term Activities

Tree Top Junior Half TermHurrah! Half term is nearly upon us!

Although the weekends give us a small dose of fun time with the kids, it’s always a bonus when we have a nice long stretch to look forward to. While we’re not saying you should regimentally schedule each and every day (we’re firm believers in throwing caution to the wind here at Go Ape!), it’s always good to have a few things in the calendar for you and your tribe to get excited about. This half term, why not get out and about and do something totally adventurous, super exhilarating and – dare we say it – utterly daring!?

Make the coolest den ever

Growing up, we’ve all made a den: magical little havens where we would spend all day and night if we were given half the chance. Ours were usually made up of sheets or blankets thrown over the backs of chairs and held down with a stack of heavy books. This half term, though, why not try to create the den of all dens for your little ones? We’re talking indoor teepees, made with scrap fabric and long branches for the structure, or chill-out zones in the loft, complete with beanbags and twinkly fairy lights. Or, better still, why not finally make that treehouse you’ve been meaning to construct?

Go on an adventurous bike ride

When it comes to bike rides, we tend to have a few familiar routes we stick to: along the canal, to the nearest village and back… you get the idea. But how about venturing off the beaten track this half term? Get that roof rack on and get down to the coast, or head to your nearest forest for an amazing, nature-packed, off-road adventure!

Go Ape Tree Top JuniorTry eating something new

Here at Go Ape, we live life adventurously – and this includes eating adventurously! Give those taste buds a bit of diversity and encourage your little ones to try some new food types this half term. Whether it’s a vegetable they’ve never heard of or a new cuisine – Spanish tapas, Caribbean, Indian – dare them to experiment. Who knows? They could discover their new favourite meal!

Go Ape

Finally, what could be more daring and adventurous than zipping through the trees at Go Ape? Allow your kids to release their inner (mini) Tarzan… they will feel proud of themselves for stepping out of their comfort zone and daring to try a new activity – and so will you!

Be quick…sessions are filling up fast! Book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Say “NO!” to routine

Family Forest Segway

They say us humans are creatures of habit; but we disagree. We like to think we’re all, in fact, creatures of adventure.

We know, we know; there are some things that we can’t escape doing on a daily basis: brushing our teeth, burning our toast, running for the bus (OK, maybe that’s just us). But here at Go Ape we’re firm believers in adding a little spice to our lives – a bit of variety, a bit of diversity. Yes, we actually like to be kept on our toes!

If you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck in something of a routine rut of late – fear not. It’s your life, so make the necessary changes in order to feel inspired, invigorated and motivated. No-one wants to feel like a hamster trapped on a spinning wheel, so here’s how to say NO to routine and embrace the big adventure that is life…

Experiment with your style

It sounds obvious, but when you feel good on the outside, you’ll feel good on the inside, too. If you’ve had the same hairstyle for the last decade, how about going for something more daring next time you visit the salon? Similarly, rather than going for the trusty jeans that you already own in eight other virtually-identical colours, could the new season be the time to experiment with your style?

Meet new people

Sometimes, you may find yourself surrounded by the same folk – day in, day out. While you love them dearly, it’s always good to meet new people – people who can teach you new things and inspire you in different ways. Get out there, spark up conversations and chat to like-minded individuals (and even non-like-minded individuals). Who knows? Your new BFF could be just around the corner.

Try new foods

It’s so easy to get stuck in a food rut – making the same meals week-on-week in rotation. This week, though, try cooking something you’ve never made before. Make ‘Spag Bol Wednesdays’ a thing of the past. Be unpredictable. Ask friends to share their favourite recipes or look online for inspiration. Trust us, you’ll have fun making – and eating – something new.

Set goals

Don’t try to change every aspect of your life overnight. This would be an incredibly daunting task for the best of us! Instead, write down a series of realistic goals; whether it’s to learn a new language, try a new hobby, get a promotion at work or to have some more “me” time. When goals are broken down into chunks, they seem much more manageable.

Live life Adventurously

The question is: how? Well, one way to feel invigorated, refreshed and raring to go is by tackling the high ropes or exploring the forest on Segways here at Go Ape. Unleash your inner Tarzan, be spontaneous, throw caution to the wind (literally) and join us for a thrilling day at Go Ape.

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